14 Stunning Royal Blue Flowers

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Check out an inclusive list of the Best Royal Blue Flowers. Keep scrolling to learn about these stunning blooms!

Royal blue flowers can help create a stunning visual impact in gardens and homes. Popular for their regal hue, these blooms also attract various pollinators, enriching your garden’s biodiversity.

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Best Royal Blue Flowers

Royal blue is a deep, vivid shade of blue that is both bold and elegant. Its hue is brighter than navy blue and has a slight purple or red undertone.

1. Delphinium


 Royal Blue Flowers 1

Scientific Name: Delphinium spp.

Thanks to their striking royal blue shades, they are a true spectacle in any garden. These flowers stand out with their tall spikes, which can reach several feet in height!

2. Cornflower

Stunning Royal Blue Flowers

Scientific Name: Centaurea cyanus

Cornflowers are generally associated with the rural countryside. Their vivid blue petals, with a slightly fringed texture, add a wild charm to gardens.

3. Agapanthus

best Royal Blue Flowers 3

Scientific Name: Agapanthus spp.

This striking flower native to South Africa features large star-like spherical blooms, making a dramatic statement in garden borders and bouquets.

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4. Hydrangea

Stunning Royal Blue Flowers

Scientific Name: Hydrangea macrophylla

Adjusting the soil’s pH can turn the flowers of some hydrangea varieties into a stunning shade of blue, enhancing their charm.

5. Grape Hyacinth

lovely Royal Blue Flowers 5

Scientific Name: Muscari spp.

This plant stands out with its unique shade of royal blue through its small, grape-like clusters of flowers. These densely packed blooms contrast well with its green foliage.

6. Morning Glory

beautiful Stunning Royal Blue Flowers

Scientific Name: Ipomoea spp.

Heavenly blue morning glories unfurl their vibrant blossoms in the morning sun, adding a colorful appeal to fences and trellises.

7. Borage

Royal Blue Flowers 7

Scientific Name: Borago officinalis

Borage’s blue star-like flowers are not just visually appealing; they also attract pollinators. It is also famous as the “bee breadbasket,” as it is a buzzing haven for bees!

8. Lobelia

top best Stunning Royal Blue Flowers

Scientific Name: Lobelia spp.

With their cascading blooms, Lobelias are perfect for hanging baskets, bringing a touch of blue to elevated spaces.

9. Campanula

Royal Blue Flowers

Scientific Name: Campanula spp.

Also popular as bellflowers, their royal blue color is particularly striking, offering a vivid contrast to the greenery in the garden.

10. Glory of the Snow

Gorgeous Blue Royal Flowers

Scientific Name: Chionodoxa Sardensis

The star-shaped flowers of Glory of the Snow show royal blue petals with a white center, adding a burst of early spring color to gardens.

11. Trumpet Gentian

best Gorgeous Blue Royal Flowers

Scientific Name: Gentiana acaulis

Trumpet Gentian grows deep, vibrant blue flowers. This royal blue shade is rare in the natural world, making it a standout in any garden.

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12. Blue King Iris

amazing Gorgeous Blue Royal Flowers

Scientific Name: Iris sibirica ‘Blue King’

The Blue King Iris boasts large, ruffled petals in a majestic shade of blue. It flowers in late spring to early summer.

13. Italian Bugloss

Beautiful Royal Blue flower

Scientific Name: Anchusa azurea

The plant’s lush, dark green foliage is the perfect backdrop, making the blue flowers pop even more! It also attracts bees and butterflies.

14. President Clematis

amazing Beautiful Royal Blue Roses

Scientific Name: Clematis ‘President’

As a climbing vine, it can be a great choice for trellises or walls. With a long blooming period, these flowers provide a lasting royal blue beauty.

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