22 Terrific DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas

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Check out these brilliant DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas and show off your creativity to self-design one. Read further for details!

Try out these DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas to bring an artistic charm to your place without burning a hole in the pocket!

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DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas

1. Green Window Shelf

DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas

Install scrapwood boards as shelves on your kitchen window, arranging multi-sized pots of succulents and herbs. Get the tutorial here!

2. Vertical Plant Garden

DIY Plant Shelfie 2

Awestruck your guests with this DIY vertical plant garden made from scrapwood cuttings, spray paint, iron nails, and woodworking supplies. Get the details here!

3. Plant Shelf Drawer

DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas 2

Get your hands on an old dresser drawer, paint it in your favorite shade and deck it up on a folding table, tucking in some colorful flowering varieties. Get the details here!

4. A-Frame Plant Stand

DIY Plant Shelfie 4

This A-Frame plant stand is sure to have your heart with its charm. Multi-sized lumber logs, miter saw, drill, and some safety devices are all you need. Click here for the details!

5. Ladder Plant Shelf

DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas 3

A ladder shelf is the handiest way to stack your favorite plants in style. Get a pine board, miter saw, sandpaper, and other supplies for this brilliant decor. Get the tutorial here!

Here are the best ways to use a ladder for displaying plants

6. Floating Plant Shelf

DIY Plant Shelfie 6

Using wooden slabs and husk ropes, you can easily hang this floating plant shelf from your window. Get the details here!

7. Wired Plant Shelf

DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas 4

This wired plant shelf made from a lampshade will add the perfect jazz to any regular backdrop with its unique design. Click here for the details!

8. Plywood Stand

DIY Plant Shelfie 8

Design this Insta-worthy planter with plywood cuttings, jigsaw, sandpaper, and tape measure. It is one of the best DIY plant shelfie ideas on the list. Check here!

9. Indoor Plant Shelf

DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas 5

Mimic this piece of beauty with wooden boards, nail gun, sandpaper, chop saw, and wood paint for the perfect shine. Get the details here!

10. Mini Creative Plant Stand

DIY Plant Shelfie 10

Hop on to this creative task with wood strips, knife, embroidery thread, and other crafting essentials, and design your mini planter. Get the tutorial here!

11. Rustic Plant Shelf

DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas 6

Design this elegant plant shelfie using large pinewood slices, angle brackets, spray paint, electric sander, and wood wax. Get the details here!

12. Tiered Plant Shelf

DIY Plant Shelfie 12

A three-tiered plant shelf is all you need to amp up your bland room with greenery. Make yours from here!

13. Modern-Day Plant Shelf

DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas 7

Three acacia wood plates, an IKEA plant stand, wood glue, a few iron clamps are all you need to mimic this simple yet elegant plant shelf. Get the details here!

14. Wooden Box Planter

DIY Plant Shelfie 14

Brush up your wood carving skills to design this wooden box planter using pine wood boards, dowelling kit, drills, miter saw, nail gun, and a few other supplies. Details are here!

15. Green Corner Stand

DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas 8

This corner stand is a suitable option to style your plants in small apartments and office areas. Make one for yourself from the steps mentioned here!

16. Cinder Block Shelf

DIY Plant Shelfie 16

These Cinder block shelves are a creative way to display your green buddies in style at the front porch of your house. Get the details here!

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17. Mobile Plant Shelf

DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas 9

A mobile plant shelf is a must add-on for decor enthusiasts. You can easily roll heavy planters around your favorite spots in the house. Click here for the tutorial!

18. High Wooden Shelf

DIY Plant Shelfie 18

Clamp a hardwood board high on your living room’s wall to hang Philos and Ferns in style, making a statement home decor. Get the details here!

19. Single Patterned Shelves

DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas 10

Attach square wooden boards on the wall to create a pattern of wall-mounted plant shelfies. Now light up the space with your favorite varieties. Get the tutorial here!

20. Plant Shelves on Window

DIY Plant Shelfie 20

Get some rope and hooks to mimic this easy plant shelfie idea on your sunny window and gift yourself a cozy green corner. Follow the tutorial here!

21. Floating Wooden Shelf

DIY Plant Shelfie Ideas 11

Some log discs, clamps, wood glue, iron nails, and you are good to go with this chic plant shelf. Make one for you like this!

22. Arched Shelfie

DIY Plant Shelfie 22

This arched shelfie is a cute and creative way to display your green buddies using an IKEA display box, pliers, sandpapers, and spraypaint. Get the details here!

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