16 Sparkling DIY Clay Pot Ideas for Garden

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These 16 sparkling clay pot ideas for the garden will add a charm to your garden and home.

Besides planting, you have no idea that clay pots can be so useful. See these clay pot ideas below to find out.

Clay Pot Ideas

1. Clay Pot Wreath

clay pot wreathMake a clay pot wreath out of clay or terracotta pots. Follow this tutorial.

2. DIY Stacked Pot

diy stacked potMake a cool looking stacked planter from different size pots. A step by step tutorial is available on DIY Showoff.

3. Clay Pot Lighthouse

diy lighthouseMake a clay pot lighthouse if you have a few pots that you are not using. Read the complete article on Ehow.com.

4. Clay Pot Birdbath

clay pot birdbath

Birds are adorable. Aren’t they? Make a birdbath for them. Check out the tutorial.

5. DIY Birdfeeder

diy birdfeeder

Make a bird feeder to attract and feed birds. A useful step by step DIY article is here.

6. Clay Pot Critter

clay pot critter

If you are good at doing DIY projects craft a family of clay pot critters. An instructive DIY lesson is here.

7. DIY Candle Planter

potted candle planter

Make something unusual for your home and garden. Create a potted candle planter with the help of this tutorial on Family Chic.

8. DIY Rain Chain

DIY clay pots

Make rain chain for your garden and home, it’ll be a good addition. A substantial post on this is given on Design Sponge.

9. DIY Vertical Herb Planter

diy vertical herb planter

Buy a few terracotta pots and arrange them above each other. A step by step guide is here.

10. DIY Terracotta Fountain

diy terracotta fountain

Make a substantial water fountain from terracotta pots. A step by step tutorial is available on Instructables.

11. Mosaic Birdbath

mosaic terracotta pots birdbath

An interesting tutorial that you can read on Me and My Diy to create mosaic birdbath. All you need are some old DVDs and CDs.

12. Broken Pot Fairy Garden

beautiful fairy garden

If you have a broken pot you can create an alluring fairy garden in it. Read our post to find out how to make it.

13. DIY Clay Pot Planter People

clay pot planter people

Now something bizarre. Make clay pot planter people. Click on this link to find out tutorials and inspirations.

14. DIY Garden Mushroom

pot painting simple designs

Decorate your garden with these colorful pot mushrooms. To find out how you can do this, visit Birds & Blooms

15. DIY Shell Encrusted Planter

diy shell planter

Transform an ordinary pot into something unique. Check out this DIY article.

16. Spilled Flower Pot


Do you have a broken pot? Make a spilled flower pot from it for your garden. You can see this tutorial on our site. Learn how to make a spilled flower pot.

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Besides planting, you have no idea that clay pots can be so useful. See these 16 sparkling clay pot ideas to find out.

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