12 Fabulous Front Porch Decoration Ideas with Ferns

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Here are the most beautiful Front Porch Decoration Ideas with Ferns that you can use to glam up your home with a touch of tropical green!

Transform the look of your home with these Front Porch Decoration Ideas with Ferns! They will help you add a green vibe that you can enjoy with a cup of hot coffee in the front space of your house!

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Front Porch Decoration Ideas with Ferns

1. Ferns and Blossoms

Front Porch Decoration Ideas with Ferns

Indirect light on the front porch is ideal for growing hanging ferns. You can also decorate the area with flowers like impatiens and colorful foliage plants like hostas.

2. Growing Ferns in Hanging Baskets

Hang ferns in rows on the front porch to enhance the curb appeal of your home! You can also use multiple hanging baskets according to the available space.

3. White Chairs With Ferns

Front Porch Decoration Ideas with Ferns 2

Rocking chairs with patterned pillows next to ferns, planted in stylish pots on the floor, look adorable. Hang a basket on the door carrying hydrangeas for more appeal.

4. Fern At a Corner

Growing a lush and large fern at the corner of a small porch or patio will add a green vibe to the front of the house!

5. Hanging Ferns Behind Seating Arrangement

Front Porch Decoration Ideas with Ferns 3

Create a beautiful display on your front porch by planting Boston ferns in hanging baskets behind seating arrangements. Add more plants to complete the look.

6. Blend Ferns with Croton and Syngonium

Place pots with ferns, crotons, Syngonium, and other plants next to chairs for a beautiful look on your porch.

7. Hanging Baskets with Ferns on Pergola

Front Porch Decoration Ideas with Ferns 4

This excellent idea gives a serene look to your porch with hanging pots carrying ferns.

8. Ferns in Large Container


Transform the look of your porch by planting a fern in a large and tall container. You can also use 2-3 of them.

9. Add Texture to Front Porch with Ferns, Ivy, and Other Plants

Front Porch Decoration Ideas with Ferns 5

Bring texture on your shady front porch by growing fern, variegated ivy and other plant in a single large planter.

10. Front Porch Windows with Ferns

Create an exquisite combo by growing annuals and asparagus fern in a wooden hanging box just outside the window.

11. Vertical Wall Planter with Ferns

Front Porch Decoration Ideas with Ferns 6

Plant a variety of ferns in a vertical wall planter on your front porch along with some other plants for a tropical jungle look!

12. Ferns on Porch

Bring new life to your existing front porch plants by adding ferns to them—pair up different plants for an extra touch of glam.

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