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18 DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas For Winters | DIY Feral Cat Shelters

Here are some pocket-friendly DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas that will keep your pet safe and warm in chilly winters! They are also easy to make!

Winters can be harsh on your pets, especially cats. If you want to keep them dry and warm, then here are some amazing DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas you can use!

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DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas

1. Warm Cat House

DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas

Give your cat a warm and cozy place to rest during the winters with this eight-step DIY-on Instructables. Mount rope lights on the inside of the lid to create a source of heat.

2. Shelter Bin for Cats


Clear all your doubts and questions about a foam cooler bin house at Aspcapro. Also, you’ll find an idea to make it.

3. Winter Cat Shelter

DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas 2

Cut an entrance in a styrofoam cooler with some drainage holes and make comfortable bedding into the structure. Consider this easy DIY cat house to give your tabby a warm surrounding in winter.

4. Outdoor Cat Shelter


Upcycle an outside storage container to recreate this DIY outdoor cat shelter for your little feline friend. Watch the DIY tutorial here.

5. Cat House

DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas 3

Use several 2X2 wooden boards to frame this cat house and seal it with waterproof paint. Here’s a brief description of what you got to do.

6. DIY Feral Cat Shelter


Show some love to homeless feral cats by preventing them from winter chills with this DIY outdoor cat house idea. Learn the steps in this video.

7.  Heated Igloo Shelter

DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas 4

Line a styrofoam cooler with a heating pad to keep it simple yet effective. Keep it near a place where stray cats are likely to look for shelter. Learn more here.

8. Feral Cat Shelter

feral cat shelter

This feral cat shelter is made from a Rubbermaid container, check out the DIY here.

9. Wooden Cat House Plans

DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas 5

If you know some woodworking, build a wooden cat house by taking the help of these cat house plans here.

10. Quick and Easy Modern Cat House

diy cat house

This fast and easy modern cat house can be kept outdoors or indoors. Check out the instructions here.

11. Outdoor Cat House for Stray Cats

DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas 6

This cat house will help to keep the stray cats dry and warm. Watch its tutorial video here.

12. Weather Protected Outdoor Cat House


Learn how to build an outdoor cat house by watching this YouTube tutorial video of a young boy.

13. Easy Winter Cat House

DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas 8

This is a great way to keep an outside pet from freezing during the winter months. Watch the video here.

14. Outdoor Cat Shelter


This winter shelter for cats is easy to make and will ensure the outside cats find a warm home to spend the night in. Details are here.

15. Wooden Cat House

DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas 10

If you want to make a cat house that looks lavish, then watch this video to make it easily using wood.

16. Modern Cat House


If you have a cat or a small dog and like modern styles, you will love this minimalistic and modern DIY Cat House that you can easily make yourself.

17. Wood Pallet Cat House

DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas 12

All you need are some old or used wood pallets to make this cost-effective cat house. Click here for details.

18. Cheap Cat House!


Here’s one of the cheapest cat houses you can make using an old t-shirt and a cardboard box!


  1. OMG thank you for this!! i recently had a stray cat visiting me more frequently. tonight im on a night shift but i left her in my house with a litter tray and a bed because its so cold outside. thing is i go on holiday in 2 days and ive been tearing my heart out wondering how i can help this cat until im back. im going to make the tshirt and box cat house!! id never have thought of that.


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