10 Ways to Grow Lettuce Indoors Year Round

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Learn the most functional Ways to Grow Lettuce Indoors to have this homegrown, crispy green for your salads and sandwiches year-round!

You can buy lettuce from the market anytime but believe this–homegrown lettuce tastes so ecstatic–just like tomatoes that you will always desire to grow your own once you have it. And the most amazing part is you can grow it in a small space, even indoors, and that too year-round, with the help of the best Ways to Grow Lettuce Indoors.

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Lettuce Plant Information

Ways to Grow Lettuce Indoors

Botanical Name: Lactuca sativa

USDA Zone: 4-10

Lettuce produces a rosette of large, long, green, spoon-shaped, toothed leaves (depends more on the variety), in a range of colors from lovely green to deep red and purple. Most varieties are consumed fresh and served as the base of salads and burgers.

Growing Requirements of Lettuce Plant

Here are some of the basic requirements to grow healthy and crunchy lettuce.

  • Sun Exposure: Part sun.
  • Soil: Loamy, well-drained soil rich in organic matter with neutral pH.
  • Watering: Careful watering when growing indoors, don’t keep the plant wet.
  • Fertilizer: Balanced liquid fertilizer according to instructions on the label.
  • Harvest: Once the plant grows 3-5 inches long and has 5-6 mature leaves.
  • Companion Plants: Radish, carrot, cucumber, beet, asparagus, eggplant, cilantro, onion, tomato, and corn.
  •  Non Companions: Parsley, broccoli, cress, and celery.

Here’s all the information you need about growing lettuce

Best Lettuce Variety to Grow Indoors

Check out some of the most common lettuce varieties below:

  • Romaine: A popular variety with large and upright leaves form a loaf-shaped head. Leaves are crispy, tender, and sweet.
  • Bibb: Small head lettuce with a ruffled form and sweet, buttery flavor.
  • Iceberg: Dense-headed lettuce that resembles a cabbage. It offers crispy, fresh, mild, sweet-flavored leaves.

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Ways to Grow Lettuce Indoors

1. A Salad Table

Ways to Grow Lettuce Indoors 5
Image Credit: Gardeners.com

You can buy a commercial salad growing cart for this purpose or build your own salad table for growing lettuce. Then, move it outdoors or close to the position that receives more sunlight with the help of wheels. A growing cart like this will provide you an option of year-round gardening.

2. Grow the Hydroponic Way

Because lettuce can tolerate low light more than other fruiting vegetables, it’s one of the perfect edibles that you can start growing without soil indoors. For beginners, who are planning to grow these salad greens hydroponically, start with the bibb lettuce. For more information, check out this good read here.

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3. Old Lettuce to Grow New One

Ways to Grow Lettuce Indoors 6

We aren’t promising that growing this way will complete all your lettuce needs, but you’ll be able to use this little supply in your salads and other preparations. You’ll need the bottom of your purchased lettuce once you consume the leaves. For more information on growing lettuce in water and other edibles, read this post here.

4. Grow Lettuce in Window Box

Ways to Grow Lettuce Indoors 3

If you’ve got a window that receives some direct sunlight, you can grow herbs and vegetables like lettuce indoors on a windowsill quickly. Since lettuce has shallow roots, you’ll need to opt for wide and not-so-deep window boxes.

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5. Grow Vertically

Image Source: Unknown

One of the ways to grow lettuce indoors is by starting it vertically. You can make a lettuce wall, which will be a bit difficult to maintain, of course, but the results will be rewarding. Another way is to plant lettuce with other herbs in a vertical ladder planter. You can check out some ladder planter ideas for inspiration here.

6. Use Grow Lights

Ways to Grow Lettuce Indoors 4

If you don’t have access to a bright spot in your home, you can substitute it with grow lights for optimum growth. This idea is especially helpful for winter growing. Moreover, after the setup, you’ll be able to plant lettuce year-round. A helpful article on growing lettuce under the grow lights is here to read.

7. Use a Flower Pot

This the easiest way for growing lettuce indoors. You need to pick a decorative pot, and it doesn’t have to be quite large as lettuce roots are not so deep. Fill it 3/4 with potting soil, plant the seeds, and you are done. Also, watch this tutorial video on YouTube for more information.

8. Grow on a Railing Planter


Lettuce has shallow roots making it an ideal choice to grow in railing planters. Pick the best lettuce variety here and plant on railings.

9. In Plastic Bags


Buy gallon-sized plastic bags, chop off the corners, so you have a round top. Fill it with moist potting mix, scatter lettuce seeds lightly in the bag, cover the seeds with a layer of soil.

Spray some water, cover the top with the lid, and set the bag in a sunny location. Do make sure to poke some holes at the bottom for drainage.

10. Vertical Wooden Stand


Grow lettuce or any of your favorite leafy green like this on a vertical wooden stand. Have a look at all the here.

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