63 Types of Yellow Wildflowers

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Check out an inclusive list of the various Types of Yellow Wildflowers that are quite common across the wild plains.

Often overlooked in favor of more traditional blooms, these vibrant yellow wildflowers are hardy plants that offer aesthetic appeal and have tonnes of ecological benefits.

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Types of Yellow Wildflowers

1. Oregon Grape Blossoms

Yellow Wildflowers 1

Botanical Name: Mahonia aquifolium

This is a woody plant native to western North America and is the state flower of Oregon. Its glossy green foliage and clusters of bright yellow flowers make it stand out.

2. Dandelion

best Types of Yellow Wildflowers

Botanical Name: Taraxacum officinale

These yellow wildflowers are quite a common sight in different regions. The head of the dandelion flower changes into a round ball with many silver-tufted fruits.

3. Balsam Root

Yellow Wildflowers in rock garden

Botanical Name: Balsamorhiza sagittata

Balsamroot has bright yellow blooms similar to those of a sunflower. Also, Native Americans use it as a food source.

4. Stonecrop

 best Types of Yellow Wildflowers

Botanical Name: Sedum spp.

Stonecrop has gray-green fleshy leaves and clusters of tiny yellow star-like flowers. It is drought-tolerant and commonly used in rock garden settings.

5. Round Leaf Violet

Yellow Wildflowers 5

Botanical Name: Viola rotundifolia

This yellow wildflower is a small, low-growing plant in open woodlands and grasslands. Despite being common in the wild areas, it looks quite beautiful!

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6. Common Mullein

 Types of Yellow Wildflowers in garden

Botanical Name: Verbascum thapsus

Common Mullein has tall, yellow flowers stalk, reaching up to 8-10 feet height. Its flowers attract pollinators such as bees, butterflies, and flies.

7. Douglas Buckwheat

Yellow Wildflowers 7

Botanical Name: Eriogonum douglasii

It is a low-growing plant with a thick mat of ‘hair’ around the caudex. It blooms in clusters, which makes it appear like a small bouquet!

8. Glacier Lily

 Types of Yellow Wildflowers

Botanical Name: Erythronium grandiflorum

These yellow wildflowers are native to North America and have star-shaped, bright yellow blooms. Other common names for these are yellow avalanche lily and dogtooth violet.

9. Creeping Buttercup

Yellow Wildflowers 9

Botanical Name: Ranunculus repens

Creeping Buttercup, also known as creeping stolons, is considered invasive in certain areas because of its ability to spread quickly and produce many seeds.

10. Hawkweed

 Types of Yellow Wildflowers

Botanical Name: Hieracium spp.

It is a low-growing plant with clusters of small yellow flowers resembling dandelions. It is commonly found as a weed on lawns and gardens.

11. Antelope Bitterbrush

Yellow colour Wildflowers 11

Botanical Name: Purshia tridentata

Also popular as rose bitterbrush, it is a low-spreading shrub that blooms in small, pale yellow flower clusters. It is a vital food source for many wildlife and farm animals.

12. Desert Parsley

 Types of Yellow Wildflowers

Botanical Name: Lomatium dissectum

These yellow wildflowers produce blooms in thick panicles or spikes. They grow in open, dry areas where you can easily spot them.

13. Wallflower

Yellow Wildflowers 13

Botanical Name: Erysimum cheiri

A large, spiky plant that produces small yellow in clusters. It grows on rocky slopes and is commonly used in landscaping.

14. Yellow Bells

amazing Types of Yellow Wildflowers

Botanical Name: Fritillaria pudica

It is a low lily-like perennial that blooms in the spring. The bright yellow bell-shaped blooms make it a popular garden choice.

15. Arnica

Yellow Wildflowers 15

Botanical Name: Arnica amplexicaulis

Native to the Pacific Northwest, it is distinguished by its lance- to oval-shaped leaves and yellow flowers.

16. Annual Agoseris

Different Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Agoseris heterophylla

This plant stands out with its bright yellow flowers and is commonly used in many garden settings due to is low-maintenance nature.

17. Prairie Sunflower

Yellow Wildflowers 17

Botanical Name: Helianthus petiolaris

This plant is smaller than the common sunflower. Its seeds are important to birds, making it an essential plant for wildlife gardens.

18. False Hairy Golden Aster

best Different Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Heterotheca villosa

This perennial plant grows well in drought conditions. It’s often found along roads, taking advantage of the night’s warmth and moisture.

19. Fineleaf Woollywhite

Yellow Wildflowers 19

Botanical Name: Hymenopappus filifolius

It is distinguished by its yellow button-like flowers that grow on tall stalks. It has a spreading habit, and you can spot it easily in the wild regions.

20. College Flower

lovely Different Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Hymenopappus flavescens var. canotomentosus

It has tall stems that grow yellow flowers atop. The feathery leaves make up the base, making it a beautiful addition to any garden.

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21. Common Dunebroom

Yellow Wildflowers 21

Botanical Name: Parryella filifolia

Its flowers grow in thick panicles or spikes. The dunebroom is a plant native to the United States, where it is found in the dunes of Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico.

22. Yellow Oxalis

beautiful Different Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Oxalis stricta

Commonly known as clover-like, it is a low-growing plant with five-petaled bright yellow flowers, and it is often used in lawn and garden settings.

23. Western Buttercup

Yellow Wildflowers 23

Botanical Name: Ranunculus occidentalis

It grows well on wetland prairies across its range and is also a popular plant for landscaping due to its bright yellow blooms.

24. Fern-leaf Desert Parsley

beautiful Different Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Lomatium dissectum

It’s a beautiful, long-lasting plant with tiny yellow flowers that look like parsley. It is quite a common sight in the dry plains.

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25. Marsh Yellowcress

Yellow Wildflowers 25

Botanical Name: Rorippa islandica

It is native to the African, Asian, European, and Eurasian continents, North America, and the Caribbean. The flowers are small and pale yellow, with four petals.

26. Skunk Cabbage

Different Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Symplocarpus foetidus

The flowers of this plant appear in front of the leaves and are distinguished by a maroon hood-shaped spathe leaf surrounded by a knob-like spadix.

27. Monkey Flower

Different Yellow Wildflower Types for garden

Botanical Name: Mimulus guttatus

The Monkey Flower is known for its vivid yellow flowers with a large open corolla that looks like a monkey’s face.

28. Tansy Ragwort

bloom that Different Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Senecio jacobaea

This plant is distinguished by its clusters of yellow daisy-like flowers that appear at the ends of the stems. Do note that it is poisonous and poses a risk to cattle and agriculture.

29. Towering Lousewort

Yellow Wildflowers 29

Botanical Name: Pedicularis procera

These yellow wildflowers have bright yellow flowers that grow on top of tall stems. You can spot this plant at the sides of the country roads, too.

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30. Bog Deervetch

Different Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Lotus pinnatus

This plant has yellow umbels of 3 to 12 flowers. It mostly grows in West-Side forest and meadows where it thrives.

31. Woolly Paperflower

best Yellow Wildflowers 31

Botanical Name: Psilostrophe tagetina

This one grows blossoms in bunches, similar to daisies. The flowers bloom for several months and turn brownish or white at the end.

32. Scrubby Cinquefoil

top best Different Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Potentilla fruticosa

Shrubby cinnabar is a hardy plant that can withstand drought in the summer with ease and continues to grow clusters of yellow flowers!

33. Skunkbush

Yellow Wildflowers 33

Botanical Name: Rhus aromatica

It showcases vibrant yellow flowers in spring, later producing tart red berries. The leaves transform into a stunning mix of gold, orange, red, and burgundy in fall.

34. Fendler’s Spring Parsley

Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Cymopterus glomeratus

This plant features glossy, dark green leaves and clusters of fluffy yellow flowers. It is a carrot family member!

35. Fendler’s Bladderpod

Yellow Wildflowers 35

Botanical Name: Physaria fendleri

This plant is native to the southwest United States and north Mexico and grows to a height of 8-12 inches, producing yellow blooms.

36. Stemless Horsebrush

 Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Tetradymia canescens

It produces small yellow flowers in thick panicles or spikes and is native to Western North America. It is common in forests and scrubby open plains.

37. Yellow Salsify

best Yellow Wildflowers

Botanical Name: Tragopogon dubius

These plants grow big yellow flowers that turn into big fluffy puffballs. It is an invasive species that was introduced in the US because of its edible roots.

38. Plains Zinnia

Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Zinnia grandiflora

The plant develops a moss-like mat of tiny needle-like leaves and blooms many bright yellow, 3 to 6-rayed flowers.

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39. Western Groundsel

Yellow Wildflowers 39

Botanical Name: Senecio integerrimus

It is a large, spiky plant that blooms in clusters of small yellow flowers that resemble daisies. The plant is a common sight in open, dry areas.

40. Desert Dandelion

amazing Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Malacothrix sonchoides

Similar to non-native dandelions, it forms a low-lying rosette and yellow flowers. You can also grow it in mini pots for a yellow display!

41. Threadleaf Groundsel

Yellow Wildflowers

Botanical Name: Senecio flaccidus

The leaves and flowers of this plant have a spiky appearance. These yellow windflowers are quite a common sight in dry regions.

42. James’ Holdback

lovely Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Pomaria jamesii

This perennial has pretty yellow, freckled flowers in upward racemes. It grows to a height of about 1 foot.

43. Gladiator Vetch

Yellow Wildflowers 43

Botanical Name: Astragalus xiphoides

This rare plant has thin stems and small yellow flowers. It is of special interest in Arizona, where it is known for its bright yellow calyx.

44. Whipple’s Fishhook Cactus

Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Sclerocactus whipplei

It is native to the Colorado Plateau and Canyonlands region of the United States. The flowers on the top are the most notable feature of this plant!

45. Common Sunflower

stunning Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Helianthus annuus

Known for its large, golden ray flowers and a center of brown disk flowers, it is surely one of the most recognized yellow wildflowers on this list!

46. Starvation Prickly Pear

best Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Opuntia polyacantha

Its flowers range from yellow and magenta to red. They change color from yellow to pink or orange as they age.

47. Rusby’s Goldenbush

Yellow Wildflowers 47

Botanical Name: Isocoma rusbyi

You might mistake it for a weed with no flowers, but the plant blooms tiny blossoms in clusters that have an orange-yellow hue.

48. Upright Prairie Coneflower

lovely Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Ratibida columnifera

The plant is native to prairies, plains, and roadsides – what makes it stand out is the shape of the flowers! Not a bad choice for containers!

49. New Mexico Groundsel

Yellow Wildflowers 49

Botanical Name: Packera neomexicana

It features serrated leaves and bright yellow flowers. Though it is common in the wild, you can grow it in the garden along the borders.

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50. Greenstem Paperflower

best Yellow Wildflower Types

Botanical Name: Psilostrophe sparsiflora

Also known as yellow-flowered paperflower, it is native to the southwest U.S. and is distinguished by its yellow flowers and sparsely hairy green stems.

51. Prince’s Plume

Yellow Wildflowers near mountain

Botanical Name: Stanleya pinnata

The plant is distinguished by its racemes, arranged in a raceme-like fashion, similar to cleome and spider flowers.

52. Dalmation Toadflax

Yellow wildflower varieties

Botanical Name: Linaria dalmatica

It is a small to medium-sized herb with light green leaves and snapdragon-like yellow flowers. It grows to about 3 feet tall.

53. Green Thread

Yellow Wildflowers 53

Botanical Name: Thelesperma megapotamicum

This plant is a long-lived perennial herb with a thin, branching stem that comprises many disc florets (yellow or orange).

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54. Golden Crownbeard

lovely Yellow wildflower varieties

Botanical Name: Verbesina encelioides

This plant blooms bright yellow flowers and can be found in disturbed soil and roadsides. It can be identified by its long, furry stems and leaves.

55. Saw-toothed Goldenweed

Yellow Wildflowers 55

Botanical Name: Xanthisma grindelioides

The plant has saw-tooth-like leaves and small clusters of yellow disk-like flowers. It grows in semi-desert areas.

56. Goldenrod

beautiful plant Yellow wildflower varieties

Botanical Name: Solidago spp.

Goldenrod has small bright yellow flowers, which appear in clusters on the tall stems. The blooms attract pollinators, including butterflies, bees, and insects.

57. Large-leaved Avens

Yellow wildflower varieties

Botanical Name: Geum macrophyllum

Its flowers have many yellow-tipped stamens that become reddish brown as they age. It can grow up to a height of 2-4 feet.

58. Gold Star

Yellow wildflower varieties

Botanical Name: Crocidium multicaule

This plant grows in western North America from British Columbia to California and grows in various habitats, including grasslands, woodlands, and dry open areas.

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59. Scotch Broom

varieties of yellow wildflowers

Botanical Name: Cytisus scoparius

It is distinguished by its vivid yellow blooms and is considered an invasive weed in many parts of the US, including Washington state.

60. Fringed Puccoon

varieties of yellow wildflowers in garden

Botanical Name: Lithospermum incisum

It is a hairy perennial herb that produces a clump of stems with narrow, pointed leaves. The flowers are trumpet-shaped, with pale to vivid yellow or gold fringed lobes.

61. Yellow Catseye

Yellow Wildflowers 61

Botanical Name: Oreocarya flava

Known for its lanceolate leaves that form a soft mound beneath the upright yellow flower spikes, the plant is native to the dry, rocky areas.

62. Tansy Mustardvarieties of yellow wildflowers with best background

Botanical Name: Descurainia pinnata

Tansy mustard flowers are quite common across the wild plains. These do well in all sorts of climates and soil, making them perfect for any growing conditions.

63. Arizona Bladderpod

Yellow Wildflowers 63

Botanical Name: Physaria arizonica

This long-lasting herb produces clusters of small, yellow flowers in the spring and summer. It stays low, growing up to only 6-10 inches tall.

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