45 Unique DIY Succulent Planter Ideas for 2024

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If you love mini houseplants, then take a look at these Unique DIY Succulent Planter Ideas for 2024 to grow these plants in style!

Grow your fleshy friends in different and attractive ways, taking an idea from these Unique DIY Succulent Planter Ideas for 2024.

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Unique DIY Succulent Planter Ideas for 2024

1. Wooden Vertical Succulent Garden

Wooden Vertical Succulent Garden

Scrap wood for the wooden frame, a few live succulents, a scrap piece of plywood for the back of the frame, along with few other supplies are all you need for this DIY.

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2. Concrete Planters Using Recycled Cartons

Concrete Planters

Make cute planters using recycled cartons or containers with concrete for your succulents. Details are here.

3. Succulent Pots Made of Twine

Succulent Pots

All you have to do is apply Mod Podge onto the container and then wrap the twine around it. Click here for details.

4. Shamrock Succulent Wall Planter

Shamrock Succulent

Chicken wire, sphagnum moss, cactus potting soil, a wooden frame, and a few other supplies are all you need for this DIY.

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5. Spray Paint Ombre Planters

Spray Paint Ombre Planters

Different colored spray cans are all you need to give your planters a colorful twist! Click here for details.

6. Recycled Succulent Planters

Succulent Planters

These Recycled Succulent Planters are made using empty tin or aluminum cans of various sizes.

7. Recycled Can Succulent Centerpiece

Succulent Centerpiece

Do not throw away empty cans, as you can use them creatively to make these planters.

8. Berry Basket Succulent Planters

Succulent Planters

Get adorable aqua plastic berry baskets from a local store and grow your favorite succulents in style!

9. Old Jars into Succulent Planting Pots with Color-Block Twine

Succulent Planting Pots

Using various colors of string-like twine, hemp, yarn, and jute, make cute little planters for your succulents. Details are here.

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10. Easy Succulent Container Garden

Succulent Container Garden

All you need is a container with drainage holes, window screening or landscape fabric, and some succulents for this DIY!

11. Repurpose Glass Yogurt Jars into Succulent Planters

Yogurt Jars into Succulent Planters

Do you have old glass yogurt jars? Make attractive planters with them with the help of this DIY.

12. Wall Planter With Succulents

Wall Planter With Succulents

Using wooden pallets, you can make a space-saving hanging succulent wall garden with ease. Click here for details.

13. Vintage Tea Tin Succulents

Vintage Tea Tin

Use colorful vintage tea cans to grow succulents of different colors!

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14. Succulent Wreath with Terracotta Pots

Terracotta Pots

A great way to display colorful succulents, you can easily make this wreath with the help of terracotta pots.

15. Succulent Garden in the Kitchen

Succulent Garden in the Kitchen

Have a look at this DIY to make a quick succulent garden for your kitchen countertop!

16. Anthropologie-Inspired DIY Succulent Planter

Succulent Planter

Pick any unused pot or vessel and grow small succulents in cactus mix planting soil. To know how to do it easily, click here.

17. Thrifted Brass Light Fixture Turned Glam Terrarium

Thrifted Brass planter

If you want a classy succulent planter, then this Thrifted Brass Light Fixture Turned Glam Terrarium is the one for you!

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18. Mini Wooden Succulent Planters

Wooden Succulent Planters

Drill out small wooden planters to grow succulents in them. Click here for all the information.

19. Rustic Succulent Pots

Rustic Succulent Pots

Turn ordinary-looking terra cotta pots into fabulous succulent planters with the help of this DIY.

20. Mini Succulent Garden in a Jar

Mini Succulent Garden

Make a mini succulent garden in an old jar with ease and display your fleshy plants in style!

21. Indoor Succulent Garden

Indoor Succulent Garden

You just need a shallow concrete planter and some succulents to make this one!

22. Wine Bottles as Gorgeous Succulent Planters

Wine Bottles as planter

Cut wine bottles horizontally and grow succulents inside for a spectacular-looking planter. Details are here.

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23. Mercury Glass Succulent Planters

Glass Succulent Planters

Using a mercury glass spray, you can turn old glasses into attractive planters. Click here for details.

24. Hanging Succulents From Propagated Cuttings

Hanging Succulents

Hang small pots or candle holders to display succulents in style on windows. Details are here.

25. A Succulent Picture Frame

Succulent Picture Frame

Use an old picture frame to grow succulents in style and hang it on a wall. Details are here.

26. Pumpkin and Melon Planters

Pumpkin and Melon Planters

Just carve out the pumpkins, empty the seeds, and add a few rocks and soil for a unique succulent planter. You can also paint funny faces on these. Check it out here.

27. Coffee Pot Succulent Terrarium

Coffee Pot Succulent

Take an old coffee pot and turn it into a terrarium by following this DIY.

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28. Rotary Phone Succulent Planter

Phone Succulent Planter

Here is a beautiful and unique succulent planter that will stand out from all the rest of your home. Follow this DIY to create this impressive rotary phone succulent planter.

29. Triangular Wall Succulent Planters

Wall Succulent Planters

Want a modern succulent planter wall? Here is a DIY to create exceptional geometrical succulent planters to adorn your walls.

30. Vintage TV Planter

Vintage TV Planter

Take a rustic old metal TV frame and convert it into the most Unique Succulent Planter. Here is the DIY.

31. Easter Bunny Planter

Bunny Planter

Take a look at this beautiful easter bunny planter that you can make with little effort. Kids will absolutely adore this succulent planter. Learn how to DIY here.

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32. Braided Clay Planters

Clay Planters

A little bit of clay and a little bit of elbow grease is all you need to make these stunning braided clay planters. Here is the complete tutorial.

33. Succulent Garden in a Book

Succulent Garden

Have you ever heard of a book turned into a planter? Pebbles, glue, an old book, and some succulents are all you need to create this succulent planter. Learn the DIY here.

34. Windowsill Succulent Garden

Windowsill Succulent Garden

Take spare wooden pallets and hammer these together to create this long windowsill planter for your succulents. Here is the DIY.

35. Tree Trunk Planters

Tree Trunk Planters

Here is an excellent DIY to create stunning tree trunk planters for your succulents. These tree trunks provide a natural and graceful look to the succulent and add beauty to any place in your home.

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36. Succulent Chair Planter

Succulent Chair Planter

All you need is an old chair and your favorite succulents, and you can start. Check out the DIY here.

37. Floppy Disk Succulent Planter

Floppy Disk Succulent Planter

This DIY will show you how to create a succulent planter by gluing old floppy disks, perfect for workbenches and gaming setups. Check it out here.

38. Birdcage Succulent Planter

Birdcage Succulent Planter

Just take an old birdcage and fill it with your favorite succulents. Check out the DIY here.

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39. Succulent Plant Shelf

Succulent Plant Shelf

Have many succulents to showcase? This DIY succulent plant shelf is exactly what you need to exhibit your beautiful succulents. Learn how to DIY here.

40. Meat Grinder Planter

Meat Grinder Planter

This old meat grinder can be turned into a succulent planter. Check it out here.

41. Vintage Radio Succulent Planter

Succulent Planter

Look how amazing this vintage radio succulent planter looks. Want one for your home, too? Learn how to DIY here.

42. Surfboard Succulent Planter

Surfboard Succulent Planter

Have an old surfboard that you don’t use? Turn it into a beautiful planter for your succulents with this DIY here.

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43. Boot Succulent Garden

Boot Succulent Garden

Have old boots that you do not wear? Take a look at how you can use these to create a stunning succulent container garden. Here is the DIY.

44. Tea Kettle Planter for Succulents

Tea Kettle Planter

Follow this Unique DIY Succulent Planter Idea and catch everyone’s eye. All you need is an old tea kettle and some paint.

45. Seashell Planter

Seashell Planter

Look how gorgeous these seashell planters look basking in the sun. You can also create similar ones for your home. Here is the complete DIY tutorial.

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