34 Amazing Things To Do With Terracotta Pots (Other Than Planting)

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Add a touch of creativity to your home or garden with these amazing Things TO DO With Terracotta Pots. They are fun and easy to make!

Looking for fun and easy ways to brighten up your home or garden? Learn about the myriad Things To Do With Terracotta Pots, and let your imagination soar as you give these classic pots a new purpose. We have listed some of the easiest ideas right here!

Things TO DO With Terracotta Pots

1. DIY Terracotta Fountain

Terracotta Fountain in garden

Get some terracotta planters and bowls of different sizes without the drainage holes to make a fountain for your garden. Visit Instructables to learn how to do this!

2. Mini Magic Garden in Terracotta Pot

Magic Garden in Terracotta Pot

Involve your kids in completing this mini magic garden project in a terracotta planter. Find more info at Good HouseKeeping.

3. Diy Terracotta Smoker

Terracotta Smoker

Learn how to build a clay pot smoker here if the idea of smoking meat or fish outdoors is hitting your mind.

4.  Colorful DIY Terracotta Wind Chimes

Terracotta Wind Chimes

One of the many cool things to do with terracotta planters is to design this wind chime. Learn how to do this here.

5. DIY Terracotta Turtle

Terracotta Turtle

Craft adorable garden turtles from terracotta planters and saucers, adding painted details to bring these creatures to life. Get the tutorial here.

6. Terracotta Pot Wreath

Terracotta Pot Wreath

Make a terracotta planter wreath with succulents growing in it for your door to create a warm, welcoming vibe for your visitors. Understand the steps here.

7. Clay Pot Critters

terracota Pot Critters

With the instructions here, make a family of critters for your garden decoration using clay pots.

8. DIY Terracotta Pot Bird Feeder

Terracotta Pot Bird Feeder

Use clay pots and saucers to make a nature-friendly DIY Terracotta Planter Bird Feeder for feathered friends. The tutorial is here.

9. Another Use of Flower Pots

terracotta flower pot

You can use the terracotta flower planters to cover your food during the garden party or as a serving dish on an outdoor picnic.

10. Gumball Machine Candy Holder

terracotta Gumball Machine Candy Holder

Make this cool-looking gumball machine candy holder from a terracotta planter and saucer. The tutorial is here.

11. DIY Rain Chain

terracotta rain chain This DIY rain chain project is beautiful. You’ll need a lot of mini terracotta containers for this. Find the instructions at Design Sponge.

12. Terracotta Pot Cupcakes

Terracotta Pot CupcakesShe made cupcakes in terracotta flower pots. If you find this idea interesting, visit The Imagination Tree.

Learn how to make minion pots 

13. Essential Oil Diffuser

terracotta Essential Oil Diffuser

You can make an inexpensive essential oil diffuser using terracotta planters and saucers. Find this interesting tutorial at Hearth & Vine!

14. Terracotta Pot Plant Marker

Terracotta Pot Plant Marker

One of the many interesting Things To Do With Terracotta Planters is to make plant markers. Find the tutorial here.

15. Terracotta Pots Lighthouse

Terracotta Pots Lighthouse

This terracotta lighthouse is easy to assemble, and it has a lantern on top of it. You can use it as a centerpiece in your patio or garden. Visit eHow to get the steps!

16. Terracotta Pot Table

Terracotta Pot Table

This terracotta planter table can be a nice addition to your outdoor space, even your balcony. Learn how to make it at Dukes and Duchesses.

17. One Pot Three Hacks

terracotta planter and saucer

One of the coolest things to do with terracotta pots! Get a jumbo-size terracotta planter and saucer and color it with chalkboard paint–use it as a table, cold drink cooler, or umbrella stand.

18. DIY Painted Terracotta Pots

Painted Terracotta Pots

Copy this terracotta planter painting project available at Tattooed Martha. You can also personalize them as per your choice.

19. Charming Terracotta Votives

Charming Terracotta Votives

Make charming terracotta votives for your fall entertainment outdoors. Visit Sugar and Charm for the tutorial.

20. Flowerpot Pals

terracotta dolls

Engage your kids in some fun and creative weekend projects with this DIY terracotta flower pot idea. Check out the tutorial Here!

21. Make S’mores in a Terracotta Pot

S'mores in a Terracotta Pot

No fireplace or firepit is required; you just need a terracotta planter to make S’mores in your garden or even on your balcony. Learn how to do this here.

22. Self-Cleaning Garden Tool Holder

Self-Cleaning Garden Tool Holder in terracotta pot

If all these terracotta planter ideas in this list are not sufficient for you, give this a try garden hack–convert a terracotta planter into a self-cleaning garden tool holder, which will sharpen your tools, too.

23. DIY Cactus Pincushion

Cactus Pincushion in terracotta pot

If you’re a crafter and a gardener, combine them both with this DIY Terracotta Planter Cactus Pincushion. It’s going to beautify the appearance of your sewing desk.

24. DIY Christmas Tree from Terracotta Pots

Christmas Tree from Terracotta Pots

Stack a few terracotta planters, coolly decorated to make a Christmas Tree this holiday season. Check out the steps at Garden Club!

25. DIY Terracotta Candle Holder

Terracotta Candle Holder

This Terracotta Candle Holder DIY is super easy to make. Visit Uncommon Designs to understand the steps.

26. DIY Bird Bath with Terracotta PotsBird Bath with Terracotta Pots

All you need are three terracotta planters, waterproof sealant, and a white market to create this DIY Terracotta Pot Bird Bath. Get the details here.

Check out some creative homemade birdbath ideas 

27. DIY Terracotta PumpkinsTerracotta Pumpkins

Create festive, pumpkin-inspired decorations using terracotta planters, paint, and a stem for a unique fall display. Get the complete tutorial here.

28. Terracotta Air Conditioner DIYTerracotta Air Conditioner

Construct a low-tech, energy-efficient cooling device using a mud pot and the instructions mentioned in this Terracotta Air Conditioner DIY.

29. DIY Pizza Oven Terracotta Pot

Pizza Oven Terracotta Pot

Build a compact outdoor pizza oven using a large terracotta planter, a grill grate, and heat-resistant materials for homemade pizza delights. Get the tutorial here.

30. DIY Terracotta Pot Fire Pit

Terracotta Pot Fire Pit

Create a small and cozy DIY Terracotta Pot Fire Pit for table tops for a warm ambiance on cool evenings. Get the tutorial here.

31. DIY Terracotta Smoker

Terracotta Smoker

Repurpose terracotta containers into an outdoor smoker for cooking delicious, smoked meats using a heat source and grill grate. Get the tutorial here.

32. Diy Terracotta Sprouter from IKEA

Terracotta Sprouter from IKEA

Transform a terracotta container into an effective sprouter for growing seedlings or microgreens with proper drainage and aeration or a readymade sprouter from IKEA. Get the details here.

33. DIY Yakitori Grill Terracotta

Yakitori Grill Terracotta

Construct a portable yakitori grill using terracotta planters, a charcoal tray, and grill grates for authentic Japanese-style cooking. Watch the tutorial here.

34. DIY Terracotta Vases

Terracotta Vases

Convert terracotta containers into attractive vases by painting or decorating them with fabric, twine, or other materials for a personalized touch. Here‘s a DIY you must follow.

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