How to Grow Big Roses Vertically (8 Great Ways)

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Learn How to Grow Roses Vertically to create a spectacular display of rose flowers in a limited space like never before.

Want to grow big and upright rose plants like shrubs? Want to save space while doing this? If yes, then this article about growing roses vertically is for you.

How to Grow Roses Vertically?

1. Choose Rose Varieties That Climb or Grow Tall

How to Grow Roses Vertically

Grow climbing roses that can grow as high as 8-16 feet, rambler roses that can grow up to 6-16 feet tall, or shrub roses that reach 4-8 feet tall.

Select a sunny area, attach a pole from each plant to the structure’s base, and train the roses as they grow. Do not prune in the first year, as these plants need 2-3 years to produce strong canes. Remove dead blooms and stems from time to time. The best climbing rose varieties are:

  • Eden: This easy-to-grow climbing rose variety grows vigorously up to 6-10 feet tall.
  • Dublin Bay: This large-flowered floribunda climbing rose variety grows up to 8-12 feet tall.
  • Rosa ‘Peace’: This award-winning hybrid tea rose grows up to 4-7 feet tall.
  • Fourth of July: It offers large sweet-scented flowers and grows up to 10-14 feet tall.
  • Alchymist: This beautiful fragrant rose grows up to 6-20 feet tall.
  • May Queen: The coral pink aromatic roses grow up to 15-20 feet tall.

2. Train Them

 Grow Big Roses Vertically

You can train rambling and climbing roses on a trellis to grow vertically. Roses need to be tied as they cannot cling to the wall on their own. So, provide support through wire mesh, pergolas, pillar, fence, or train up the front of doorway or house.

Tie rambler roses to the tree’s trunk till branches join that, then it will become its natural support. Learn more in this video here.

3. Fix Canes Using Rubber Wire or Rope

Fix Canes Using Rubber Wire or Rope

Tie a rope or stretchable vinyl rubber wire and connect the canes of the roses to the structure. It will help the stems take the flowers’ weight more effectively.

4. Grow Roses on an Arch

Grow Roses on an Arch

Create a romantic setup by growing roses on the arch! Grow climbing varieties on the ground or a pot near the arch and then train them to climb on it. Watch this video for details here.

5. Train Roses Upon an Obelisk

Train Roses Upon an Obelisk

You can also train the plant to grow on an obelisk. Train main stems directly up to the top of the structure and tie other stems around. When stems rise to the top, prune to keep in shape.

6. Roses on Grid or Fence

Roses on Grid or Fence

Install a wire grid or a wooden structure on a wall and train roses around and on it. The stems will climb, creating a beautiful scenery of colorful and fragrant blooms.

7. Train Roses To Pillars

Train Roses To Pillars

Train stems in a coil or spiral shape around the pillar to create a spectacular display of flowers. You can also train different varieties of roses together to enjoy roses in multiple colors!

8. Growing Roses Vertically in Pots

Growing Roses Vertically in Pots

This is the best way to plant it in a limited space–growing roses vertically in a pot. All you have to do is to pick a climbing variety and grow it in a container with trellis attached. It is an excellent option if you have limited space!

Watch this video for more information

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