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Can You Plant a Sprouted Onion? Is it the best way to use the onions that you would otherwise throw away? Let’s find out!

Onions are used in many dishes and are commonly present in kitchens. As onions are so often required, they are also usually kept in stock. However, it’s just a matter of time before they start to sprout. Does that mean you have to throw them in the trash? Well, no! So, can you plant a sprouted onion to get more onions? Let’s find out!

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Can You Plant a Sprouting Onion?

Can You Plant a Sprouting Onion

So the next time you start to see the green shoots on your onions, don’t panic and throw them away! They can be easily planted in pots directly. And, yes, they are safe to consume; just make sure that you have removed the mold over them.

Should You Separate Sprouting Onions?

Now, that you know it is completely safe to consume and plant sprouted onions, the next question arises about separating the sprouting onions. Some prefer to plant the whole bulb, while others prefer planting cut bulbs. The choice is yours, as it doesn’t make much difference.

Although, separating sprouts before planting will give you multiple plants from a single onion. It also provides space for each shoot to grow, and they won’t undermine the growth of others. Ultimately, it’s your choice!

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How to Plant Sprouted Onions?

The fact that a sprouting onions has already started growing, it becomes a lot easier to plant them in a pot, as they already have a head start!

  • Peel out the outer, paper-like layer, like you would normally do before chopping them off. Do make sure not to hurt any root, between the layers, in the process.
  • Now carefully cut the sprouting onion from the center. Be sure not to cut into the middle where the bulb is at.
  • Open the onion after cutting. This is going to expose the inner bulb completely.
  • Pull out the bulb. You can consume the remaining casing.
  • The bulb, along with the sprouting onions green part, is now ready to be planted. Put it in a pot, with the white root part down and green side up (That’s obvious, we know. But it’s always good to be sure!)
  • Water it regularly and ensure they get lots of sunlight, and you can watch it grow!

Tip: If you find this process cumbersome, you can also plant the sprouted onion, as it is, in the pot. 

When to Harvest Green Onions?

Can You Plant a Sprouting Onion in pots at home

You can harvest when you are going to see the bulb sticking out of the soil. It is always a good idea to harvest the greens directly when needed, instead of storing them. If you don’t harvest for too long, the green will bear globe-shaped flowers, which will then produce seeds. You can save the seeds and plant them to have more onions or harvest the greens!

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Will You Get More Onions in Harvest?

This might sound like a silly question for some of you who are into gardening, but it’s a genuine concern for many. The short answer is, no, you won’t. Although you’ll get fresh and healthy, homegrown greens that’ll do great in omelets, stir-fries, soups, and salads!

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