18 DIY Tomato Cage And Stake Ideas

Searching for some really prudent and practical DIY tomato cage, trellis, and stake ideas to support tomato plants? This post is your stopper!

1. DIY Tomato Trellis

DIY Tomato Trellis With a little bit of money, a little bit of work and a little bit of space, you can create this tomato trellis. The instructions are here!

2. Homemade Bamboo Cages

DIY Tomato Cage And Stake Ideas

These homemade bamboo cages are so functional and cheap. Not only the tomatoes, but you can also use them for other vegetable crops.

3. Raised Bed+Tomato Plants Support Structure

This not so looking good structure is functional as it contains a raised bed and overhead support, which you can use to tie your tomato plants. Learn more here!

4. Sturdy Tomato Cage

Sturdy and inexpensive diy tomato cages that you can make from wooden boards by following the instructions available here.

5. Colorful Tomato Cages

Colorful Tomato Cages diy

Create colorful metal tomato cages for your garden, check out the tutorial here!

6. DIY 3-Step Trellis

This 3-step trellis is an excellent, dependable structure for growing all the vegetables that need support including tomatoes. Check out the DIY here!

7. Ultimate DIY Tomato Cage

Ultimate DIY Tomato Cage

This is a bit advanced level DIY but easy to understand; you’ll need livestock panels to complete it. The steps are here to follow!

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8. DIY Tomato Tower

Tomato Cage And Stake Idea diy

Learn through this DIY here, how to make stunning tomato towers to keep your tomato plants off the ground.

9. Only Tomato Cages You’ll Ever Need

With reinforcing wire mesh, you can create tomato cages that’ll last long. The descriptive DIY tutorial is available here!

10. Recycled Pallets Tomato Trellis

Old pallets made into supportive tomato trellises. Check out the directions here!

11. Pallet Garden Trellis

Similar to the above DIY, if you’ve spare pallets, try this. This is perfect for small space gardeners. Click here for the tutorial!

12. Tall Tomato Towers for Indeterminate Tomatoes

If you’re growing indeterminate tomatoes, a support structure that is tall and strong is required, like this tomato tower here!

13. PVC Pipe Tomato Cage

This PVC pipe tomato cage is easy to assemble and sturdy enough, unlike decorative tomato cages in the stores. Visit Instructables to see the how-to!

14. Tormato

PEX pipe and a PVC is required to complete this DIY tomato trellis aka Tormato, which also has a nutrient delivery system. To give it a try, click here!

15. Indestructible Tomato Trellis

You’ll need a couple of 10-foot sections of electrical conduit, rebar and a few other easy to find supplies to create this tomato trellis. Find the tutorial video here!

16. DIY Garden Obelisk

This DIY garden obelisk here is very handy and functional, you can train your roses, peas, squashes, or tomatoes to climb on it.

17. DIY Earthbox Tomato Cage

On Dave’s Garden’s forum, find a discussion with instructions on how to build this PVC cage for the Earthbox, you can also do something similar for other containers.

18. DIY Container Tomato Cage

If you’re growing tomatoes in pots, look at this DIY tomato cage project from the Garden Therapy. Also, look at this tutorial video here.


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