35 Beautiful DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas

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If you love growing houseplants then we have some awesome DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas that will be of great help to showcase them in style!

When you showcase the plants in a certain way, it adds to the overall look, enhancing their beauty considerably. Here are some of the best DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas you can use that take very little space, making them perfect for urban homes.

We have some great ideas to showcase houseplants here

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas

1. A Perfect Plant Wall

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas

Get white floating shelves from any local or online store and hang them on a wall to display your favorite houseplants in an elegant way. Click here for details.

2. Modern Wooden Plant Shelf

The triangular pattern of this shelf looks great on a wall and it gives you ample space to hang multiple pots. For more information, click here.

3. The Cheater’s Terrarium

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas 2

A faux plant inside a terrarium saves you from the hassles of maintenance while adding a green element to a room’s corner.

4. DIY Plant Wall Made from a Broomstick

All you need is a broomstick to make this plant wall to hang pots with ropes. Details are here.

5. Ladder Plant Stand

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas 3

You can easily make this ladder stand using pine boards, table saw, wood glue, drill, and some other materials. Here are all the details.

6. Creative Wooden Crate Plant Stand

This wooden crate stand is easy to make and looks simply awesome when you display plants on it!

7. Magnetic Plant Holder for Small Spaces

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas 4

Display air plants, succulents, or cacti in a small place using this magnetic plant stand.

8. Stackable Clay Plates

Fun and easy, these clay plates are perfect for succulents and cacti. You can also involve your kids in this DIY.

9. Macrame Plant Hanger

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas 5

Nothing beats the elegance of a Macrame Plant Hanger when it comes to displaying plants by a window.

10. Planter Box Centerpiece

Great for dining tables, this Planter Box Centerpiece is perfect to grow herbs if the room gets bright light.

11. Upside Down Hanging Herb Garden

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas 6

This upside-down tin garden is a creative way to grow herbs in the kitchen in the smallest of space.

12. Succulent Driftwood Planter

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas 7

Great for tabletops, this Succulent Driftwood Planter adds beauty to any home decor.

13. Kitchen Planter Box for Herbs

Good looking and functional, this DIY wooden box not only showcases the herbs in style but also lets you have a fresh harvest.

14. Embroidery Hoop Planter

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas 8

You just need embroidery hoops, a glue gun, and a macrame cord for this DIY.

Do not throw away the un-used cookie tins as you can use them creatively to showcase trailing or faux plants.

16. Copper PVC Wall Planter

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas 9

The stunning shine from the Copper PVC Wall Planter will complement the foliage of the spider and other trailing plants perfectly.

17. Plant Wall Trellis

This easy to make plant wall is cheap and requires a few materials and little effort to make.

18. Floating Wooden Shelf

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas 10

All you need is a round wooden plate, scissors, and yarn for this DIY!

19. Easy Air Plant Centerpiece

This air plant centerpiece makes for a carefree and easy tabletop display.

20. Hanging Leather Planter

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas 11

If you are a fan of rustic looking planters then you are surely going to love this one!

21. Hanging Planter Out of An Embroidery Hoop

Display trailing succulents with style in this Embroidery Hoop to hang pots.

22. Easy Hanging Planter for Bedrooms

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas 12

This easy to make hanging planter takes up less space and looks simply awesome by the bedside.

23. Legged Basket Planter

You just need few easy tools to make this cute planter for palms and ferns. Details are here.

24. Easy Terrarium

DIY Indoor Plant Display Ideas 13

This terrarium works as a beautiful centerpiece and provides ample room to display real or faux plants.

25. Mini Indoor Plant Trellis

Make a mini trellis using a rope and bamboo sticks for climbing plants in golden pots!

26. A Desktop Zen Garden

Display a miniature European cypress in a desktop zen garden. It will be a great addition to tabletops.

27. Indoor Herb Garden

All you need are some glass jars to grow your favorite herbs into! For details, click here.

28. Herb Garden on a Tabletop!

Grow herbs in individual pots on a small coffee table and display your mini herb garden in style!

29. Indoor Garden With LED Grow Lights

You can create your own little garden indoors with the help of grow lights. Watch this video for the information.

30. Self-Cleaning Canning Jar Aquarium

Using a gallon canning jar, battery-operated air pump, suction cups w/clips, tubing, and other supplies, you can easily make this jar aquarium.

31. Beautiful DIY Terrarium

A glass cookie jar along with gravel or small pebbles, moss, ferns, seashells, branches, and rocks are all you need for this one.

32. Herb Wreath that Also Smells Great!

Make a fragrant herb wreath using embroidery hoops! For details, click here.

33. Terrarium Using Old Picture Frames

Recycle old wooden picture frames to make this tabletop terrarium with ease.

34. A Rolling Herb Garden + Neon Plant Markers

This easy to move herb garden is great to give herbs the sunlight they need by rolling it in the bright area of the room! Details are here.

35. Beach Logs Plant Hangers

Get some logs from the beach and hang air plants in little glass terrariums using twines. Click here for all the details.

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