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If purple is your favorite color and you love climbing plants–Try one of these 17 Best Vines with Purple Flowers.

If you want to flaunt purple in your garden, here are the Best Vines with Purple Flowers to grow! You can also grow them in pots and let them climb on walls, pergolas, arbors, and trellises.

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Best Vines with Purple Flowers

1. Purple Clematis Vine

Best Vines with Purple Flowers

Botanical Name: Clematis viticella

Clematis is a beautiful climbing vine that produces double or single purple to light lilac blooms in the shape of stars. It can quickly climb onto poles, walls, or arbors. 

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2. Wisteria


Botanical Name: Wisteria

If you are looking for a stunning vine to enhance the appeal of your pergola or a wooden fence, grow Wisteria with clustered, light purple, and fragrant blooms.

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3. Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine

Best Vines with Purple Flowers 2

Botanical Name: Lablab purpureus

The Purple Hyacinth Bean Vine features purple blooms and leaves. It is another fast-growing vine that can easily climb and cover walls, fences, and pergolas.

4. Bougainvillea


Botanical Name: Bougainvillea spectabilis

Bougainvillea is one of the best vines with the most vibrant and vivid flowers in the entire plant world. It grows huge masses of red, purple, pink, and orange flowers!

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5. Passion Flower Vine

Best Vines with Purple Flowers 3

Botanical Name: Passiflora

Passionflower, or the Passion Vine, displays attractive white segments and purple petals, making the blooms look exotic. It blooms from May to September every year. 

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6. Morning Glory


Botanical Name: Ipomoea purpurea

The purple flowers of this plant are the best ones! It is a fast-growing vine that can easily climb onto poles, walls, and arbors spreading around 10-15 feet. 

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7. Lavender Trumpet Vine

Best Vines with Purple Flowers 4

Botanical Name: Clytostoma callistegioides

The Lavender Trumpet vine features light purple blooms in the shape of trumpets. The shiny, green leaves can make for a lovely flowering privacy screen too. 

8. Purple Vining Roses

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Alchymist’

You can train this Purple Vining Rose with woody and long stems to climb almost anywhere. The climbing purple blooms can make any space look beautiful with abundant blooms!

9. Mandevilla

Best Vines with Purple Flowers 5

Botanical Name: Mandevilla

It is a tropical vining plant that displays funnel-shaped, large blooms in a wide range of colors, including purple. It is perfect for fences, pergolas, and railings.

10. Dutchman’s Pipe


Botanical Name: Aristolochia gigantea

It may not be any gardener’s first choice who is looking for vines with purple flowers, but Dutchman’s Pipe can be a unique option with flowers that resemble a Dutch smoking pipe. 

11. Prairie Rose

Best Vines with Purple Flowers 6

Botanical Name: Rosa setigera

The flowers of this vine start as pastel but take a bright lavender hue as they age and ultimately turn into violet-blue upon reaching maturity. 

12. Cupani Sweet Pea


Botanical Name: Lathyrus Odoratus ‘Cupani’

Cupani features two vibrant shades – jam purple and iris purple violet. It can keep your garden constantly colorful from spring to frost. 

13. Bush Clock Vine 

Best Vines with Purple Flowers 7

Botanical Name: Thunbergia Eracta

This climbing plant features blooms in darker shades of purple. The bright green foliage matches perfectly with the dense flower clusters.

14. Purple Bell Vine

plants database

Botanical Name: Rhodochiton Astrosanguineus

The Purple Bell Vine is another exotic marathon bloomer with soft perennial vines. Its flowers come in the shape of bells with a central tube in maroon.

15. Chocolate Vine

Best Vines with Purple Flowers 8

Botanical Name: Akebia quinata

Chocolate Vine emits a sweet and spicy scent similar to chocolate with dark red to purple blooms. It can grow up to 8-15 feet tall and is hardy in USDA Zones 4-9. 

16. Blue Potato Bush


Botanical Name: Solanum rantonnetii

Sweet and delightful, this extensive purple bloomer is the plant to have if you want a climber for a small space. It does well in pots as well.

17. Chilean Potato Bush


Botanical Name: Solanum crispum ‘Glasnevin’

If you have a sunny location, this vine can be a show-stopper! It can cover an entire wall with its purple flowers in no time!

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