28 Kid Friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards

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Check out some fun and creative 28 Kid-friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards. You can involve your children in them, and they’ll have a fun outdoor activity!

Gardening with kids can be a fun and meaningful learning experience. It can offer you and your children an opportunity to spend time together in the vicinity of mother nature. To spark their interest, we have some amazing DIY Kid-friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards that you can use!

Here are the best ways to involve kids in gardening

Kid-friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards

1. Seed Bombs

Kid-friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards

Add some life and color to the vacant space in your backyard with DIY seed bombs, or let your kids gift them to teachers and friends. One of the useful tutorials is here to follow!

2. Newspaper Seed-Starter Pots

Grab a few old newspapers from your home collection and turn them into biodegradable paper pots to start seeds. We have some great DIYs on it here.  

3. Eggshell Seed Starters

Kid-friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards 2

To create these DIY Eggshell Seed Starters, you can take the little kids’ help to not only save space and money but also involve them in learning more about the plant lifecycle.

Have a look at some awesome eggshell ideas for gardeners here

4. Carnivorous Garden

You can plan to set up a miniature carnivorous garden to attract a few insects to entertain the children!

You can also check out these Carnivorous Plants For Beginners here

5. Beach-Themed Garden

Kid-friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards 3

To give a summery twist to the all-time classic fairy garden, you and your kids can make this beach-inspired garden in the backyard using a popsicle stick, a sandbox, some lighting, and different things of their choice!

You can also check out Cactus Dish Garden Ideas here

6. Fairy Garden

Make a beautiful fairy garden, either indoor or outdoor, for your kids with the help of some handy craft supplies and container plants.

Check out some amazing Fairy Garden ideas for your kids here

7. Build a Bug Hotel

Kid-friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards 4

Build a bug hotel with your kids to attract beneficial insects to your garden. Make it using pine cones, tree bark, and old plant stems.

Have a look at some awesome Garden art and craft ideas here

8. Pizza Garden

Another interesting way to get your kids to enjoy gardening is to make a small pizza garden consisting of veggies and herbs used to make pizza.

We also have an informative article on making a pizza garden here

9. Mini Greenhouse

Kid-friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards 5

Make mini-greenhouses using plastic food containers for starting seeds and turning them into a beautiful indoor little greenhouse.

10. Sandbox Garden

Use an old sandbox to make a kid-friendly backyard sandbox garden fully loaded with healthy veggies and fruits of your choice.

11. Recycled-Bottle Birdfeeders

Kid-friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards 6

If you want to teach your kids about birds, then this inexpensive DIY bottle birdfeeder could be a fun way to attract them.

12. Edible Birdhouse

You can use nuts, dried fruits, and bird seeds to build a delicious edible birdhouse with your kids that birds would love to visit again and again.

Have a look at some amazing DIY birdhouse ideas here

13. Garden Markers

Kid-friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards 7

Use some wooden craft sticks lying around the house to make some beautiful garden markers for your plants in the garden. Ask for your children’s help to paint them creatively.

14. Dinosaur Planter

Turn plastic dinosaur figurines into quirky Dino planters for your succulents. It will surely inspire your kids to take an interest in gardening.

15. Mossy Chair

Kid-friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards 8

Upcycle old furniture to transform it into a moss chair for your garden or backyard that will not only hold a child’s attention but of adults too!

16. Sponge Sprout House

Make some fun sponge sprout houses using sponges and grow sprouts on them that your kids would definitely love.

17. Fairy Garden in an Old Suitcase

Kid-friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards 9

Turn an old little suitcase that you were anyway thinking of giving away into a fairy garden with the help of miniature plants and accessories. Your kids will love this one!

18. Teacup Fairy Garden

To inspire young minds to discover more about gardening and caring for plants, make a tiny fairy garden in a beautiful teacup using succulents, rocks, miniature chairs, and accessories.

19. Gnome Garden

Kid-friendly Ideas for Gardens and Backyards 10

You can also choose a gnome-themed garden to make using a miniature mushroom house, some colorful pebbles, with dwarf gnomes.

20. Tic Tac Toe Garden

Who still doesn’t love playing a game of tic-tac-toe? Your children will love to have a tic-tac-toe game-themed garden outdoors to play in!

21. Make an Airplane Swing

This DIY airplane swing will bring such joy to the young kids and teach them a thing or two about airplanes!

22. Backyard Sensory Path

You can follow this DIY guide to create an amazing backyard sensory path for the toddlers that will provide them with different textures to make them experience senses for their feet.

23. DIY Splash Pad

If you have a concrete slab in the middle of your backyard, you can utilize the space to make a DIY splash pad for your toddlers.

24. Play Castle

Build a basic DIY play castle using uneven wood structures, some shields, figurines from your home collection, tall posts, and playing swords for your kids.

25. Tire Climbing Ladder and Slide

If you already have a pre-made slide set installed in your backyard, you can try to make this DIY tire climbing ladder to make things interesting for the kids!

26. Build a Natural Swimming Pond

Make a DIY natural swimming pond using clay and gravel stone, natural aquatic plants for your kids.

27. DIY Play Roads

Do you want to teach your children about some road safety from spending time in the garden? Make your own play roads in the garden using toy cars, little poles using twigs or tree branches, stones and pebbles.

28. Music Play Station

To bring out the musical side in your kids and give them a space to experiment with, make a simple music play area in your backyard using some rope, cans, or anything that you may think can create interesting notes when your kids use spoons, wooden sticks to make some noise!

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