38 Stunning Pothos Wall Decor Ideas | How to Decorate with Pothos

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We have some fantastic Pothos Wall Decor Ideas for you to add natural bling to the walls in your room! Try out the best ones from this list!

Nothing stands prettier than vining greens along the bland walls. Transform yours with these splendid Pothos Wall Decor Ideas listed below.

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Pothos Wall Decor Ideas

1. Lush Pothos with a White Backdrop

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 1

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2. Ombre Wall with shades of Green


3. A Living Curtain

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 2

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4. Green and White!


5. Vining Pothos in a Bright Corner


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6. Potted Pothos Climbing Up a Wall

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 4

7. Vintage Vibes with Pothos and Caladium

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 5

8. Neon Pothos by a Fireplace


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9. Variegated Pothos with a Bunch of Flowers

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 6

10. Majestic Pothos with Swiss Cheese by the Staircase


11. Golden Pothos at an Artist’s Corner

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 7

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12. Trailing Pothos Over a Photograph with Other Plants


13. Tropical Shower Space

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 8

14. Golden Pothos on a high Book Shelf


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15. A Variegated Green Corner

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 9

16. Beautiful Mirror Bordered with Pothos


17. Dedicated Green Corner

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 10

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18. A Green Arch

19. Living Wall of Pothos

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 11

20. Green Kitchen with Pothos and Other Plants


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21. Quiet Bedroom with Pothos Climbing Up the Wall

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 12

22. Pothos Trailing along a Pentagonal Metal Trellis

23. Modern Living Room with Pothos and Peace Lily

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 13

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24. Horizontal Array of Pothos


25. A Hanging Round Plant Shelf with Pothos and Other Plants

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 14

26. Pothos Crowning a Couch


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27. Pothos on Vertical Wall Pockets

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 15

28. A Variegated Masterpiece!


29. Trailing Pothos on a Mini Plant Stand

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 16

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30. Pothos in a Hanging Denim Pocket


31. Pothos Hanging from Kokedama Balls

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 17
Adela B

32. Trailing Pothos By a Kitchen Window

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33. Vining Greens Above Kitchen Counters

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 18

34. Pothos by a Rustic Bookshelf

35. A Green Screen

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36. Trailing around Blank Frames

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 20

37. Vertical Pothos Bed

38. Curtain of Golden Pothos

Pothos Wall Decor Ideas 21

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  1. I thought such imaginative ideas for displaying trailing plants. My favourite would have to be the Photos curtain, and the display of the Pothos in the walk ways where deep pots where used to grow and give a nice depth to the Pothos plant.


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