23 DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens

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Here are some fantastic DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens that will help you to grow more climbing plants in a limited city space.

Is the lack of an extensive garden stopping you from growing large climbers and vines? Follow these DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens to make the best of your limited space and watch the vines thrive!

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DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens

1. Lattice Trellis for Hanging Flower Baskets

DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens

For small balconies, hanging a wooden trellis on the wall is the best way to use limited space to the most. You can train vining plants or hang pots on it.

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2. Square Trellis for Open Balconies

Square trellises can be a good addition to balcony gardens for their classy look and sturdy support that can help bigger vines.

3. Bamboo Trellis for a Green Balcony Garden

DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens 2

All you need are some bamboo sticks and strings to make a sturdy structure for vining specimens.

4. Wooden Privacy Screen with a Flower Tub


A flower tub with a privacy screen can be a game-changer! It not only supports the vines but also shields the other plants when the vines are dense.

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5. IKEA Plant Stand for the Balcony

DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens 3

If you are a busy gardener, an IKEA plant stand can save you from the fuss of making a trellis for the balcony. Place the pots at the bottom and train the vines upward.

6. An Arched Trellis

This arched trellis will add a unique look to your balcony, besides serving as a privacy screen for sunny afternoons. Trail green vines along the structure to create a canopy.

7. Wooden Privacy Screen for Vining Roses

DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens 4

What can be more attractive than vining real or faux roses on the balcony? Buy a screen like this to help rose vines to trail in style.

8. Square Grid for the Balcony Garden

A porch garden looks beautiful, with houseplants basking in the sun and lush vines trailing around! Make it more attractive by adding square grids to the wall.

9. Plant Grid with Bulbs

DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens 5

A plant grid looks fantastic on walls and makes for a unique decor idea. Hang the pots on the grid and decorate them with bulbs for an added charm.

10. Trellis Bordering the Balcony Wall


A DIY trellis bordering the wall will help you vine the trailing specimens all across the balcony. Make yours following the steps mentioned here.

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11. Trellis Planter for Small Balcony

DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens 6

Introduce a trellis planter to your balcony, grow climbing Tomatoes, Pole beans, Malabar spinach, and other vining vegetables, and enjoy an abundant harvest!

12. Bamboo Trellis for Potted Blooms


A bamboo trellis is an economical option for balcony gardeners. A handful of bamboo sticks, nylon rope, and you are done!

13. Cedar Grid Trellis Cum Privacy Wall

DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens 7

A cedar grid trellis comes with the advantage of a privacy screen. You can vine the trailing blooms in style while enjoying a relaxing time with your loved ones.

14. Rustic Balcony Trellis for Vining Houseplant

Vining plants add an extraordinary charm to balcony gardens, especially if they have a dense growth habit and are trailed across the area. Make yourself a trellis to serve the purpose.

15. An Urban Balcony Garden with Wooden Trellis

DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens 8

Plan an urban garden displaying colorful planters, and a trellis on the wall for climbing the houseplants. A perfect makeover for small balconies!

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16. Wooden Mesh for Vegetable Vines


Get some wooden sticks and secure them together to design a mesh for your balcony garden. This will help the vining flowers like Black-Eyed Susan to climb beautifully!

17. Wooden Planter with Trellis for Climbing Roses

DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens 9
Garden Distractions

A wooden planter with a trellis makes for a useful addition, especially if you grow vining flowers on the balcony. Get the tutorial here.

18. Gorgeous Flower Stand with Trellis

This flower stand with trellis will look gorgeous in any space. Grow beautiful blooming varieties for a charming look.

19. Vertical Wooden Mesh for Small Balconies

DIY Trellis Ideas for Balcony Gardens 10

A vertical wooden mesh is a simple yet effective way to make the most of small balconies. This way, you can get an abundant harvest with less effort.

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20. Trellis Using Garden Shelves


Arrange a few garden shelves and carve a functional trellis for growing bitter gourds, nasturtiums, bottle gourds, and cucurbits on the balcony. Get the tutorial here.

21. DIY Geometric Trellis


This DIY geometric trellis is a little tricky but will serve as a sturdy support for holding heavy planters and large-sized vegetables. Get the tutorial here.

22. Bamboo Trellis for Vining Plants

Arrange a few bamboo canes and attach them together using cable ties. This is a suitable option to trail vining vegetables across the balcony. Learn more here.

23. Willow Trellis for Pots


You can copy this trellis idea, which is great for small balconies. Fix metal or wooden poles in a criss-cross pattern around a pot to train a vining plant of your choice.

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