26 Functional DIY Rose Trellis Ideas

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Try your hands on these incredible DIY Rose Trellis Ideas if you wish to train the pretty rose vines across your yard!

Are you looking for creative options to train the pretty rose shrubs in your yard? These DIY Rose Trellis Ideas will help you out!

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DIY Rose Trellis Ideas

1. Lattice Rose Trellis with Wooden Frame

DIY Rose Trellis Ideas 1

Gather lattice pieces and join them in a wooden frame to build sturdy support for your rose vines. Get the details here.

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2. Crimson Rose Climbing Through Metal Wire Trellis

A metal wire trellis will blend in every background, providing the needed support. You may also attach a wooden frame for a more robust structure.

3. Turn a Bicycle Rim into a Rose Trellis

DIY Rose Trellis Ideas 2

Upcycle the bicycle rim to make a decorative yet functional trellis for the garden roses. Also, the rustic body will add to the charm.

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4. Wooden Stake for Climbing Roses

One of the easiest ways to train roses is to use a wooden stake. Arrange a few planks and nail them together to make an upright structure. Your work is done!

5. Tall Tower Trellis for Garden Roses

DIY Rose Trellis Ideas 3

Nothing can beat the traditional tower trellis when training roses upright. You can easily make them using branches, willow, or bamboo sticks.

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6. Roses Across the Wire Rope Trellis

Hammer a few nails on the wall and make a wire trellis for the rose vines. The frame will hide behind the bush, giving the plant a vertical garden look. Learn more here.

7. DIY Wall Trellis for Pretty Pink Roses

DIY Rose Trellis Ideas 4

A wall trellis will multiply the exteriors of your house, especially if you have a beautiful garden to complement with.

8. Climbing Pink Roses on Pastel Blue Wall

Train the dreamy pink roses on the pastel blue walls of your house. A frame-less wire trellis will hide behind the vines giving the desired look to the house.

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9. Metal Arbor for a Rosy Canopy in the Yard

DIY Rose Trellis Ideas 5

Build a metal arbor in the yard to vine the roses in a way that would look like a canopy of roses. This would be a great decor idea for yard parties.

10. Train Them along The Garden Gate

The most no-fuss idea is to grow rose bush near a garden gate and train the vines upward so that they would climb up to welcome the visitors warmly.

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11. Vintage Metal Stand for the Charming Gertrude Jekyll

DIY Rose Trellis Ideas 6

A rustic plant stand like this will serve as a vintage decor piece besides providing ample support to the climbing beauty.

12. Sturdy Metal Trellis for Garden Roses

A sturdy metal trellis will provide perfect support, especially if you have a rose garden in your yard. It can easily bear the weight of several rose vines together. Learn more here.

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13. Wall Studded Metal Trellis for Vining Roses

DIY Rose Trellis Ideas 7

A wall studded metal trellis with crimson roses vining around the structure will add to the beauty of your yard. You may also grow other blooms to complement the look.

14. Willow Rose Stand

A willow rose stand is perfect for dwarf roses. This will also protect the plant from sudden drafts or unwanted predators.

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15. Rose Pergola Made From Thatched Branch

DIY Rose Trellis Ideas 8

Recreate this dreamy vibe in your garden by installing a pergola made from thatched branches. Grow the vines to cover the structure, creating a canopy of pretty flowers in the yard.

16. Fence Trellis for Garden Roses

Train the roses by your yard fence. This will keep them from the scorching heat while providing the needed support for the vines to spread.

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17. Garden Arch Trellis

DIY Rose Trellis Ideas 9

An arch rose trellis will create a shady place in your yard while misting the air with a subtle rosy smell. You can build it easily following the steps mentioned here.

18. Rustic Plant Stand for Vertical Rose Garden

A plant stand will help the roses vine upright, while the rustic look will add to the charm. You can plant any variety, but the pastel shades look the best.

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19. Climbing Roses on a Wall with a Wooden Trellis

DIY Rose Trellis Ideas 10

Transform the bland look of your cottage by trailing a rose vine on the wall using a bamboo stick trellis. It will keep the plant from rolling down while adding a dash of colors.

20. Ladder Trellis

You can easily train the rose vines up a ladder. This is a fuss-free idea and does not involve any core crafting skills, yet does the job well.

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21. Purple Roses Crowing a Circular Garden Pergola

DIY Rose Trellis Ideas 11

A circular garden pergola can be the center of attraction in any yard. Grow the best varieties to create a crown of pretty blooms.

22. Stunning Pink Roses Around Colorful Fence

Paint the yard fence and train the rose vines around them. The plant will grow on its own with the help of the fence, vamping the beauty of your garden.

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23. Garden Pillars Making a White Rose Canopy

DIY Rose Trellis Ideas 12

Plant the rose vines around the pillars of your garden. The pretty vines will trail wonderfully around them, making a canopy of stunning flowers.

24. Obelisk Rose Pillar

If you have an antique obelisk structure in your yard, it would be a fantastic idea to plant roses around it. The vines will trail beautifully, adding charm to the garden.

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25. Zig-Zag Wire Trellis for Vining Roses

DIY Rose Trellis Ideas 13

A zig-zag wire trellis will vine the blooms really well. You can clamp them both on the walls of your home or on the garden fence.

26. Wooden Trellis for Ornamental Rose

If you admire the aesthetics of wooden decors, this rose trellis idea will have your heart. Use it for the vines growing in the shade to protect the wood from wearing away.

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