12 DIY Moss Bath Mat Ideas | How to Make Moss Bath Mat

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Check out our DIY Moss Bath Mat Ideas with easy step-by-step tutorials so you can make one for your bathroom today!

Creating a moss bath mat is a unique and eco-friendly way to enhance your bathroom decor. In this article, we’ll explore DIY Moss Bath Mat Ideas, guiding you on making your own natural, soft, and visually appealing bathroom accessory.

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DIY Moss Bath Mat Ideas

1. DIY Easy Moss Bath Mat

DIY Easy Moss Bath Mat

This YouTube video has all the detailed instructions you need to create a DIY moss bath mat.

2. Moss Shower Mat

Moss Shower Mat

For this moss shower mat, you’ll need assorted moss plugs, an X-acto knife, plastazote foam mats, and clear silicone adhesive. Check out the DIY at eHow.

3. Moss and Stone Bath Mats

Moss and Stone Bath Mats

If you love nature, bring it to your bathroom with this DIY from HGTV. The 9-step tutorial is simple and easy!

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4. Moss Shower Mat

beautiful Moss Shower Mat

This article from Homesthetics will inform you about the types of moss you should use for this purpose and how.

5. Cork Bulletin Board Moss Bath Mat

Cork Bulletin Board Moss Bath Mat

A DIY moss shower mat can be an addition to your spa-inspired bathroom. You can use the cork bulletin board and live or preserved moss. For the how-to, click here.

6. Living Moss Bath Mat

Living Moss Bath Mat

This easy-peasy tutorial won’t take much of your time. Watch it here on YouTube!

7. DIY Wildcrafted Moss Bath Mat

DIY Wildcrafted Moss Bath Mat

This awesome craft video will teach you how to make a moss bath mat with items you can find in the garden.

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8. Easy To Make Moss Bath Mat

Easy To Make Moss Bath Mat

This moss bath mat bordered with pebbles is a fantastic accessory to have. Learn how to make it here!

9. Moss Shower Mat Idea

Moss Shower Mat Idea

Here’s another DIY idea for a show mat made from moss. It is a must-have if you’re a nature lover.

10. Moss Bathroom Mat

Moss Bathroom Mat

Love stepping on dew-adorned grass in the morning? You’ll love this DIY bath mat that will give the same feeling. Here’s the DIY.

11. Easy Moss Bath Mat

Easy Moss Bath Mat

There’s something about a moss bath mat that is therapeutic. Follow this DIY to create one. You only need cardboard, faux moss, glue, and some tools.

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12. Massive Bath Mat from MossMassive Bath Mat from Moss

We have something for larger bathrooms, too. Check out the video tutorial for this lush moss mat here.

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