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9 Types of Black Roses | Black Rose Varieties

Do black roses exist? What are the names of such cultivars? Find out all the answers in this Types of Black Roses guide!

If you’re a rosarian, you must already know–In reality, no real black rose has been discovered yet. Most are just deep, dark shades of crimson, red, or purple. Symbolizing power, elegance, farewell, and mystery, these best Types of Black Roses are a must-have in your plant collection!

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Most Stunning Types of Black Roses

Do note that the roses on this list do not have typical ‘Black’ color. They have a deeper than usual color tone, which gives them a black hue when looked at from certain angles. 

1. Black Cherry Rose

Types of Black Roses

This beautiful heirloom rose derives its pretty name from huge, nearly black flowers. It is deep burgundy red in color with no scent and is around 3-4 inches wide.

2. Black Baccara Rose

This flower was developed in 2005. Though it has no fragrance, it looks stunning with its very dark, nearly black bud and takes a beautiful deep crimson shade when it blooms.

3. Black Velvet Rose

Types of Black Roses 2

It has a deep burgundy hue with a dark velvety appearance. This rose is high on fragrance and is popular in the perfume industry. It blooms every year in summer until fall.

4. Black Magic Rose

Black magic’s bud is quite black, and it is often used in this form to give an appearance of a black rose. It looks lovely with its deep red velvety petals and beautiful dark green foliage.

5. Black Jade Rose

Types of Black Roses 3

Black Jade rose is a deep, dark crimson flower that turns black in hotter climates. It is also popular as ‘BenBlack’ in some parts of the world.

6. Black Beauty Rose

In 1954, this large hybrid tea dark red colored rose was first introduced by Meilland in France. In its bud stage, the reverse of the petals appears dark velvety black-red in color.

7. Halfeti Black Rose

Halfeti Black Rose. Halfeti. Turkey

It is an extremely rare flower found only in a small village of Halfeti in Turkey. Though it blooms dark red in color, it turns slightly black afterward and reaches a pitch-black shade at maturity due to a certain pH level of the soil there.

8. Souvenir du Dr Jamain Rose


This highly fragrant rose with velvet-black to dark violet double blooms grows as a climber along with a shrub or a trellis. This flower thrives the best in partial shade that helps develop its rich color.

9. Nigrette

Types of Black Roses 5

First introduced in 1934, Nigrette is another hybrid tea rose that produces medium-size flowers with a black-plum to maroon shade. It also has an intoxicating fragrance!

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