Squeeze Lemon Juice in Your Peace Lily For This

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Squeeze Lemon Juice in Your Peace Lily to find out that lemons are not limited to just lemonades and cocktails.

Squeeze Lemon Juice in Your Peace Lily For This

Go beyond fertilizers and other expensive ways to help your plant thrive. With this trick, you can use an ingredient straight out of your kitchen–lemon juice, to get amazing benefits for your Peace Lily.

How to Make the Lemon Juice for the Trick

How to Make the Lemon Juice for the Trick

Peace lilies thrive in rich, organic, well-draining soil that leans towards the acidic side. And lemons may help neutral or alkaline mediums to enhance their acidic levels. However, even a little too much could harm your plant, so be cautious about this clever hack.

So, after determining your soil pH, which you can do easily at home, if it is found neutral or alkaline, give it a gentle boost of acidity by applying lemon water.

Dilute one to two tablespoons of it in a gallon of water, and now you’re ready to use it on your peace lily.

Squeeze A Lemon Juice in Your Peace Lily For This

Squeeze A Lemon Juice in Your Peace Lily For This

Peace lilies thrive in soil with a pH of around 5.8 and 6.5. When the soil becomes too alkaline, the plant finds it difficult to absorb essential nutrients, leading to poor growth and health. So, here’s what you do.

  1. Use the diluted lemon-water mix mentioned above just once a month. This helps, especially if your tap water is too alkaline.
  2. This same solution can also be used to clean the foliage once every two to three months. It helps break down any salt buildups. So, diluted lemon juice equals clean and shiny Peace Lily leaves.
  3. Pests also don’t like this when their surroundings get a little acidic. Conservative use of this solution by misting is great for repelling soft-bodied insects that otherwise suck the sap on this houseplant’s leaves.

Caveat: Diluted lemon juice can easily upset the balance of your soil if you use it too often. Plus, the leaves of peace lilies are delicate, so cleaning with the lemon juice solution in a stronger dose will surely lead to the burning of foliage!

Keep these things in mind, and your plant will thank you with fantastic growth and shiny foliage. Let us know how squeezing lemon juice in your peace lilies worked out for you! Oh, and here’s what will happen if you use lemon juice for orchids.

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