50 Painted Pots for Every Gardeners Inspiration

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Compliment the beautiful foliage of your plants with matching containers using ideas from these Painted Pots for Every Gardeners Inspiration!

To help you match your plants with eye-catching pots, here are some awesome pictures of Painted Pots for Every Gardeners Inspiration!

Table of contents

Have a look at some great pot painting DIYs here

Painted Pots for Every Gardeners Inspiration

1. Painted Cement Pots

2. Pots with Gold Bands for Cacti

3. Hand Painted Terracotta Pots

4. Black Cement Pot with Blue Specks

5. Gray and Pink Pots for Succulents

6. Cement Planters with Handmade Designs

7. Colorful Terracotta Planters

8. White and Silver Pots

9. Hanging Ceramic Planters

10. Pots with Colorful Bold Designs


11. Classy Black and Gold Pots

12. Terracotta Pots with Color Bands

13. Black and White!

14. Exquisite Hand Painted Pots

15. Pretty Pink!

16. The Magic of Colors

17. Magnificient White Designs on Black Pots


18. Pots with ‘Face’

19. Pots with Plant Design

20. A Halloween Pot!

21. Hand-painted Flowers on a Black Pot

22. ‘Flowing’ Colors!

23. White Flowers and Leaves on Terracotta Pots

24. Cream Pot with Black Flowers

25. Blues with Whites and Gold!

26. White Pots with Black Bands


27. White Ceramic Pots with Black Designs

28. Pots with Flowers for Cacti and Other Plants

29. Blue, Maroon, and Purple!

30. Terracotta and Polka Dot Pots!

31. Cement Planters with Wave Design

32. Black and White Polka Dot Pots for Succulents

33. Hand Painted Mini Pots

34. White Flowers on Red Pot with Blue Border

35. Flower Embossed Pots

36. Cute Planters with Yellow and Blue Flowers

37. Boho Painted Terracotta Pots

38. Terracotta Pots with Rising Sun Painting

39. Color Spill!

40. Maroon Criss-Cross Bands


41. Painted Face Pots


42. White Pots with Designs for Succulents

43. Pots with Different Design Elements

44. Pots with Scary Face and Message


45. Self Design Planter


46. Mandala Art on Flower Pots

47. Marbled Hanging Planters


48. Hand Painted Terracotta Pots for Artificial Flowers

49. Retro Planter for Cactus


50. Blue and Brown Terracotta Pot for Bird’s Nest Fern



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