18 DIY Stacked Pot Ideas

These space-saving DIY Stacked Pot Ideas are perfect for any kind of space. Check out!

1. DIY Tiered Planter

Stacked Pot Ideas

Have you always eyed those expensive tall planters that’ll flank your front door? Well, this DIY shows you how to get the same look with plain terra cotta pots stacked to achieve a compact structure that is sure to add character to your home. Fill it up with ornamental grasses and spilling plants; the dark paint of the pots will act as a nice backdrop for the cascading bunch of blooms and greenery. Learn more here!

2. Plant Stacked Crassulas in Stacked Pots

Plant Stacked Crassulas in Stacked Pots

Lovely and hardy, Crassulas with their intriguing foliage is a favorite of busy apartment-dwellers who don’t get the time to water their houseplants every day. This DIY shows you how to grow it in a stacked fashion, which utilizes less space, looks aesthetic and is portable too. You can also try other succulents that way, watch the video to learn more!

3. Stacked Pot Lettuce Vertical Garden

Stacked Pot Lettuce Vertical Garden

This handmade DIY version of a store-bought vertical planter is a boon for salad-lovers who want to grow lettuce indoors or have a tiny outdoor area like a balcony. Just make sure that the shadow of the upper planter doesn’t block light to the ones placed underneath. Learn more here in this tutorial video!

4. Tipsy Pot Plant Tower

This DIY tutorial video shows you how to make a Tipsy Pot Plant Tower. It’s easy to make, and you can grow your favorite small plants in it successfully.

5. DIY Herb Pyramid

There’s nothing better than picking fresh herbs and tossing them to your meals as you need. But what if you don’t have space to make a herb garden? This stylish herb pyramid is your answer. It’s a compact structure made of three pots arranged on top of another to provide plenty of growing space, without taking up much room on the floor. Mix and match different herbs to have all of them growing together. See the tutorial video here!

6. Terracotta Pot Flower Tower

DIY Stacked Pots Ideas

If you pride on being extra artsy, try making this complex flower tower made from equal-sized pots. It’s a nice combination of two things that never go out of fashion in gardening– terracotta and bright colors. See the how-to at the Dengarden!

7. Polka-Dotted Tiered Planter

Let your love for polka dots bloom in the garden as well! This project will make the people knocking at your door to tell you how much they love this planter idea. Check out the DIY article here!

8. DIY Strawberry Tower

Stacked Pot Ideas diy

What feels better than eating strawberries? Growing them, of course! This DIY strawberry tower is much more than just a neat pile of nursery pots. Also, it has a built-in reservoir to encourage relief from transplant shock. A very helpful step by step tutorial is here!

9. DIY Solar Light Planter

These DIY solar light planters offer a novel way to enhance the amount of height and light received by your potted plants. And what’s even better is that you get plenty of freedom to decorate any way you like. You can paint your street number on one set and opt for a weathered paint finish on the other like the picture above. Click here to see the tutorial!

10. Star Spangled Stacked Planter

Star Spangled Stacked Planter

Do you want to add a patriotic touch to your front porch? Then how about this two-tier planter has done in striking colors of navy blue and red and stencil-drawn stars. Besides adding a pop of color to a dull outdoor table, its understated charm is just what you need to contrast with brighter-colored annuals of your choice. Learn more here!

11. Tower of Herbs

Don’t let the lack of a big sunny space deter you from growing herbs at the comfort of your home. Take a cue from this DIY idea available at MarthaStewart.com to make a vertical and structured herb garden that negates the need to buy herbs from the market!

12. A Three Tiered Summer Planter

Make this three tiered planter by following this DIY tutorial here. The largest pot is filled with rocks to enhance drainage and give height to the second pot. This is also a clever trick to get more sun for optimal growth of the flowers.

13. Painted Clay Pot DIY

This adorable stacked clay pot here looks very vintage and offsets the feminine appeal of the pretty, colorful flowers planted on it. For a snazzier look, experiment with metallic spray paint or even chalk for easy customization according to your mood or the season. Learn more here!

14. Gold Leaf Terracotta Pots

While your first instinct is to throw the worn out terracotta pots away, you may want to think twice and take note of this DIY here.

15. DIY Stacked Scarecrow Pots

DIY Stacked Scarecrow Pots

With clay pots available in so many sizes, you can create a decorative item like this Stacked Scarecrow out of them. Learn more about this project here!

16. DIY Herb Garden

This three-level planter has been painted with black acrylic paint for a glossy touch. For easy customization and Scripture detail, paint your favorite quotes with a white paint pen. See this short DIY article here!

17. Clay Pot People

They are sure to get tongues wagging in your neighborhood and bring a smile to anyone who sees them. Not just that, they can be updated in contrasting colors to add character to your garden and pair well with your flowers, herbs and even succulents. Visit The Whoot to learn more!

18. Clay Pot Lighthouse

This lighthouse made of clay pots gains brownie points for its traditional style and compact structure. It’s both easy and affordable to make, especially for gardeners who always have unused pots available. Learn more here!

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These space saving DIY Stacked Pot Ideas are perfect for any kind of space. Check out!


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