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Want to have a most beautiful and luxe bathroom? Do nothing else, just follow our 16 trending Bathroom Plant Ideas!

The humid microclimate of your bathroom multiplied with a bright window can be an excellent place to grow houseplants. And if there’s a window that receives indirect light, you can easily bring greenery–Taking the help of these 16 Trending Bathroom Plant Ideas!

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1. Grow a Tall Houseplant

Grow a tall houseplant like this fishtail palm in your bathroom, close to the window. To add more greenery, give space to a few small plants on the slanted ladder.

2. DIY Hanging Brass Planters

Experiment with the metal bowls and DIY them into beautiful hanging planters. Grow pothos or other trailing house plants that enjoy humidity. We found the idea here!

3. Grow Big Foliage Plants

Most of the big foliage houseplants love humidity, and a bathroom can be a great space for planting them if you’ve got a window there.

4. Grow Colorful Indoor Plants

We all start our day in the bathroom–make it bright and colorful by adding plants like bromeliads on the windowsill. BalconyGardenWeb has a big list of such plants, check them out here.

5. A Plant Mom’s Bathroom

If you’re a plant mom, it’s a crime if you won’t have your favorite houseplants in your bathroom. Take inspiration from this image!

6. Bathroom Mini Garden

Succulents, ferns, peace lilies, and fragrant indoor plants are great for your bathroom. You can hang a couple of hanging baskets as well.

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7. Grow Carnivorous Plants

The microclimate of your bathroom can be favorable for carnivorous plants. The only stipulation is that it should be bright and big.

8. Bathroom Jungle

If you love to surround yourself with plants, copy this bathroom garden idea. Snake plant, dumb cane, pothos, philodendron, spider plant, and orchids become great bathroom houseplants.

9.  Terrariums Give a Modern Touch

For a modish feel, add succulent and air plant terrariums and ferns in your bathroom.

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10. Palms are Great Alternatives

For a luxe bathroom, grow palms as they love humid surroundings. A bright window that receives indirect light will make this possible. Make sure to water your bathroom plants occasionally, only when the soil is dry. Discover the names of the best indoor palms here!

11. Bring the Outdoor Shower Indoors

If you have a bathroom that receives some sunlight, bring the amazing experience of outdoor shower indoors by growing houseplants.

12. Tropical Plants Bathroom

Tropical foliage houseplants like rubber plants, monstera deliciosa can make your bathroom look out-of-the-world. Check out the list of more such plants here.

13. Add a Dash of Color

Bathroom Garden DIY

Add a dash of color with an Anthurium plant, poinsettia can be a great alternative too. If there’s south or west-facing window, you can grow succulents as well.

14. Have a Moss Wall

Bathroom Plant Ideas

A green wall is one of the latest bathroom trends. While maintaining a living wall is difficult, you can add a preserved moss wall, you can attach live pieces in it like air plants and succulents. Faux living wall panels are also an affordable option.

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15. For a Luxe Bathroom

While plants can bring energy and liveliness to your bathroom, adding scented candles can make it appear LUXE.

16. Place Cascading Plants on a Bathroom Ladder

The space on your shower shelves is excellent for keeping some small pots. If you like, place a bathroom ladder to put your accessories and some cascading houseplants on it.

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