6 Best Christmas Flower Bulbs You Must Grow

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These Christmas Flower Bulbs are a must have in your plant collection so that you can watch them bloom during the festive time!

Christmas flower bulbs are a great way to bring the festive spirit into your home and garden and enjoy a blooming holiday celebration.

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Best Christmas Flower Bulbs

1. Paperwhite

Christmas Flower Bulbs 1

These produce two to three stems of white flowers – the best part, unlike many other bulbs, they don’t need a chilling period. This makes them ideal for immediate planting!

They have a sweet fragrance, which can fill a room with a pleasant aroma during the festive time!

2. Hyacinth


Once chilled, they can be easily forced into pots or glasses with water. They come in a wide range of colors, including deep purples, pinks, blues, and whites. Hyacinths can complement any Christmas decor palette.

Pro Tip: Choose pre-chilled bulbs for planting.

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3. Amaryllis

Christmas Flower Bulbs 3

These bulbs have large, trumpet-like flowers and come in shades of red, pink, white, and orange. They don’t require a chilling period and can bloom 6-8 weeks after planting, making them perfect for Christmas displays.

4. Snowdrops


Snowdrops complement the Christmas decor with their small bell-shaped white flowers, which also symbolize hope and renewal. These are the first bulbs to bloom, often appearing while snow is still on the ground.

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5. Winter Aconite

Christmas Flower Bulbs 5
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Winter Aconite displays vibrant yellow flowers that match perfectly with its green leaves. After planting in the fall, they typically bloom about 3 to 5 months later, depending on winter temperatures and local growing conditions.

6. Crocus

Crocuses come in various colors, including whites, purples, and pinks, making them popular for Christmas flowering. If you aim for late December blooms, plant them in the fall as they flower about 3 to 4 months after planting.

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Quick Tips on Care and Maintenance

  • Well-draining soil is crucial for all these bulbs. Water moderately.
  • After they flower, offer bright, indirect light.

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