13 Amazing Indoor Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets

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Bring colors and liveliness of nature to your home with these extraordinary Indoor Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets and enjoy a glorious view in rooms!

Don’t let your love for gardening fade away due to the shortage of backyard space or unfavorable climate. By growing these Indoor Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets, you can brighten up your space with colorful flowers waving in the air!

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Best Indoor Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets

1. Bromeliads

Indoor Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets

Botanical Name: Bromeliaceae

Bromeliads grow flowers in vibrant red, green, yellow, purple, and orange accents. They grow easily, if you mind a few things shared here.

Here are the most beautiful types of Bromeliad you can grow indoors

2. Lipstick Plant


Botanical Name: Aeschynanthus

The trailing stems of the lipstick plant look alluring, especially with its red flowers grouped together like lipsticks! Keep it where the plant gets bright light and follow the care tips suggested here.

3. Impatiens

Indoor Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets 2

Botanical Name: Impatiens walleriana

Impatiens are famous for their great blooming power, even in the shade. They come in many colors and spruce up any place! Provide them with at least 2-3 hours of direct sun for the best growth.

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4. Begonia

Botanical Name: Begonia

Tuberous begonia is one of the easiest plants to grow in hanging baskets. It can liven up any area with its eye-catching appearance. Find a spot with good air circulation and filtered sunlight to promote their blooms.

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5. Chenile Plant

Indoor Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets 4

Botanical Name: Acalypha hispida

If you want a flowering plant that looks different from the most, this is the one to go for! Place it by the brightest window of your house and watch it grow!

6. Christmas Cactus

Botanical Name: Schlumbergera bridgesii

The Christmas cactus, one of the best holiday plants, will be more than happy to dwell in a corner where it gets indirect light. We have a great article on how to make it bloom here.

7. Fuchsia

Indoor Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets 5

Botanical Name: Fuchsia magellanica

Fuchsia is popular for its silky, bell-shaped flowers that come in a wide range of colors too! You can grow it on your balcony, a window box, or a porch.

8. African Violet

Botanical Name: Saintpaulia

Add vibrant color to your boring space with this magnificent houseplant! Use a regular potting mix to keep it thriving, maintain the soil slightly moist and provide filtered daylight.

Here’s all you need to know about growing African Violet indoors

9. Purple Shamrock

Indoor Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets 6

Botanical Name: Oxalis triangularis

This excellent houseplant can embrace the look of any indoor area with its soft pink-white flowers and deep purple leaves. It makes a terrific addition to hanging baskets.

10. Creeping Gloxinia


Botanical Name: Asarina lophospermum

Creeping Gloxinia looks adorable while cascading down from the baskets. It grows charming white-pink flowers that match perfectly with its velvety leaves. You can grow it near the door or window.

11. Wax Plant

Indoor Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets 7

Botanical Name: Hoya carnosa

The wax plant blooms cute star-like white flowers in clusters. Shaded balconies and living room windows are ideal locations to hang.

12. Trailing Kalanchoe


Botanical Name: Kalanchoe uniflora

This beautiful and easy-to-maintain succulent plant looks spectacular in hanging baskets. All it needs is a well-draining growing medium and 2-3 hours of sunlight to flower well.

13. Moth Orchids

Indoor Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets 8

Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis

No indoor plant can match the elegance of an orchid in hanging baskets. Also known as Butterfly Orchid, it thrives well in indoor spaces with low light and high humidity.

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Watch this video for more information

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