17 DIY Indoor Plant Wreath Ideas

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With easy steps and a dash of creativity, our DIY Indoor Plant Wreath Ideas are a great way to style up your home this festive season!

These DIY Indoor Plant Wreath Ideas are perfect for decking up your home! You don’t need to be a pro crafter – just grab some stuff and work to create beautiful wreaths with these DIYs.

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DIY Indoor Plant Wreath Ideas

1. Living Pothos Wreath

DIY Living Pothos Wreath

A circular wire trellis, a lamp, and a Pothos plant are all you need for a lovely wreath to adorn your doors. Learn how to make it here.

2. Indoor Air Plant Wreath

Diy Indoor Air Plant Wreath

Here is a super simple living wreath idea that will live for many years if you care for it. Just grab some moss, floral wire, and air plants to make it. DIY here.

3. Metal Ring Wreath with Air Plants

DIY Metal Ring Wreath with Air Plants

With an elegant look that will blend perfectly with your modern décor, this metal ring wreath is easy and cheap to make. Check out the DIY here.

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4. Echeveria and Sedum Wreath

diy indoor Echeveria and Sedum Wreath

This DIY indoor succulent plant wreath is a work of art. You can make it with sphagnum moss, Echeverias, Sedums, Gasterias, and spiny succulents.

5. Floral Wreath

DIY Indoor Plant Wreath 5

You only need one hour to make this beautiful floral wreath that will keep living and blooming indoors. Want to know more? Follow this DIY.

6. Holiday Wreath with 3 Air Plants

diy Holiday Wreath with 3 Air Plants

You can also create a lovely holiday wreath for the festive season with just a floral ring, moss, and only 3 air plants. Here’s how.

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7. Terracotta Pot Wreath

DIY Indoor Terracotta Pot Wreath

Wreaths can also be made using small pots and trinkets. You just need to paint these terracotta pots to give them an aged look, then use these to make a wreath. DIY here.

8. Reindeer Moss and Tillandsia Wreath Idea

diy Reindeer Moss and Tillandsia Wreath Idea

This indoor plant DIY wreath will definitely turn heads and add a lively touch to any corner of your home. And it is incredibly easy to make. Learn here.

9. Spring Potted Wreath with Ivy Plants

DIY Indoor Plant Spring Potted Wreath with Ivy Plants

You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket for a lush and elegant wreath. You can make one like this Ivy plant wreath idea by following this DIY.

10. Fresh Magnolia Wreath

Diy Fresh Magnolia Wreath

You will need to gather fresh Magnolia leaves for this wreath. Trust us, it’s worth it. Just follow the step-by-step instructions here.

11. Succulent Pot Wreath Idea

DIY Indoor Plant Succulent Pot Wreath Idea

You can make this indoor plant wreath with miniature dollar store pots filled with succulents. You can add faux or living ones. Here’s the DIY.

12. Grapevine and Air Plant Wreath

Grapevine and Air Plant Wreath

You should make a grapevine wreath and adorn it with decorative deer moss and tiny air plants for a beautiful indoor display. Do it yourself with this guide.

13. Indoor Herb Wreath

DIY Indoor Plant Wreath

Did you know you could grow herbs on a wreath and relish them whenever you wanted? You can easily make one with Mint, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, and more. Here’s how.

14. Pansiola (Pansy+Viola)Wreath

diy pansy Plant Wreath Ideas

If you want a floral wreath that will make your space stand out, this Pansiola wreath is the one for you. Look at this video to make it.

15. Devil’s Ivy Wreath

DIY Indoor Plant Wreath 15

You can also make a living wreath with a Devil’s Ivy plant like this one. It is extremely low maintenance and keeps thriving. Learn how to make it here.

16. Wreath Shaped Topiary

Wreath Shaped Topiary

You should make an indoor topiary project using this wreath DIY. All you need is a pot, a rosemary plant, floral wire, and some tape.

17. Ivy and Rosemary Topiary

best DIY Indoor Plant Wreath 17

Look how cute these DIY indoor wreaths are, sitting atop beautiful pots. You can also go with flower pots or soup bowls from the kitchen. Follow this DIY tutorial.

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