28 Amazing Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas for Shady Balconies

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These Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas are perfect to grow shade-loving plants to add greenery, colors, and drama to the dull-looking space!

If you have a balcony that doesn’t get too much sun, then don’t worry! You can still make it green by growing shade-loving plants. Have a look at these Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas and get creative!

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Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas

1. A Cozy Sitout

Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas

A cozy sit-out with plants in hanging planters on the railing is a perfect place to chill out.

2. A Green Covered Balcony

Cover your indoor balcony entirely with greens to have one of a kind natural experience!

3. Vines and Flowers in Hanging Basket

Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas 2

A small wired trellis at the corner and a hanging planter with other plants can make your balcony green!

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4. Wooden Hanging Stand for Pots

This wooden stand takes very little space and it can be put at the corner of the balcony to hang pots.

5. An Enclosed Balcony

Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas 3

You can grow all of your favorite shade-loving plants together in an enclosed indoor balcony like this!

6. Apartment Balcony with Table, Chair, and Lantern

Flaunt plants in style with table, chair, and lantern on a balcony with wooden flooring.

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7. Small Balcony Garden

Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas 4

A small balcony like this still is a great place to grow plants with a table and chair.

8. Fiddle Leaf Fig with Other Small Plants

If you get indirect light on your balcony, then growing a large plant like fiddle leaf fig along with other plants makes perfect sense.

9. Attractive Wall Planters

Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas 5

Here’s one of the best small balcony garden ideas! Grow different trailing plants on these attractive wall planters.

10. Apartment Indoor Zen Garden

Have a zen space in your balcony with plants to meditate in tranquility.

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11. Closed Balcony Decor with Plants and Lights

Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas 6

A closed balcony with plants and lights is a great place to spend leisure time in the evening.

12. A Mini Balcony

Even if you have a very small balcony, you can still grow plants in pots by its railing.

13. Apartment Balcony with Potted Plants

Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas 7

Create a relaxing space with a sitting arrangement and potted plants in your apartment balcony.

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14. A Blissful Corner

A medium-sized balcony gives you a perfect opportunity to convert it into a blissful corner with different plants.

15. Hanging Planters on Wooden Planks

Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas 8

Hang individual planters on wooden planks on the wall to grow plants in style! Add a swing chair and a plant stand to transform it with these beautiful balcony garden ideas.

16. Modern Green Balcony

Grow palm, pothos, and other plants at the corner of a modern small balcony.

17. Fern, Palm, and Lights

Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas 9

Add a tropical look to your balcony by growing ferns and palms. Decorate it with light for that added bling!

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18. Cozy Balcony with Plants

How about turning your cozy little balcony into a mini jungle with lots of plants!

19. Balcony Terrace Garden

Indoor Balcony Garden Ideas 10

If you love plants, then you can grow them everywhere in a balcony like this.

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20. Wooden Balcony and Water feature

Make a wooden structure to hang plants and add a water feature to give a zen vibe to your indoor balcony.

21. Tropical Balcony with an Arbor



22. Wall Shelves and Terra Cotta Planters



23. Massive Planters and Palm Tree with a Sitting



24. String Lights, Ferns, and Lush Foliage



25. Metal Stand and Vines on the Walls



26. Wood Trellis and Massive Clay Pots


Make use of the balcony space by adding some massive clay pots full of dark green foliage and a wooden trellis to lend some support.

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27. Vines on the Pergola


Let beautiful vines crawl on the walls and cover up the pergola for a shaded balcony. You’ll never want to go back!

28. Beach Chair, White Blooms, and String Lights


Add a beach chair so you can lie down and unwind in the shade of beautiful white blooms and vibrant foliage. Add some string lights for those dark evenings.

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  1. Sunny balconies beg for potted lavender! These perennials bloom for a long time and offer a wonderful perfume that will transport you to the Mediterranean. Lavender needs full sun.


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