21 Stunning DIY Garden Fence Art Ideas and Decoration

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Transform the look of a boring garden wall with the help of these amazing DIY Garden Fence Art Ideas! The best part is, all these come in budget!

Be it home or yard, a form of art can make a huge change in how things look! Here are some fantastic DIY Garden Fence Art Ideas you can try!

Have a look at the best Garden Fence decoration ideas here

DIY Garden Fence Art Ideas

1. Outdoor Wall Art – Frame Collage

DIY Garden Fence Art Ideas

Green frames on the fence will match perfectly with the green surrounding in your garden! Details are here.

2. Junk Art on Fence

Here’s an interesting DIY that can help you in using junk items as art for the fence.

3. Glass Marbles on Fence

DIY Garden Fence Art Ideas 2

Create a meandering pattern of holes on your fence using old and new marbles. Details are here.

4. Fence With Birdhouses

Paint a collection of decorative birdhouses to bring charm to a fence. This will be a form of art that’ll also be good to nature! Click here for details.

5. Abstract Mural on Fence

DIY Garden Fence Art Ideas 6

Watch this video to experiment with a different forms of art to transform the look of your fence.

6. Purses on the Fence!

Hang old colorful purses on a fence with different flowers and plants. This will surely be an artful addition! Click here.

7. Calvin & Hobbes on Pallet Fence

DIY Garden Fence Art Ideas 7Are you a Calvin & Hobbes fan? If yes, click here to find out how this is done!

8. Boho Fence Decor

There is so much you can do if you get the right inspiration! Check out this DIY for a boho-inspired fence and garden.

9. Colorful and Printed Dinnerware

DIY Garden Fence Art Ideas 8Hang colorful and printed dinnerware along with some real and fake flowers artistically on the fence!

10. The Lone Star!

A bronze or any other color star by the fence will add a little artistic touch and glam up the look!

11. A Spooky Art

DIY Garden Fence Art Ideas 9

If you have some Halloween figurines, then it would be a great idea to hang them on the fence and paint them in a spooky way!

12. Wheel Cover Fence Flowers

Spray paint old wheel covers of cars and hang them on the fence as flowers. Paint leaves and stems to complete the look.

13. Metal Wall Art

These metal wall hangings can also be used on the fence in a creative way to display modern art in style!

14. Outdoor Metal Fence Art

DIY Garden Fence Art Ideas 12

You can get your hands on such metal arts on salvage yards for cheap. Hang these on the fence for an artful display.

15. Painting on Wooden Fence

Paintings are one of the biggest forms of art and what could be more beautiful than to hang one at the corner!

16. Wooden Fishes!

DIY Garden Fence Art Ideas 14

Transform the look of your boring pallet fence by painting fishes on wooden cutouts and hang them!

17. Live Plant Art

Use trailing plants and train them to climb on the fence wall in different styles and shapes. This will be modern green art for sure!

18. Painted Bench with Artifacts

DIY Garden Fence Art Ideas 26

The boring look of a wooden fence can be changed completely by using a canary yellow bench and a few other colorful artifacts.

19. Happy Painted Corner


Create your own happy corner in the garden with the use of different colors to paint abstract art on the fence.

20. Vivid Flowers on the Fence


If you have an old fence, then don’t replace it. Simply paint flowers using bright and vivid shades to enhance the looks!

21. Fence Art

This simple and subtle art is all you need to transform the look of the wooden fence completely!

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