18 Fantastic Pothos Trellis Ideas You Can Easily Make

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Want to train your green buddies in style? Here are some fantastic Pothos Trellis Ideas You Can Easily Make!

Indoor plants add charm and positive vibes to the interiors, so it is important to display them to their full glory. Check out these Pothos Trellis Ideas You Can Easily Make and help yours trail happily!

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Pothos Trellis Ideas You Can Easily Make

1. Train Your Pothos up a Circular Trellis

Pothos Trellis Ideas You Can Easily Make 1

Make this beautiful circular trellis from old wire tomato cages and train your pothos to climb upwards in style. Learn more here.

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2. Spherical Trellis Adding Charm to the Interiors

Build beautiful trellis using metal wire and jute rope. You can create different shapes and sizes as shown in the tutorial here.

3. Bamboo Trellis for PotsPothos Trellis Ideas You Can Easily Make 2

Make this attractive, sturdy trellis using bamboo, metal twine, and some woodworking supplies to train your potted golden pothos beautifully. DIY is here.

4. Wooden Trellis for Neon Pothos

Construct this beautiful trellis to climb radiant neon pothos upwards. The wooden blocks will provide sturdy support and help your pothos vine happily. Follow the tutorial here.

5. Variegated Pothos on Twigs Trellis

Pothos Trellis Ideas You Can Easily Make 3

Arrange some twigs in rows with a rope or S-hooks on the wall to imitate this pretty DIY trellis for your home. Learn more here.

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6. Popsicle Stick Trellis for a Fun Addition

Try this fun project with the kids at home; you just need popsicle sticks, a glue gun, and a lush pothos plant. Learn more here.

7. Train the Lush Pothos on a Moss Pole

Pothos Trellis Ideas You Can Easily Make 4

Moss pole is a sustainable and creative way to train your pothos to grow in an upward direction. Read details here.

8. Make a Gorgeous Pothos Trellis Using Wooden Hoops

Make a living wall by creating this beautiful wall trellis for pothos using wooden hoops of different sizes. Details are here.

9. Ladder Trellis for an Indoor Tropical Corner

Pothos Trellis Ideas You Can Easily Make 5

Make a cool ladder trellis for your pothos; you can mix different houseplants for a more lush look. Check details here.

10. Tomato Cage Trellis for Pothos


Put the tomato cage upside down and wrap twine around the legs to bind them together. Give a pyramid-like shape by wrapping the vines around the cage. Learn more here.

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11. Indoor Vine Trellis for Tabletop Garden

Pothos Trellis Ideas You Can Easily Make 6

This indoor vine trellis is a cool and convenient option for table tops and cabinets, as you can use hooks to train the vines across the wall. Watch the tutorial here.

12. Scarf & Belt Organizer Turned into a Pothos Trellis

Use your creativity to turn your scarf and belt organizer into a trendy trellis for displaying the gorgeous Pothos in style. Learn more here.

13. Bamboo Trellis for a Creative Makeover

A bamboo trellis will add a tropical touch to the lush foliage plants. You can also invite other varieties to set up a vertical garden in your home.

14. Dedicate a Corner to the Pothos Family by Installing a Metal Trellis

Install a metal trellis and invite the different varieties of pothos with variegated foliage to light up a corner of your home.

15. Heart-Shaped Trellis Adding a Romantic Touch

Gift your mate a lush neon pothos with a heart-shaped trellis as a thoughtful present. Make sure to add a stenciled ceramic to complete the look.

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16. Chopstick Trellis for Gorgeous Golden Pothos

Flaunt your creativity and carve out a functional trellis using chopsticks. You can easily vine bushy foliage plants using this idea. Get the tutorial here.

17. Let the Lush Foliage Run Across the Walls

You can train the vines all across your bedroom using wall hooks. Drill them in a circular, zig-zag, or any pattern of your choice and watch the pothos trail happily.
18. DIY Indoor Planter Trellis Using IKEA Plant Stand

You can easily make this indoor trellis using an IKEA plant stand. It is a time-saving and easy option for busy gardeners. Learn more here.

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