Blue Tulip Meaning | 4 Best Blue Tulips Varieties

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Do you know about Blue Tulip Meaning? If not, don’t worry! Here’s everything, along with the Best Blue Tulip Varieties!

Blue Tulip Meaning 1

The rarity of true blue tulips has led to fascination and a quest for them, which leads to the question – what is Blue Tulip Meaning? Let’s answer that and find out about Best Blue Tulips Varieties!

 Blue Tulips – Do they Exist

The short answer is NO. Blue tulips are not naturally occurring. There are many varieties with purple or violet flowers that appear blue at certain times of the day due to the changes in light, but there are no natural ones.

But why is it so? Tulips are full of anthocyanins–these pigments are, in fact, present in all flowers and are responsible for their colors. They can be red, pink, purple, and even blue or violet. But 100% true, authentic, and purely blue ones are extremely rare.

Blue tulips have become popular because a few people did selective breeding or hybridization and produced varieties that were closer to the “perfect” blue shade. However, they’re often lavender, mauve, or violet-blue.

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Best Blue Tulips Varieties

True blue tulips might be rare, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the blue hue at all. Here are some of the best blue tulips varieties. 

1. ‘Blue Parrot’ Tulip


This one has beautiful blue petals with a hint of lavender and upright leaves of a dull green color.

2. ‘Blue Diamond’ Tulip

Blue Tulip Meaning 2

These blue tulip bulbs are actually a pink-purple mix and look absolutely amazing in garden borders and containers.

3. ‘Blue Spectacle’ Tulip

Here’s another beautiful tulip that boasts striking steel-blue petals that evoke mystery and elegance. Its unique color sets it apart from all blue tulip colors.

4. ‘Blue Heron’ Tulip

Blue Tulip Meaning 4

The ‘Blue Heron’ tulip has a blend of blue and lavender shades akin to a watercolor painting. Its delicate beauty is truly amazing.

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Symbolism of Blue Tulips

Blue is associated with trust, loyalty, and a sense of calm. When given as a gift, a blue tulip bouquet conveys feelings of stability and deep trust. But that’s not all. They also symbolize the quest for the unattainable or the pursuit of one’s dreams due to their historical scarcity.

Blue tulips, in the language of flowers, hold a message of serenity, inner peace, and tranquility. They are a reminder to appreciate the beauty in simplicity and to find solace in the quiet moments of life. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone dear to your heart, go with the blue tulip bouquet.

Blue Tulip Meaning

Though there are no naturally occurring true blue tulips, blue flowers often carry significant symbolism and meanings.

These flowers represent uniqueness as they’re not easily found. People also associate them with peace and calmness. You might know that red is the color of love and passion but blue is associated with a different kind of love and respect. You can give these to people you deeply admire.

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