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Learn How to Prune Pothos, So They Grow More and fill your home with the lush tropical vibe you’ve been longing for! Read on to know more.

How to Prune Pothos so They Grow More

Pothos is one of the hardiest houseplants in existence and will reward you with appealing evergreen foliage if you care for it correctly. And one of the best ways to care for it is knowing How to Prune Pothos So They Grow More!

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When to Prune Pothos?

Prune your pothos during its growing period, i.e., from spring to summer and up to early fall, to protect it from the sudden shock. This will help the plant grow new leaves quickly during the active growth period without the stress of cold weather.

Do not trim the plant during winter in a cold climate, or extreme temperatures, unless the plant is infested with pests or diseases. If you’ll prune in winter, the new growth won’t be able to tolerate the cold.

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How to Prune Pothos, So They Grow More?

Pruning Pothos to make them bushier or bigger is a straightforward task. All you need is a sanitized pair of scissors or small-nosed clippers to snip the dead ends perfectly.

1. Locate the Scar

Look for the area where the main stem meets the leaves—that point is called ‘scars.’ You can easily identify it with its thin horizontal lines. This is the point where you have to make a clean cut while pruning pothos. This will encourage new growth besides ridding the plant of unwanted infestation.

Also, it’s a good idea to trim the vines with no or fewer leaves, for they will dry up and give the plant a leggier look.

2. Prune the Tips of the Vines

Prune the Tips of the Pothos

If you just want to increase the length of your pothos, then it would be a great idea to trim the top of the vine by 1-2 inches. It will keep the plant’s shape in check, encouraging it to grow at a faster rate while promoting longer trailing branches.

3. Inspect Each Vine Strand

Don’t just go about trimming pothos. Make sure you are spending time inspecting the vine strands of the plant to ensure you prune them right, which will encourage the pothos to go bushier. Cut a quarter-inch above the scar or node for best results and growth.

4. Go for the Nodes

How to Prune Pothos so They Grow More 2

The best way to make your pothos have a thick and long growth is to go for the nodes. Make a clean-cut, at least a quarter-inch above the node. This will make the plant grow new shoots, making it have a bushy and thick appearance in no time!

5. Do Not Forget to Propagate Some Stems

Last but not the least, do not forget to plant some of the trimmed stems right into the same pot. This is the cheapest and most foolproof method to make your pothos look fuller. The cuttings will root in the same pot, making it dense and full!

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Pruning Pothos for Hanging Baskets

How to Prune Pothos

If you wish to hang the pretty houseplant in a basket, trim out the outstretched, leggy stems that are not giving your plant the desired fuller look. This will encourage the healthy branches to spread out properly.

Pothos are beautiful climbers and can be trained upwards with a trellis or along the railings of the stairs. Just divert the stems around any nearby structure for the desired outlook.

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More Pothos Pruning Tips & After Care

Keep certain things in mind after pruning the pothos for healthy growth:

  • Keep the growing medium moist after pruning to ensure enough moisture while healing the plant.
  • Maintain a temperature of 65 to 85F or 18 to 29 C for a favorable growing environment.
  • Locate the plant at a spot with ample bright filtered sunlight.
  • Feed your plant with a balanced liquid fertilizer after pruning to boost new growth at the right time.
  • Repot the root ball to a bigger container once you find your pothos outgrowing the growing vessel.

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