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Discover the names of the 14 best Black Indoor Plants— These houseplants are stunning and have the power to add a sense of drama to your interior!

Plants with black leaves or of darker shade have an exotic appearance that appeals to many people. If you are among those who are attracted to black plants, then having one indoors makes sense. Check out this list of Black Indoor Plants, capable of transforming any space!

1. Rubber Plant


Botanical Name: Ficus elastica

The rubber plant is our favorite, and its ‘black prince‘ or ‘burgundy‘ variety has dark burgundy leaves–if not completely, these rubber plant types look very black. Learn how to grow this Black Indoor Plant here.

2. Black Pansies


Botanical Name: Viola tricolor var. hortensis

When it comes to black indoor plants, black pansies will blow your mind. Grow them near a window that receives several hours of sunshine. You can find out more amazing pansy varieties here.

3. Aeonium “Black rose”

exclusive list of Black Indoor Plant

Botanical Name: Aeonium arboreum ‘Zwartkop’

It’s a succulent that’s prized for the geometrically perfect rosette of fleshy and dark burgundy leaves. We also added it to our list of black succulents. However, it may not attain this color indoors if you won’t provide it with several hours of direct sunlight.

4. Chinese Jade

Botanical Name: Sinocrassula yunnanensis

One more succulent to entertain you in this list of best black houseplants! The leaves are closely packed and, with time, form clumps of rosettes. It can grow on your desk if you expose it to direct sunlight and water occasionally.

5. Burgundy Ripple Peperomia

Black Indoor Plant you haven't heard of

Botanical Name: Peperomia caperata

Everything about this Black Indoor Plant invites attention! Heart-shaped dark green leaves are variegated with reddish-purple veins over them. Flowers grow on tall stalks that rise from the center of the plant. As it’s a slow grower, you won’t have to worry about repotting. Just keep it in filtered sunlight and water moderately.

6. Black Prince Echeveria

Botanical Name: Echeveria “Black Prince”

Not actually tall but very dark and handsome, Black Prince Echeveria’s rosette develops slowly. Flowers grow on stalks from late fall to early winter. Keep it near a south or west-facing window or at any other spot where it can receive some direct sunlight as well, and it’ll continue to remain your favorite “plant with black leaves” for a long time to come.

7. Black Velvet Alocasia

Botanical Name: Alocasia reginula

It is a very close-to-black kind of plant; the velvety leaves will tempt you to caress them gently every time you’re around the plant! The silver veining further adds to its beauty as the leaves unfurl into thick velvet masterpieces, making it one of the best black indoor plants on the list.

8. Black Magic (Taro)

stunning Black Indoor Plants for homes

Botanical Name: Colocasia esculenta

The heart-shaped, dark plum-colored leaves of the Black Magic plant appear intensely black from a distance. The plant can grow up to 2-3 feet high easily, with leaves expanding to 3 feet. All this grandeur makes it our favorite black indoor plant.

Discover the Names of the Best Black Magic Plants here

9. Living Stone

Botanical Name: Lithops

What further intensifies their look is their rock-like appearance! These fascinating succulents are a thing of beauty, doing best in full sunlight and partial shade.

If you ever wanted a dark close to the black plant, this is it–but remember this color will come when they are under stress.

10. Black Hens and Chicks

Comprehensive list of Black Indoor Plants

Botanical Name: Sempervivum ‘Black’

The large rosette is called the ‘Hen,’ turning into a dark shade of purple, whereas smaller rosettes are called ‘Chicks.’ You can multiply this black succulent plant easily by replanting ‘Chicks’ and have a mini black plant succulent garden! Remember, not all varieties are black in color–there are some listed here.

11. Haworthia Nigra

Black Indoor Plants that you can grow easily indoors

Botanical Name: Haworthiopsis nigra

This unbelievably slow-growing plant attains a height of just 10 inches. But don’t let the short stance fool you, as it makes up for it with stunning black, 3-tiered foliage. It can be an ideal showpiece for tabletops and desks.

12. Raven ZZ

Black Indoor Plants to enhance the look of your room

Botanical Name: Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Raven Zz has a class of its own when it comes to Black Indoor Plants. With deep green foliage and a certain sheen to it, this plant takes the darkness to a height of 3-4 feet! As it is also a slow grower, you don’t have to re-pot it yearly.

13. Coleus

Outstanding Black Indoor Plants that can take your breath away

Botanical Name: Coleus scutellarioides

Varieties like ‘Black Prince’ & ‘Palisandra’ have dark leaves, a deep shade of purple. Keep coleus at warm room temperature and provide filtered sunlight.

14. Black Sweet Potato Vine

Botanical Name: Ipomea batatas ‘Solar Power Black’

This amazing black foliage plant grows best in partial sunlight, but it can tolerate shade as well. You can grow it indoors in a spot that receives bright indirect light all day.

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