22 Best Blue Pumpkin Varieties + Blue Pumpkin Meaning

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Ever seen Blue Pumpkins? Explore the Best Blue Pumpkin Varieties and Uncover the Quirky Blue Pumpkin Meaning Behind These Unique Fall Icons!

blue pumpkin

Dive into the world of autumn magic with the Best Blue Pumpkin Varieties! From the Blue Prince to the Japanese Shishigatani, learn about these stunning blue pumpkins and the true blue pumpkin meaning.

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Do Blue Pumpkins Exist?

Yep, blue pumpkins are totally a thing! They might not be as common as the regular orange ones you see everywhere, but there are some cool pumpkin varieties that have blue or kind of blue-green skin.

You’ve got the Jarrahdale with its blue-gray skin and the Blue Doll F1 pumpkin with its deep blue color – both of these pumpkins are like a twist on the classic pumpkin look.

And here’s the neat part: these blue pumpkins aren’t just for show. Some folks use them to whip up delicious meals. The Blue Lakota and Queensland Blue, for example, are not only eye-catching but also tasty. You can turn them into soups, pies, and all sorts of yummy treats. They’ve got this sweet and yummy inside that makes them perfect for cooking.

Blue Pumpkin Meaning

Blue pumpkins might not be the norm in the pumpkin patch, but they’ve carved out their own special meaning. While traditionally, we associate pumpkins with the classic orange color, the emergence of blue pumpkins adds a touch of novelty and diversity.

Blue pumpkins often symbolize creativity and individuality, standing out from the crowd with their unconventional hue. They remind us that there’s beauty in embracing the unexpected and celebrating uniqueness. Blue pumpkins also carry a sense of tranquility and calmness, evoking feelings of serenity and relaxation.

So, next time you spot a blue pumpkin, remember it’s not just a pumpkin – it’s a statement, a touch of serenity, and a dash of pumpkin rebellion all rolled into one!

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Best Blue Pumpkin Varieties

1. Blue Doll F1

The Blue Doll pumpkin F1 features a rich blue rind, making it a visually striking choice for decorations. With its bright orange interior, it’s equally prized for pies, soups, and other delicious recipes.

2. Blue Lakota

blue pumpkin 2

Blue Lakota pumpkins showcase a captivating blue-green skin with hints of orange, adding a vibrant touch to fall displays. Their sweet flavor and unique appearance make them ideal for both décor and cooking.

3. Blue Harvest

Characterized by their appealing blue rind and wide ribs, Blue Harvest are compact, ornamental blue pumpkins that also offer flavorful flesh suitable for various culinary creations.

4. Blue Prince

blue pumpkin 4

Blue Prince pumpkins display a smooth, slightly ribbed blue exterior. These medium-sized pumpkins are versatile, excelling as both decorative pieces and transforming into delectable dishes.

5. Blue Bayou

With its wide heirloom-like ribs and blue rind, the Blue Bayou stands out as an excellent blue pumpkin choice for decoration. Its hybrid nature ensures abundance and resilience, even in challenging growing conditions.

6. Triamble

blue pumpkin 6

Triamble pumpkins sport a distinctive three-lobed shape and a charming blue-green hue. Their ornamental appeal and culinary potential make them a versatile addition to gardens and kitchens.

7. Queensland Blue

The Queensland Blue pumpkin, hailing from Australia, boasts a remarkable cylindrical frame with deep ribs. Its blue-grey hue, coupled with its storability and suitability for making pumpkin puree, makes it a valued choice.

8. Blue Ice

blue pumpkin 8

Known for its blue-white rind, Blue Ice pumpkins possess a slightly flattened shape and a smooth, irregular peel. These versatile hybrids weigh 15-20 pounds when ripe, making them one of the largest and best blue pumpkin varieties.

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9. Shishigatani


Originating from Kyoto, Japan, the Shishigatani pumpkin showcases a ribbed, warty rind and a unique hourglass shape. Its fine-grained flesh and earthy flavor lend themselves well to gourmet culinary endeavors.

10. Jamboree

blue pumpkin 10

The Jamboree stands out with its grey-blue hue and smooth, slightly ribbed rind among all blue pumpkins. This medium-sized squash, weighing around 9-11 pounds when ripe, is cherished for both its storing qualities and cooking potential.

11. Marina Di Chioggia

From Italy, the Marina Di Chioggia pumpkin boasts a distinct warty, bubbly rind. Weighing around 10-12 pounds, this blue-green heirloom is celebrated for its excellence in creating dishes and snacks.

12. Blue Moon Pumpkin

blue pumpkin 12

With smooth blue rinds and a round, slightly flattened shape, Blue Moon pumpkins are a medium-sized hybrid that weigh about 10 pounds. Their vibrant yellow-orange interior adds to the allure.

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13. Sugar Cup

Sugar Cup pumpkins feature a green-blue hue and an heirloom appearance. Their thick stems and ornamental characteristics make them visually appealing, while their 8-pound fruits are suitable for various culinary ventures.

14. Buen Gusto de Horno

blue pumpkin 14

Looking for a unique blue pumpkin? Originating from Spain, Buen Gusto de Horno pumpkins offer a wrinkled, thick rind and deep ribs. These ancient pumpkins, weighing 10-15 pounds each, are renowned for their delectable cooked flavor.

15. Black Futsu Pumpkin

Hailing from South America,Black Futsu  Squash is an extremely warty green-blue heirloom. With its exceptional cooking qualities and ornamental appeal, it has influenced other blue-green heirlooms.

16. Blue Delight

blue pumpkin 16

The Blue Delight blue pumpkin variety, with its large, blue hybrid nature, offers a flattened shape and wide ribs. Weighing 25-30 pounds, it excels both in decoration and as a cooking pumpkin.

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17. Jarrahdale

Jarrahdale pumpkins feature a classic slate-blue rind and deep ribbing. Ranging from 12-18 pounds, these medium-large heirlooms are prized for their ornamental value and excellent cooking qualities.

18. Royal Blue

blue pumpkin 18

Royal Blue pumpkins showcase a flattened, wrinkly blue-green exterior, each fruit measuring about 14 inches wide and weighing approximately 14 pounds. They lend an heirloom touch to decorative arrangements.

19. Tokyo

Tokyo Pumpkins, originating from Japan, features smooth blue-green skin and a rich, sweet taste when cooked. These small, early-maturing fruits typically weigh around 4-5 pounds each.

20. Crown Prince

blue pumpkin 20

Crown Prince pumpkins sport a smooth, silver-blue rind, and they’re known for their excellent taste. With each ripe blue pumpkin weighing about 5-7 pounds, they’re ideal for both cooking and decoration.

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21. Silver Moon

Silver Moon Pumpkins offer a blue-white rind and a rich, dark orange interior. These small-medium hybrids, weighing around 5-6 pounds each, exhibit a flattened shape with wide ribs.

22. Baby Blue Hubbard Squash

blue pumpkin 22

Resembling smaller versions of the Hubbard Squash, Baby Blue Hubbard Squash features a rounded, pear-shaped form, weighing 7-9 pounds each. The versatility of this blue pumpkin extends from cooking to decorative uses.

Blue Pumpkin – FAQs

1. Are Blue Pumpkins Safe to Eat?

Absolutely! Blue pumpkins, like their orange counterparts, are safe and delicious to eat. Varieties such as Blue Lakota and Queensland Blue are not only visually appealing but also perfect for soups, pies, and other recipes.

2. Can I Grow Blue Pumpkins in My Garden?

Definitely! You can grow them in your garden. Varieties like Jarrahdale and Blue Doll F1 can thrive with proper care and attention. Just ensure they get enough sunlight, water, and space to grow.

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3. What Does the Blue Pumpkin Symbolize?

Blue pumpkins symbolize creativity, individuality, and embracing uniqueness. They stand out from the crowd, reminding us that it’s okay to be different. The blue pumpkin color also brings a sense of tranquility and calmness.

4. How Can Incorporate Blue Pumpkin Decor?

These fruits add a unique touch to fall decor. You can use them in table centerpieces, outdoor displays, or even as accents around the house. Mix them with other fall elements like leaves and gourds for a creative and eye-catching arrangement.

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5. Where Can I Find Blue Pumpkin Seeds?

You can find blue pumpkin seeds from local nurseries, seed catalogs, or online seed suppliers. Look for the specific variety you’re interested in, such as Blue Prince or Blue Moon Pumpkin, and start your pumpkin-growing adventure.

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