21 Types of Bell Pepper Varieties

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Discover the colorful and flavorful world of peppers with these Types of Bell Pepper Varieties. This list has the best ones!

From sweet and mild to spicy and tangy, bell peppers come in a variety of colors and flavors that can add a unique twist to your favorite recipes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular Types of Bell Pepper Varieties and discover what makes them so special.

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Types of Bell Pepper Varieties

1. ‘Pimento’ Bell Pepper

Types of Bell Pepper Varieties

The Pimento peppers are commonly used for stuffing. They are heart-shaped and have thick flesh with a sweet taste.

2. ‘Purple Beauty’ Bell Pepper

Types of Bell Pepper Varieties in pot

Purple Beauty peppers are a unique variety with thick flesh and a sweet taste with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

3. ‘Orange Sun’ Bell Pepper

Orange Sun’ Bell Pepper types

The Orange Sun bell pepper is a sweet, block-shaped pepper. It has a deep orange color.

4. ‘Chocolate Beauty’ Pepper

Chocolate Beauty’ Pepper Varieties

‘Chocolate Beauty’ Pepper has a rich, chocolate-brown color. It offers a sweet, slightly smoky taste.

5. ‘Poblano’ Bell Pepper

‘Poblano’ Bell Pepper varities

Poblano peppers are a mild, slightly spicy variety commonly used in Mexican cuisine. They are usually dark green in color and have a slightly curved shape.

6. ‘Giant Marconi’ Bell Pepper

Giant Marconi’ Bell Pepper

Marconi peppers are sweet, Italian frying peppers, they are usually long and tapered. They have thin skin and a sweet, slightly fruity taste.

7. ‘Sweet California Wonder’ Bell Pepper

Sweet California Wonder' Bell Pepper

This classic bell pepper boasts a crisp texture and mild, sweet flavor. It is perfect for snacking or cooking.

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8. ‘Carmen’ Sweet Pepper

Types of Bell Pepper Varieties

This Italian pepper is long and tapered. It gives a sweet, fruity taste. The thin skin of this variety makes it ideal for grilling or roasting.

9. ‘Cupid’ Sweet Pepper

Types of Bell Pepper Varieties in garden

These bite-sized, heart-shaped peppers have a sweet, juicy flavor. They are perfect for salads or snacks.

10. ‘Sweet Chocolate’ Sweet Pepper

 Bell Pepper Varieties

The ‘Sweet Chocolate’ Sweet Pepper gives a rich, chocolatey color with a sweet, slightly smoky taste.

11. ‘Lunchbox’ Sweet Peppers

Types of Bell Pepper Varieties in pot

These small, colorful peppers are sweet and crunchy. Their petite size makes them a convenient and healthy snack.

12. ‘Islander’ Sweet Pepper

'Islander' Sweet Pepper varities

This medium-sized pepper has a thick-flesh. It gives a mild, sweet taste. The fruit ripens from violet, yellow, and orange patterns.

13. Black Bell Pepper

Black Bell Pepper verities

The Black bell pepper has a dark color, thick skin, and a sweet taste. It leaves a hint of smokiness in the mouth.

14. ‘Gourmet’ Sweet Pepper

Gourmet' Sweet Pepper

As its name suggests, this pepper has a refined, gourmet flavor and comes in various colors, from yellow to orange to red.

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15. ‘Candy Apple’ Bell Pepper

type of Candy Apple' Bell Pepper

This bright red bell pepper offers a sweet, fruity taste with a crisp texture. It can be harvested in just 71 days.

16. ‘Golden’ Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper Types and Varieties

This sunny golden bell pepper has a sweet, mellow flavor and a slightly thinner skin than other bell peppers. It is a good option for stuffing or grilling.

17. ‘Sweet Sunrise’ Bell Pepper

best Bell Pepper Varieties and Their Types

This pepper features a bright orange-yellow color and gives a sweet, juicy taste that is perfect for various dishes.

18. White Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper Varieties and Their Types

White bell pepper has a creamy white color with multiple lobes at the bottom. The white color makes it stand out from the rest.

19. ‘King Arthur’ Sweet Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper Types and Varieties in pot

This regal pepper displays a deep shade of red. It has a sweet, juicy taste that pairs well with a range of dishes.

20. ‘Gypsy’ Sweet Pepper

Bell Pepper Varieties

This versatile pepper delivers a sweet, mild flavor. It has a tapered shape that makes it ideal for stuffing, grilling, or roasting.

21. ‘Candy Cane Striped’ Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper Types and Varieties 1

The candy cane striped bell pepper has dark green stripes on its flesh, resembling a candy cane.

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