26 Stunning Ground Covers with Yellow Flowers

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Here is the list of beautiful Ground Covers with Yellow Flowers that will definitely help you add some beauty and charm to landscapes.

These stunning Ground Covers with Yellow Flowers are a great pick for gardens and landscapes that’ll catch the eye with their beautiful and versatile charm.

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Ground Covers with Yellow Flowers

1. Creeping Jenny

Botanical Name: Lysimachia nummularia

These Ground Covers with Yellow Flowers spread low across the ground with small, round leaves. It has cheerful yellow flowers that brighten up the area where it grows.

2. Basket-of-Gold

Botanical Name: Aurinia saxatilis

Basket-of-Gold is a ground cover with bright yellow flowers that bloom abundantly in clusters. Its leaves are grayish-green and form a beautiful carpet-like appearance.

3. Golden Carpet Sedum

Botanical Name: Sedum acre ‘Aureum’

It is a low-maintenance ground cover with succulent, yellow-green leaves that turn golden in full sunlight. These Ground Covers with Yellow Flowers create a stunning contrast.

4. Goldmoss Stonecrop

Botanical Name: Sedum sarmentosum

Goldmoss Stonecrop is a fast-spreading ground cover with small, fleshy, bright yellow-green leaves.

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5. Sulfur Cinquefoil


Botanical Name: Potentilla recta

Sulfur Cinquefoil is a hardy ground cover with bright yellow flowers that bloom throughout the summer. Its leaves are divided into five leaflets, giving it a unique appearance.

6. Yellow Ice Plant

Botanical Name: Delosperma nubigenum

Yellow Ice Plant is a drought-tolerant ground cover with succulent, fleshy leaves that turn bright yellow in cold weather.

7. Dwarf Goldenrod

Botanical Name: Solidago sphacelata ‘Golden Fleece’

Dwarf Goldenrod is a compact ground cover with golden-yellow flowers that attract butterflies and bees.

8. Yellow Stonecrop


Botanical Name: Sedum kamtschaticum

Yellow Stonecrop is a spreading ground cover with succulent, yellow-green leaves. The star like blooms of these Ground Covers with Yellow Flowers appear in late spring.

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9. Gazania

Botanical Name: Gazania spp.

Gazania is a colorful ground cover with daisy-like flowers in shades of yellow. Its blooms open during the day and close at night, making it a delightful addition to your garden.

10. Yellow Wood Sorrel

Botanical Name: Oxalis stricta

Yellow Wood Sorrel is a clover-like ground cover with bright yellow, five-petaled flowers. Its leaves fold down at night and in cloudy weather, giving it a unique characteristic.

11. Lady’s Mantle

Botanical Name: Alchemilla mollis ‘Thriller’

This plant has bright golden-yellow flowers that grow on stems in open, airy clusters above shiny, gray-green leaves with scalloped edges.

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12. Bird’s Foot Trefoil

shutterstock/Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

Botanical Name: Lotus corniculatus

Bird’s Foot Trefoil is a perennial ground cover with clusters of yellow flowers that resemble bird’s feet. Its spreading habit and attractive flowers make it a favorite for pollinators.

13. Golden Japanese Stonecrop

Botanical Name: Sedum makinoi ‘Ogon’

It is a spreading ground cover with bright yellow-green leaves and small yellow flowers. These Ground Covers with Yellow Flowers create a vibrant carpet effect in borders.

14. Yellow Alpine Cinquefoil

Botanical Name: Potentilla crantzii

Yellow Alpine Cinquefoil is a compact ground cover with bright yellow flowers that appear in early summer. Its neat, mounded growth habit makes it an ideal choice for borders.

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15. Golden Fleece

Botanical Name: Doronicum orientale

Golden Fleece is a charming ground cover with bright yellow, daisy-like blooms that open in spring. These Ground Covers with Yellow Flowers have heart-shaped leaves.

16. Yellow Pimpernel


Botanical Name: Lysimachia nemorum

Yellow Pimpernel is a low-growing ground cover with yellow flowers with distinctive dark red spots at their base. It prefers moist, shady areas.

17. Creeping Buttercup

Botanical Name: Ranunculus repens

These Ground Covers with Yellow Flowers stay low to the ground. You can be at ease while growing them as they are so easy to look after and stand out with canary blooms!

18. Gold Moss Stonecrop

Botanical Name: Sedum acre

It forms a thick, colorful mat of small, bright yellow flowers resembling stars. The plant spreads quickly and has green, cone-shaped leaves.

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19. Yellow Trailing Ice plant

Botanical Name: Lampranthus spectabilis

Yellow ice plant grows along the ground and comes back year after year. The flowers have long, thin petals that spread out from a center part that is also yellow.

20. Partridge Feather Plant


Botanical Name: Tanacetum densum ssp. amani

Partridge feather plants have soft leaves and bright golden-yellow blooms. These Ground Covers with Yellow Flowers are not very tall, reaching about just 4-6 inches.

21. Barren Strawberry

Botanical Name: Waldsteinia fragarioides

Barren strawberry is a low plant that spreads out on the ground. It has small golden yellow flowers with five petals. It likes to be in the sun and creates a carpet of yellow flowers.

22. Perennial Peanut

Botanical Name: Arachis glabrata

Perennial peanut is a small plant that blooms in the summer. It has tiny yellow flowers and spreads on the ground. It’s similar to legumes and is used  to prevent erosion.

23. Yellow Stonecrop


Botanical Name: Sedum nuttallii

This plant has yellowish-green, fleshy leaves and small yellow flowers that grow on flat branches close to the ground. It spreads out and forms clumps, covering a large area.

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24. Upright Wild Ginger

Botanical Name: Saruma henryi

Upright wild ginger is a plant that grows in clumps and prefers shady areas. These Ground Covers with Yellow Flowers  bloom from spring to summer.

25. Horned Pansy

Botanical Name: Viola Cornuta

These flowers come in two colors and have a mix of yellow and orange shades. They look stunning when they bloom and can create impressive floral arrangements.

26. Wooly Yarrow ‘Goldie’

shutterstock/Andrii Rodko

Botanical Name: Archillea tomentosa

This compact plant prefers dry and well-draining soil. These Ground Covers with Yellow Flowers bloom from late spring all the way through summer.

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