Secrets of Growing Tomatoes in Hanging Basket

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Growing tomatoes in hanging baskets is a smart choice for small spaces like balconies. Choose the right tomato variety like Tumbling Tom or Tiny Tim, use a 12-inch deep basket lined with plastic or coconut fiber, and hang it in the sunniest spot for at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. Water daily, add slow-release fertilizer, and enjoy juicy homegrown tomatoes all year round.

Growing Tomatoes in Hanging Basket not only takes less space but also allows you to enjoy the fresh and juicy harvest all year round!

Juicy, plump, small, big, round, and colorful tomatoes are one of the most favorite crops, and Growing Tomatoes in Hanging Basket is great for small gardens and balconies!

Growing Tomatoes in Hanging Baskets

Your success in growing tomatoes in hanging basket depends on three factors— Choosing the right variety, size of the hanging basket, and providing the right growing conditions. If you satisfy all of the three, you can easily reap rich homegrown tomatoes in the harvesting season.

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Choosing the Right Tomato Variety

Hundreds and thousands, Tumbling Tom, Midnight Snack hybrid, Tiny Tim, Tumbler hybrid, Florida Basket, Red Robin, Whippersnapper, Baxter’s Early Bush Cherry Tomato, and Napa Grape hybrid are some of the highly productive varieties that are great to grow in hanging baskets. These compact plants hold really well as compared to the large slicing tomatoes and their long, ropey vines give them a beautiful look while they hang!

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Choosing a Basket

Take a 12 inches deep basket as these varieties can grow well in small pots. Line your basket with plastic or coconut fiber liners. You can also line it with plastic. For this, make some drainage holes in the plastic and place it inside the basket, make sure to spread it properly. As hanging baskets dry out quickly, lining them helps to keep the moisture in the soil.

How to Grow Tomatoes in Hanging Basket

Don’t sow the seeds directly in the basket, transplant seedlings into it, or buy a young plant from the nursery. Use a potting mix instead of garden soil and add slow-release fertilizer before planting. Additionally, you can add a 1-inch layer of manure over it. Later, once the growth perks up, feed your tomato plant occasionally with potassium-rich liquid fertilizer for optimum growth.

Hang your basket in the sunniest spot. Tomatoes need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily to form fruits. Care about watering because hanging baskets cannot hold water for a long time and dry out quickly. Water your tomato plants daily, if you live in the hot climate, water twice in a day in summer.

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Additional Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Hanging Basket

  • One plant per pot is ample.
  • Cover it with mulch to stop evaporation.
  • If your basket is big enough, you can also plant herbs like basil, chives, and mint with tomatoes.
  • Vinca, marigold, and nasturtium are good companion plants, too.
  • Don’t hang your basket at a windy spot and find a stable structure to hang it.
  • If grown in drier conditions, tomatoes split up. Do regular watering.

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