28 Easy to Make Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas

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Check out some gorgeous Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas here to wrap your plant containers in style and add more to their beauty!

If you have good-looking plants in not-so-good-looking pots, then you don’t have to re-pot them. Just make them look pretty using these Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas, wrapping in style!

Have a look at some gorgeous pot ideas and makeover here

Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas

1. Make a Fabric Cover

Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas

Make your ordinary pot look colorful with this cover using a few stripes of fabrics. Details are here.

2. DIY Planter Pot Cover


The combination of navy blue and white makes this one quite charming to look at.

3. Decorate a Flower Pot with Foil

Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas 2

Check out this DIY to learn how to make a charming cover for your pot using paper/foil.

4. Fabric Planter


Using different fabric patterns and a plastic liner, you can make these smart covers for your pots.

5. Knit Planter Cover

Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas 3

If you like knitting, then you can make a lot of interesting stuff for your pots like this! For more details, click here.

6. Sweater Covered Pot


A fun winter project, knit a sweater for your pot while knitting one for your kids!

7. Rope Wrapped Pots

Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas 4

This is the quickest way to make your pots look more beautiful. Wrap them with rope and spray paint them to add colors. Details are here.

8. Decorate Pots With Preserved Moss

Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas 5

A Craft Moss Sheet is a great way to cover your pots with a natural charm.

9. DIY Decorated Flower Pots

Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas 5

If you have an old and unused fabric, recycle it to make your pots look gorgeous! Details are here.

10. Sand Covered Pots

Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas 5

Stick some beach sand using Elmer’s glue on your pots to transform their look completely.

11. Crochet Herb Pot

Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas 6

Like crocheting? Then make a cover for your pot with your skills!

12. Paint Drip Flower Pots


This fun project is great for making your pots colorful with acrylic paint, clay flower pot, and cardboard.

13. DIY Shell Planter

Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas 7

Glue different sizes of Scallop shells on a pot to completely change the way it looks!

14. Photo Flower Pot


Relive your old memories by pasting old photographs on your pots to give them a personalized look.

15. Make a Pot Plant Weave

Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas 8

Different yarns, sticky tape, a yarn needle, and a crotchet hook are all you need to make this cover.

16. Spiral Crochet Cover


This easy-to-make pot spiral cover takes less time and looks super gorgeous.

17. Lamb and Bunny Cover Patterns

Houseplant Pot Cover Ideas 9

The adorable lamb and bunny crochet pot covers will be a great addition to the kid’s room.

18. Woven Hanging Planter Basket


Transform the look of your pot with a tapestry needle, cardboard, or sheets of paper, and a few more essentials. For details, click here.

19. Twig Wrap


Gift your friends beautiful houseplants with pots wrapped in twigs! Learn the steps here.

20. Fairy House Planter


Cover your terracotta planters with a fairy house like this.

21. Rolling Mat Plant Cover


Level up the aesthetics of your garden by covering up boring planters with rolling bamboo mats. Check out the tutorial here.

22. Pebbles Mosaic Plant Cover


Utilize your leisure time creatively by making a mosaic pebble cover for your planters like this.

23. Mini Wood Pallet Cover


This amazing DIY will give your garden a vintage vibe. All you need are mini wood pallets and a few other essentials.

24. Seashell Pot Cover


Bring home your favorite holiday destination with this beachy Seashell Planter. Check out the tutorial here.

25. Clothespin Covers


This DIY is about making a pot with cloth pins, but you can also stick them to a clay pot to make it look more attractive!

26. Potted Plants Wrapped in Burlap


Wrap potted plants with burlap to make them look cool. You can use this on real and faux plants.

27. Yarn-Wrapped Flower Pot


A quick, fun DIY flower pot you can make just using yarns! Details are here.

28. Decorative Cover


Here’s an easy DIY to make your pots look smart using a basket and moss.

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