21 Monstera Trellis Ideas

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We’ve got many wonderful Monstera Trellis Ideas that you can use to support their lovely foliage! They’re easy to follow, too!

If you have a monstera in your collection then you must be aware that once they start to spread, they can go haywire! A right support structure will not only help them grow, but will also make them appear neat and tidy, too!

Monstera Trellis Ideas

1. Indoor Bamboo Trellis

best methods to trellis monstera

You can get a bunch of bamboo and tie them with twine or rope to create a cage-like structure. It will take the weight of the plant easily.

2. Moss Pole Support

best monstera trellis ideas 1

There’s nothing better than a Monstera trellis made out of a large moss pole!

3. Wood Ladder Trellis

best monstera trellis ideas 2

If you’ve got an old wooden ladder somewhere around the house, you can use it to give support to your Monstera.

4. A Leaf Like Metal Support Structure

Best monstera trellis ideas 3

You can find this one and many pretty designs online or at local garden centers. They are made of metal and are pretty sturdy.

5. Wood Stake with Counterweights

Best monstera trellis ideas 4

You can also use an old-fashioned wooden stake for a natural look. If you find it leaning to one side, add some counterweight soil sacks.

6. Rope Hanger

diy monstera trellis ideas 1

No, it’s not a hanger. Just attach a rope to the plant pot and tie its other end to a hook on the ceiling or the wall and watch the plant climb on it.

7. Moss Pole for Large Monstera Support

diy monstera trellis ideas 2

As we said, moss poles never go out of style and can take the weight of even the tallest Monsteras.

8. Rope and Wood Stake

diy monstera trellis ideas 3

Use a wood stake in combination with a jute rope, and your plant will thank you by growing up to the ceiling.

9. Monstera Wire Mesh

wonderful Monstera Trellis Ideas indoor

This monstera trellis made out of wire mesh is certainly a head-turner! Just fold it into a cylindrical shape, and the Monstera will grow all around it.

10. Pallet Wood Ladder for Monstera

diy monstera trellis ideas 5

Why not repurpose old wooden pallets and turn them into a beautiful trellis for Monstera plants?

11. A Corner Wooden Dowel

wonderful Monstera Trellis Ideas 89

A simple wooden dowel can also get the job done. Plus, it’ll look great with minimalistic decor.

12. Monstera Growing on Wooden Stakes

trellis for monstera plants 2

Here’s a beautiful Monstera pair supported by wooden stakes. You can find these at any hardware store near you.

13. Bamboo Poles for Massive Monstera

wonderful Monstera Trellis Ideas 7

For a lovely Monstera trellis, all you need to do is stick bamboo poles along the pot’s boundary like this.

14. Wall Hook and Ropes

trellis for monstera plants 4

If you don’t want something large to take the eyes off the Monstera, you can create a trellis with a bit of rope and a wall hook.

15. A Little Pentagon Trellis

wonderful Monstera Trellis Ideas 9

This Monstera trellis is strong and is full of pretty colors. Win-win, in our opinion!

16. Geometrical Hanging Trellis Idea

trellis for monstera plant 6

Here’s a geometrical trellis with chain supports that you can use to grow your Monstera plants.

17. Honeycomb Monstera Trellis Indoors

wonderful Monstera Trellis Ideas 7

If you don’t want to compromise the aesthetics, you can also go with a honeycomb trellis for Monsteras.

18. Metal Rectangle Trellis

Monstera Trellis Ideas 7

You can find this one at any store. And they are available in many different designs for you to choose from.

19. Monstera on the Railing

wonderful Monstera Trellis Ideas 4

The best thing you can go with is your home’s architecture. Use the balcony or the railing at the landing to recreate this idea.

20. Wooden Square Section Trellis

Beautiful Monstera Trellis Ideas

All you need is a bit of wood and a weekend so you can create this wall trellis for Monstera plants. It looks gorgeous.

21. Circular Support for Mini Monstera

wonderful Monstera Trellis Ideas 5

A circle trellis is great for small Monstera specimens. You can use steel wire to make one or repurpose old bucket handles.

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