50 DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas | How to Make a Vertical Garden

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Do you have limited space but want to create a garden? These unique DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas are the most modern way to grow plants in a limited space!

Don’t let the limited space of your urban apartment stop the gardener inside you! Here are some exciting DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas that you can try. They are also super easy to implement!

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1.Wooden Vertical Garden

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas

With an inbuilt watering system, this wooden vertical garden arrangement is the best way to grow your favorite plants and herbs. More details here!

2. Layered Vertical Garden

The hanging arrangement of the layered structure makes this easy to install and remove. The cedar frame and parts make it attractive to look at!

3. Soda Bottles Vertical Garden

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 2

Do you have empty soda bottles? Use them creatively by planting herbs and plants and hanging them on your balcony or patio! More details here!

4. Vertical Garden Kits

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! These kits will come in handy. Just install them on walls, and you’re good to go to plant your favorite plants!

5. Wicking Pots Garden

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 3

How about having plants in rows on your balcony? Sounds interesting? Using a polypipe system, you can easily make one for yourself!

6. Tall Structure Vertical Garden

You can convert the limited space in your yard to a hanging garden by employing different structures! Sounds like something you should try? Click here!

7. Upside Down Soda Bottles Vertical Garden

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 4

Soda bottles are surprisingly good at growing plants! Just hang them upside down on the wall of your choice. The cap, with a hole, is going to provide good drainage too!

8. Wooden Plank Vertical Garden

How about turning your living room’s wall into a vertical garden masterpiece? Just a few wooden slabs, metal hangers, and plants are all you need! Details for one of the most unique DIY vertical gardening ideas are here!

9. Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 5

This pyramid tower is the best way to utilize a limited place to grow plants! The Cedar Wood construction makes it robust, and when planted fully, it’ll look like one big, green tree!

10. Self-Watering Vertical Garden

This space-saving arrangement is easy to fix. Cut holes in the PVC pipe to accommodate different plants. It saves space while looking green! More details here!

11. Hanging Baskets

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 6

Grow your favorite flowers in the hanging basket on your balcony! What’s more! You can also make a frame and hang your planters there! Click here for more info!

12. Vertical Garden Wall

Your garden fence can be a great spot to grow flowers in boxes! Construct five small crates using the help here, and you can have yourself a beautiful, vertical garden!

13. Mini Herb Planter

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 7

It might look like a little ladder, but it can be used to plant your favorite herbs to use them fresh in the kitchen! Want to make one? Click here!

14. Pallet Vertical Herb Garden

Have unused pallet skids? Don’t throw them away and utilize them to create this innovative vertical garden arrangement!

15. Metal Gutters Vertical Garden

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 8

Just bolt 2-3 metal gutters on the wall to grow your favorite succulents! To copy this idea, click here!

16. Hanging Pocket Shoe Garden

This not only works for limited space but also keeps your plants safe from your pets! All you need is a pocket shoe organizer, pole, and attachments!

17. Wooden Pot Hanger

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 9

A stylish yet simple solution to grow plants in an urban apartment! For more details on the project, click here!

18. Wooden Steps Planter

The unique design of this planter makes it perfect for condo-sized balconies! It has removable boxes and is best for growing herbs and flowers.

19. Wooden Pallet Vertical Garden

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 10

This rusty planter can be made using wooden pallets, staple guns, landscaping fabric, and potting soil!

20. Suspended Vertical Garden

Put posts, nail a wire across and hang metal buckets with plants in them! Isn’t this n amazing way to utilize limited space! Click here for more details!

21. White Boxes Minimalistic Planter

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 11

What an elegant way to use the corner of your porch to grow plants using a frame with beautiful-looking white boxes!

22. Colorful Hanging Pots

One of the most simple solutions to grow plants! Just hang multiple, colorful pots to your fence or wall and grow your favorite flowers in them! For more details, click here!

23. Wooden Pole Planter

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 12

Construct a towering pole using some wood planks to hang pots! You can also use the bottom part to grow your favorite flower! This one is surely one of the best DIY vertical gardening ideas on the list!

24. Growroom Vertical Garden

This grow vertical room garden might take little space but offers too much greenery for the same! This can be a great addition to your urban living room!

25. Cedar Wall Planter

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 13

Cedar not only looks great but offers a long life too! Few cedar planks, drill, and miter saw is all you need to make this one!

26. Mini Pallet Garden


A little wall is all you need to have this beautiful pallet garden! Hang steel containers to grow the plant of your choice in them!

27. Vertical Window Garden

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 14

Using these soda bottles, you can grow your favorite herbs on your kitchen window vertically and have them fresh every time whenever you need them! Details here!

28. Upcycled Rainbow Pallet Flower Garden

Perhaps the simplest to make, you just need to hammer wooden planks, paint them in rainbow shades, and hang your favorite plants in pots! Click here for info!

29. Multicolor Mini Garden

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 15

This wood plank boxes idea, complete with multiple color shades, can be a great addition to your balcony!

30. Palette Herb Garden

Using palettes, paint, hose clamps, pots, and soil, you can easily create one for yourself and hang it on the wall of your choice and showcase your favorite plants!

31. Colorful Vertical Planters

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 16

Make your plants picture-perfect by growing them in a frame! Creativity cannot be better than this!

32. Hanging Windowsill Herb Planter

A beautiful vertical garden for your patio will transform the look and also going to offer the right place for you to grow different plants in one place!

33. Hanging Trellis Planter

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 17

Make a frame of trellis and hang metal buckets to grow plants. This can be a welcoming addition to your porch! For more details, click here!

34. Hanging Succulent Garden

Attractive pots, suspended on a bundle of cotton clothesline cord and brass snap hook, can make add a touch of class to your kitchen! Details are here!

35. Hanging Gutter Planter and Stand

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 18

Using vinyl gutters and boards, you can grow your favorite herb right by your kitchen to have an unlimited supply! It also looks super nice!

36. Wooden Planks Box Garden

You can never go wrong with this tried and trusted vertical planter! Easy to make and equally easy to deploy, this one never goes out of style!

37. Miniponics Planter

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 19

Quite unique to look at, this arrangement is best for the living room and balcony. All you need is a PET bottle, bamboo, and some rope to make this miniponics planter!

38. Mason Jar Wall Garden

Frame a wall with wooden planks and use multiple mason jars to grow the plants of your choice! It can be made on any wall!

39. Painted Wood Planter

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 20

Using pallets, Moroccan tile stencil, and paint, you can create a beautiful backdrop on which pots can be hanged to grow plants! More details here!

40. PVC Pipe Vertical Garden

A material as simple as a PVC pipe can be used to create a planter! Stick PVC elbows on a wooden plank using a glue gun, and you have a little space ready to grow plants!

41. Bottle Tower Gardening

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 21

Tall plastic bottles are one of the most cost-effective ways to grow plants. The hole in the cap beneath ensures the plants get proper drainage as well!

42. Cedar Vertical Tiered Ladder Garden

Have minimal space? Don’t worry! This ladder garden, made from cedar fence pickets, is a great way to grow plants and costs just $20!

43. Vertical Chicken Wire Planter

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 22

Make a basket of chicken wire roll on wooden planks, fill them with lots of moss, and you are ready to go! For more info, click here!

44. Hydroponic Vertical Garden

Growing 90-100 plants in less than 10 sq ft might sound absurd but not with this planter! Using help from here, you can make one for yourself easily!

45. Vertical Garden Mini Kit

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 23

Head on to this video to learn more about the vertical garden mini kit!

46. Mini Basket Hanging Garden

Sturdy, woven baskets can be a great alternative to pots! Tie them together with rope and hang them anywhere to have a mini hanging garden of your own!

47. Minimalistic Herb Garden

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 24

With contractor garbage bags, coco liner, gravel, and old mail sorter, you can make this minimalistic herb planter! For more details, click here!

48. Succulent Tower Planter

With the help of multiple tapered terra-cotta pots, you can create this beautiful planter to grow succulents! You can also paint it in a color of your choice!

49. Easy Succulent Wall Planters

DIY Vertical Gardening Ideas 25

Multiple wooden frames and beautiful-looking succulents inside look no less than an art in itself! Click here for all the info you need!

50. Indoor Wall Planter

Last but not least, this indoor planter can be easily made using old, galvanized buckets and hanging them on a wooden plank on the wall!

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  1. Such amazing ideas! Hope to be able to use a few in my small garden. Love fresh herbs, own strawberries and veg. To be able to just go out and pick a few when required, and no wastage. Brilliant!

  2. Thanks for sharing such a variety of brilliant and inspiring DIY ideas regarding Vertical Gardens. These DIY ideas of Vertical Gardening are the blessing in this era. We can easily utilize them despite having limited space. One would love to use these DIY ideas but here I could only go with Vertical Garden Wall (limited space) but it would be better than having not an healthy environment in our life.


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