103 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas for Garden & Home

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Do you have old plastic bottles that you’re about to throw? Stop, and check out these 100+ DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas for the garden and home!

A non-biodegradable litter, plastic bottles put a huge dent in our environment’s health because of their significant carbon footprint. These bottles can take more than 450 years to decompose, which is a long-long time.

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But you can upcycle and repurpose these bottles into useful things for your home or garden and play a small part in saving the planet. Check out these 100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas to use them creatively!

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100+ DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas

1. Soda Bottle Sprinkler

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas

Save money by recycling a soda bottle and make a lawn sprinkler that will be summer fun for your kids as well. Read more in this post.

2. Bottle Tower Gardening

Utilize used bottles to grow your favorite plants and create a tower. The DIY is here.

3. Monster Mash

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 2

If you are a fan of Halloween fun and pranks, then try this colorful and fun idea by following this post.

4. Vertical Gardening with Recyclables

Have a look at this vertical gardening idea of using plastic bottles to grow green plants.

5. Recycle Bottle Cactus Planters

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 3

Grow cacti in a unique way and give a new look to your decor by recycling plastic bottles. Check step by step guide here.

6. DIY Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden

Create this DIY by using empty plastic bottles and grow ornamental plants and succulents.

Have a look at DIY bottle garden projects here

7. DIY Plastic Bottle Bird House

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 4

Try this creative and interesting idea that your kids will surely love of accommodating birds in colorful homes. Click here to learn more.

8. DIY Plastic Bottle Owl Vases

Turn your old plastic bottles into creative owl vases that can be a focal point in your decor. Check this post and show your skills.

9. Cat Pots from Plastic Bottles

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 5

Cut plastic bottles in half and paint them in the color of your choice to give them a cute cat face look.

10. Upcycled Plastic Bottle Herb Planter

Make this eco self-watering upcycled plastic bottle planter for growing your favorite herbs. Learn the full process here.

11. Juice Bottle Watering Can

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 6

Convert the empty plastic bottle into a watering can for sprinkling water on your seedlings. Check this tutorial for more.

12. DIY Bottle Greenhouses

Want to create a greenhouse without a yard? You can have it with the help of plastic bottles. Check the simple tips in this post.

13. Happy Hanging Healthy Herbs

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 7

Harvest fresh thyme, oregano, mint, and sage for your cuisines, grow them recycled plastic bottles on fences. Learn the technique here.

14. Upcycled Bottle Planters

Reuse old plastic bottles and make them into hanging planters and decorate the fence with plants. Click here for more info.

15. Plastic Soda Bottle Hanging Planters

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 8

Convert an ordinary soda bottle into a hanging planter that will be ready in less than 15 minutes. Check the DIY here.

16. Indoor Bottle Herb Garden

Recycle discarded waste bottles into a planter for growing a variety of herbs together. Check the idea here.

17. Self Watering Vertical Garden

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 9

Brush up your creative skills and make planters from large plastic bottles equipped with an automatic watering system. Details are here.

18. Mushrooms in Plastic Bottles

Grow mushrooms in simple steps without any special tools in any season in free materials.

19. DIY: Faerie Houses, Toad Homes, & Pixie towers

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 10

Use empty plastic bottles, show some drawing skills, add detailings, and build a village around your garden. Learn the method here.

20. Plastic Bottle Flower Pot

Do not throw away your body lotion bottle and use it as a flower pot!

21. DIY Flower Pot Using a CD and Soda Bottle

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 11

Some old CDs and plastic bottles are all you need to make these unique flower pot planters.

22. DIY Piglet Planter from Plastic Bottles

These cute piglet faces from plastic bottles can be an excellent addition to both your garden and home.

23. DIY Plastic Bottle Hanging Vase

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 12

Easy to make and cheap, you can hang these charming planters on your window to display fake flowers.

24. DIY Plastic Bottles Hanging Planter

Plastic bottles, a knife, acrylic paint, brush, and rope are all you need to make this one.

25. Planters Out of Plastic Bottles

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 13

These mini planters would be great to grow succulents of your choice. Details are here.

26. Plastic Bottle Tower Garden

If you don’t have a big yard, you can make these mini-tower gardens from plastic bottles.

27. DIY Vertical Gardening

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 14

Grow plants of your choice vertically on the wall using plastic bottles as planters.

28. Self Watering Vertical Garden With Recycled Water Bottles

This is a great way to grow herbs or other plants of your choice. Details are here.

29. Cute Plastic Bottle Planter

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 15

This cute plastic bottle planter is a fun way to grow herbs in a small space.

30. DIY Swan Pot Planter from Plastic Bottles

It might look like it’s tough to make, but it is not. Here are all the details for this DIY.

31. DIY Flower Hair Planters

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 16

Grow flowers in half-cut plastic bottles and paint faces on them to make them look funny and creative!

32. Turn Soda Bottles into a Desk Organizer

Organize your desk by using plastic bottles to create mini cups to store items.

33. Plastic Bottle Summer Flower Pot

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 17

Here is a great craft idea you can make from used soda bottles to display fake flowers.

34. 2-Liter Bottle Terrarium Cloche DIY

You don’t have to buy expensive glass terrariums when you can DIY one for yourself with a plastic bottle!

35. Juice Bottle Glitter Vases

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 18

Cut empty juice bottles in half, glue some glitter, and you have a great planter ready!

36. Plastic Bottle Chandelier

How about hanging a beautiful chandelier with fake flowers from the ceiling made out of plastic bottles? Details are here.

37. Water Bottle Chandelier

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 19

A fun way to decorate your hallway or windowpanes, these are easy to make and a lot of fun. Click here for details.

38. DIY Plastic Bottle Flower Wreath

Decorate your wooden garden wall with a charming wreath made from a plastic bottle.

39. Plastic Bottle Marimekko Planter

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 20

It is sure to draw a lot of attention wherever you’ll keep it with its unique patterns. Details are here.

40. Self Watering Plastic Bottle Planters

Save yourself from the worries of watering by making these self-water planters from plastic bottles.

41. DIY Garden Sprinkler

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 21

We have a great article on making a garden sprinkler from a plastic bottle. Check it out here.

42. DIY Vertical Herb Garden

Watch this video and make yourself a unique-looking herb garden using just plastic bottles.

43. DIY Vertical Garden With Plastic Bottles

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 22

Cheap, fun, and easy. Here’s all the information you need to make this one in your home.

44. Soda Bottle Herb Garden

You just need a few empty soda bottles and very little space in your garden to grow herbs. Click here for details.

45. Recycle Plastic Bottles into Beautiful Flower Pots

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 23

This is how beautiful you can make those trash soda bottles by following this video.

46. Wall Plants Pots from Plastic Bottles

These mini plastic bottles will look great on a wall, and you can paint them in different colors too. Watch the video here.

47. Plastic Bottles Into Decorative Lanterns

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 24

Watch this video to learn how you can make these colorful lanterns from plastic bottles.

48. Plastic Bottles into Three Tier Flower Pots

Make unique-looking three-tier pots to grow flowers of your choice using just plastic bottles.

49. Cute Shaped Flower Pots

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 25

Aren’t these planters cute? Watch the video here to make similar ones for yourself.

50. Recycle Plastic bottles Into beautiful Tower Garden

Grow the plants of your choice in a tower garden made out of plastic bottles.

51. Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 26

Create a vertical garden on the railing of your balcony using plastic bottles. Watch the video here.

52. Glittering Flower Pots with Plastic Bottles

Cut plastic bottles and paint them in a glittering shade of gold to make awesome planters for flowers.

53. Empty Soda Bottles Into Adorable Animal Planters

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 27

Cute animal faces on planters make for an attractive addition. Click here for more details.

54. Plastic Bottle Phone Holder

Make a cheap DIY phone holder at home using plastic bottles.

55. Soda Bottle Zippered Pencil Case

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 28

Arrange all your pencils in style by musing a zipper case made out of a plastic bottle.

56. Plastic Bottles to Organize a Craft Room

Use plastic bottles to store different items in a craft room and mark them to recognize easily.

57. Pencils Containers From Upcycled Plastic Bottles

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 29

Here’s a fun way to store your pencil without spending too much.

58. Recycled Soda Bottle Storage

Use soda bottles to store the stuff of your choice neatly.

59. Plastic Bottle Apple Containers

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 30

Give a unique apple shape to the plastic bottles and make attractive containers. Details are here.

60. Plastic Bottle Jewelry Stand

Check out this blog to make interesting jewelry stand made using a plastic bottle.

61. Wasp Trap from a Soda Bottle

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 31

Tired of wasps coming to your house? Make an effective trap using a plastic bottle. Here are all the details.

62. Cherry Blossom Art From Soda Bottle

Make awesome cherry blossom art on the wall using the base of the soda bottle. Details are here.

63. Flower Lights Using Plastic Bottles

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 32

Use empty plastic bottles to make fake flowers and use them as garden lights!

64. Sew Zipper Cases from Plastic Bottles

Organize your working desk by storing pens and pencils in a zipper case made from plastic bottles.

65. Flowers from Plastic Bottles

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 33

Make these charming-looking hanging lights using the top part of plastic bottles.

66. Fairy House Night Lights

These night lights from plastic bottles will be a great addition to your kid’s rooms.

67. Recycled Plastic Bottle Wind Spinner

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 34

Make a wind spinner for your garden and hang it from trees for kids.

68. Plastic Bag Holder & Dispenser

Plastic bottles can also be used to keep and dispense plastic bags. Details on how to make one are here.

69. Milk Jug Votives

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 35

Have a plastic milk bottle or a jug? Use it to make these unique votives.

70. Plastic Bottle Christmas Lights

Add light glitter to your rooms and tables by making Christmas lights from a plastic bottle.

71. Hedgehog Planters for Your Garden from Plastic Bottles

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 36

Here is a complete and detailed tutorial on how you can make one for yourself.

72. Bracelets from Empty Plastic Bottle

Make these fun bracelets from plastic bottles and gift them to your friends.

73. Plastic Bottle Water Wall

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 37

This can be an excellent project for kids where you can involve them in making this themselves.

74. Old Soda Bottle into a Miniature Rainforest

Create a mini rainforest inside a plastic bottle and keep it in your room for an added appeal. Details are here.

75. Plastic Bottle Planters

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 38

These creative and fun-to-make planters can be made in a jiffy without too much of an effort.

76. Fairy House Lamp Using Plastic Bottles

A fairy house lamp can also be a great gift idea for your loved ones. Learn how to make it from a plastic bottle here.

77. Recycled Bottle Party Light

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 39

Love to party? Add lights to your space using just plastic bottles. The DIY is here.

78. Make a Vase Using A Plastic Bottle

This vase looks like it is made from glass but uses only a plastic bottle for its construction!

79. Recycle Plastic Bottles in Fun Way

100 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas 40

Learn how to recycle plastic bottles in a fun and creative way here.

80. Plastic Bottle Robot Night Light

Your kids are definitely going to love this DIY and would be more than excited to be a part of it.

81. DIY Water Bottle Piggy Banks

Here is a fun way to store your savings! Click here for all the details.

82. Tree Stump Planters from Plastic Bottle

Make tree stump planters from plastic bottles by watching the video here.

83. Colorful Flower Pots from Plastic Bottles

Make bright and colorful planters from plastic bottles in no time! Watch the video for all the information.

84. Transform Plastic Bottle Into Beautiful Tea Cup

Make cute teacups from plastic bottles by watching this fun DIY video.

85. Plastic Bottle Crafts

Watch the video here to learn some amazing crafts using just plastic bottles.

86. Bowling With Plastic Bottles

Use plastic bottles in a home bowling alley and have fun with your family and friends.

87. Funny Plastic Bottle Pencil Stand

Cut plastic bottles to carve funny faces and store pencils. You can use stickers of your choice.

88. Plastic Bottle Utensil stand

Store the plates, forks, and spoons using a large plastic bottle by cutting sections in it.

89. Cute Face Planter

Cut a plastic bottle and paint a cute face on it to make a beautiful planter.

90. Hanging Plastic Bottle Planter

Grow any of your favorite herbs in a plastic bottle by cutting it in half and hanging it by the ceiling.

91. Honey Bear Bottle Lamp

Here’s great DIY to make a bear shape bottle lamp that you can keep in your kids room.

92. DIY Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas

Make beautiful pink baskets and other crafts using plastic bottles. Watch the video here.

93. Tealight Holder made from Plastic Bottle

Watch this video to make an awesome tealight holder from a plastic bottle.

94. DIY Recycled Plastic Bottle Crafts

Here are some great craft ideas for kids that they can make easily using just plastic bottles.

95. DIY Flower Vase & Pen holder

A flower vase and pen holder will be a great addition to the working desk. Watch this video for all the details.

96. Plastic Bottle Craft Ideas

Here are some great ideas you can use to make different crafts using plastic bottles.

97. Plastic Bottle Houses

Make this plastic bottle art house and involve your kids while you complete this DIY.

98. Doll House From Plastic Bottle

Make a dollhouse for your daughters like this one using plastic cans, jars, or bottles.

99. Plastic Bottle Flower Pot

Make these yellow and pink flower pots using plastic bottles. Watch this video for details.

100. Plastic Bottle Cat Planter

This cute-looking cat planter is great for keeping fake plants on your kid’s table.

101. DIY Mosaic Plastic Bottle Planter

Check out our step-by-step article on this DIY mosaic planter from a plastic bottle here.

102. Plastic Bottle Cloches

Use large plastic bottles to make cloches for the plants in your backyard. Details are here.

103. Water Fountain with Plastic Bottle and LED

Check out this video to make yourself a fantastic indoor waterfall garden made out of plastic bottles.

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