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Growing an Indoor Pizza Garden allows you to have a fresh supply of pizza toppings right at your home. Sounds exciting? Here’s how you can make it!

 Growing an Indoor Pizza Garden lets you enjoy fresh toppings for that great, organic taste. Let’s have a look at which veggies to grow in the limited space at home.

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Indoor Pizza Garden Requirements


Pizza garden requires five to six hours of daily sunlight for the veggies to grow well. You can design an indoor pizza garden on your balcony, patio, or a sunny windowsill for the best results.

Container Size

The container size depends on the variety of vegetables you are planting. You can grow herbs in small pots, but some vegetables will need larger pots. You can use hanging baskets or window boxes on your balcony to start an indoor pizza garden too.

Best Vegetables for Indoor Pizza Garden

1. Green Onions

Growing an Indoor Pizza Garden

A staple ingredient that you can’t miss, onions give a zesty taste to pizzas. Choose the correct variety according to your climate – short-day onions grow well in the south, whereas long-day onions thrive best in the North.

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2. Cherry Tomatoes

For a rich, intricate flavor, grow more than one tomato variety for making sauce and pizza topping. Plum tomatoes are ideal for making sauce and you can use ‘Cherry Tomatoes’ or ‘Roma Tomatoes‘ for this purpose.

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3. Jalapeno Pepper

Growing an Indoor Pizza Garden 2

Pep up your pizzas with the fiery flavor of jalapeno pepper. Roasted ones give a richer, smoky, and earthy flavor with mild to good heat. You can use jalapeno in green color or wait for them to turn red.

Growing Tips:

Place the pots on the sunny windowsill. Use well-draining potting soil.

4. Rosemary

Whether you add rosemary to pizza dough, sauce, or just sprinkle on ready to serve pizza, it will deliver a wonderful taste and aroma in all forms. Mix some fresh or dry leaves in tomato sauce or add some stems to the grill coals.

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5. Oregano

Growing an Indoor Pizza Garden 3

Give an Italian savor to your pizza with oregano. This easy-to-grow herb is ideal for enhancing the flavor and tastes best with tomato sauce. You can also finely chop its leaves and sprinkle over a hot pizza!

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6. Basil

Basil and tomatoes are the most flavorful fusion that makes them a must-have in your indoor pizza garden! Use basil leaves for making fresh pesto, add them to your tomato sauce, or just sprinkle some leaves over the top of your pizza.

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7. Parsley

Growing an Indoor Pizza Garden 4

Bake your pizza with parsley pesto or spread fresh or dried leaves over the top cheesy layer of pizza to enhance its taste and nutritional value. The leaves carry a subtle taste which makes them blend with the taste of other toppings.

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Growing an Indoor Pizza Garden 5

Thyme gives a richer texture to tomato sauce; you can sprinkle fresh or dried leaves on the top of your pizza. The spicy and earthy taste of thyme is always a welcome addition in both home-made or professional pizzas.

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9. Mushrooms

Growing an Indoor Pizza Garden 5

Fresh and tender Mushrooms taste great as a pizza topping. Their flavor becomes more alluring when combined with fresh herbs. Don’t forget to secure a place for mushrooms in your indoor garden if you want tasty pizzas!

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10. Arugula

Growing an Indoor Pizza Garden 6

The tangy freshness of peppery arugula goes well with mushrooms in pizzas as a topping. You can also include them in the crust for that juicy flavor. Arugula ideally pairs with a deep savory garnish and it is healthy too.

Growing Tips:

Arugula prefers ample sunlight for good growth. During winter, move the pots to a sunnier spot, preferably a south-facing window.

11. Bell Pepper

A sunny balcony or a patio is all you need to grow fresh bell peppers in pots. As they are also a great source of Vitamin C, adding them to pizza also makes for a healthy option. They taste best when combined with cheese and onions.

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