17 Great DIY Indoor Water Garden Ideas

Add a beautiful water feature to your home with any of these easy-to-make DIY Indoor Water Garden Ideas!

1. DIY Indoor Water Garden

Add a beautiful water feature to your home with any of these easy-to-make DIY Indoor Water Garden Ideas!

Make an indoor water garden in a glass jar to grow aquatic plants, keep it on a desk, where it can receive the part sun.

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2. Indoor Water Garden Aquarium

Indoor Water Garden Aquarium Copy this beautiful glass jar aquarium idea, grow live plants in it, and swim a couple of colorful fishes. All the necessary steps are here.

3. Indoor Wat-er Gardens

If you want to create an alluring indoor water garden, check out these tips from Martha Stewart.

4 Make an Indoor Water Garden

This simple project won’t take more than an hour, find the details here.

5. DIY Aquascape+Water Garden Indoors

You’ll absolutely love this tutorial–Two indoor water garden ideas in this one video.

6. An Eerily Beautiful Indoor Water Garden

Indoor Water Garden Ideas

Make a charming tabletop water garden with small floaters (floating pond plants) and colored aquarium rocks. The tutorial is here.

7. Windowsill Herb Water Garden

If you have some space on your windowsill, try this windowsill herb water garden idea. Learn how to create a windowsill vegetable garden as well.

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8. DIY Bottle Water Garden

Image Credit: Gardenista

You can grow paperwhite bulbs in water. How? Explained here!

9. Build an Indoor Water Garden

This article will share essential tips on indoor water garden, give it a quick glance here.

10. DIY Indoor Water Plant

You can grow any low maintenance plant like a water fern or sword plant in a fishbowl or jar and keep it on a table or shelf. The tutorial is here.

11. Sand & Water Garden

This DIY post has all the step you need to learn to create a miniature water garden indoors.

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12. A Patio Pond for the Screened Porch

You can keep this awesome patio container pond in any of your room as well. Find out how to make it here.

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13. Clay Pot Water Fountain

Enjoy trickling sound of water on a tabletop or in the corner of your home, indoors, by making a terracotta fountain with the help of this video tutorial. Find out more 14 Water Fountains You Can Make in Containers.

14. Goldfish Water Garden

Follow this aquaponics project to create a goldfish garden like the one in this tutorial video to keep both the fishes and plants burgeoning simultaneously.

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15. Table Top Water Garden

If you love this DIY idea and want to implement it, check out this tutorial.

16. Grow Anthurium in Water

You can grow anthurium in water. Learn how to do this here.

17. Beautiful Tabletop Water Fountain

Add a beautiful water feature to your home with any of these easy-to-make DIY Indoor Water Garden Ideas!

Isn’t it one of the most outstanding tabletop water fountains you ever saw? Unfortunately, we couldn’t find its DIY tutorial.


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