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Go with the nature-inspired wellness trend! Check out the Best Plants for Gym and rejuvenate your body by combining health and nature together.

Best Plants for Gym

Growing plants at offices, hotels, and homes are very common, but having a variety of them at a gym is the new trend. They not only provide fresh air but have several other benefits on offer too. Since every type of plant has its own qualities and benefits, read about the Best Plants for Gym that you can grow in commercial and home gym, both.

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Best Plants for Gym

While choosing plants for the gym, keep in mind to select the ones that enhance the aesthetic appeal, have air-purifying properties, and require minimum maintenance. Avoid using plants with thorns, as they may cause injury to the gym members.

Air-Purifying Plants

As gyms can get quite humid, these plants will be an apt choice. Air purifying plants help to keep the humidity levels down and also clean the air off harmful elements. 

1. Snake Plant

Snake plants have a unique appearance, low demands, and offer several health benefits, one of which is their air-purifying ability. Plant them at any dark corner of your gym and create a trendy look.

2. ZZ Plant

Best Plants for Gym 2

Doing a workout in an atmosphere that improves concentration and health is always a great idea. NASA Clean Air Study also approves ZZ plant for removing harmful pollutants such as CO2, xylene, and toluene from the air. Also, this plant is not fussy about water needs and sustains in low-maintenance.

3. Jade Plant

Best Plants for Gym 2

Jade plant is a beautiful succulent that can be planted in the gym area. According to Feng Shui, this plant is also considered to attract good luck and fortune. It’ll also help in improving the gym’s air quality by eliminating VOCs, toluene, and acetone from the air.

4. Aloe Vera

Best Plants for Gym 3

Aloe vera plants are prized with numerous medicinal and cosmetic benefits. Growing them in the gym serves two purposes; firstly, they’ll help in improving the air quality, and secondly, if the gym members get any minor cut or scratch during the workout, the fleshy leaves can be used as first aid!

Plants that Grow Without Soil

5. Lucky bamboo

Best Plants for Gym 3

Grow lucky bamboo as a table centerpiece at the gym’s reception or lounge. You can easily grow it attractive glass vases, just in water. According to Feng Shu, lucky bamboo brings good fortune, and planting one will bring prosperity and positive vibes in the gym.

6. Orchid

Best Plants for Gym 4

Adorn your gym with the stunning and colorful flowers of orchid. It doesn’t require soil to grow and you can also try these orchid mix recipes. Orchid is also known to relieve stress and helps in elevating the mood as well.

7. Moss Wall

Best Plants for Gym 4
Image Credit:- scandimoss

A moss wall can be an interesting addition to any gym. It retains the lush look with zero maintenance (occasional dusting is needed). The wall is made with real but preserved moss that does not need soil, dirt, or substrate. It also doesn’t require misting or watering.

Tall Plants

8. Rubber Plant

Most of the houseplants love humidity, and a gym can be a great place for planting them. For the perfect look, grow a rubber plant close to a large window. The plant grows vertically and offers an aesthetic look to the place. To know more about rubber plant benefits, click here

9. Areca Palm

Best Plants for Gym 5

Bring tropical vibes in the gym by growing areca palm and introduce a touch of tranquility and peace. It can grow up to 4-12 feet tall with 3-5 feet of spread. If you don’t want to work out in the sunlight coming from the glass windows, you can use its long fronds as a shade too.

10. Dracaena

When it comes to tall houseplants, you cannot skip dracaena! It comes in a range of variety and exhibits contrasting green foliage with attractive patterns. The plant can grow up to 4-6 feet tall and also helps in improving the air quality in the atmosphere where many people are exercising together.

11. Bamboo Plant


Include tall bamboos in the gym plant collection and enhance the visual appeal of the place. It can grow up to 6-10 feet tall. Just ensure that the plant receives few hours of direct sunlight.

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Trailing Plants

12. Spider Plant


Create a unique look with planters at the gym by growing beautiful spider plant varieties in hanging baskets. The long, slender leaves of this plant are hard to kill and survive in neglect.

13. Burro’s Tail

Best Plants for Gym 7

Grow burro’s tail in hanging baskets where it receives full sun. The trailing foliage of this easy-to-grow succulent can grow up to 2-3 feet long.

14. Boston Fern

If you are thinking of growing ferns at your gym then go with Boston fern. This is one of the best hanging ferns. Hang it at a place where the plant receives indirect sunlight and keep the soil moist.

15. Pothos

Best Plants for Gym 8

Pothos is a popular houseplant variety that can be grown in water jars, containers, or in hanging baskets. It comes in a range of variety with several benefits. This air-purifying plant has a trailing growth habit. It’ll look elegant and graceful in hanging baskets at any fitness center.

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