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Find the best Things to Grow for Tastiest Burger Ever at your home for a fresh and uninterrupted supply of greens with the help of this article!

If you are a fan of a patty and a burger and love to experiment with different flavors and tastes then this is the article for you! Try growing these Things to Grow for Tastiest Burger Ever!

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Things to Grow for Tastiest Burger Ever

Depending on the type of burger you are eating, here are the best ingredients that you can include in them. 

1. Tomatoes

Things to Grow for Tastiest Burger Ever

Tomatoes are an essential ingredient in burgers, adding a juicy taste to them – if you are short of space, you can also grow them in hanging baskets. Find the best tomato varieties here.

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2. Onion / Green Onions

Apart from tomatoes, onions are also a staple ingredient in burgers, adding a crunchy taste. You can also add them in patties or as a topping.

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3. Bell Pepper

Things to Grow for Tastiest Burger Ever 2

For a tasty and juicy crunch in a burger, capsicums are a must! You can cook them or add raw – it’s your choice!

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4. Lettuce

Every professional chef knows the importance of lettuce in burgers as it adds an earthly flavor! Choose the best variety here and then read about the growing requirement in this post.

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5. Potatoes

Things to Grow for Tastiest Burger Ever 3

Potatoes are an essential binding agent in burger patties – you can add them according to your recipe as well. Learn everything about growing potatoes indoors here.

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6. Spinach

A great source of iron that your kids don’t like to eat, but if you add it in burgers patties, they will love it for sure! Grow spinach indoors year-round and boost the taste and nutritional value of your favorite snack.

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7. Coriander

Things to Grow for Tastiest Burger Ever 4

You can use the aromatic leaves of coriander for garnishing the burger and to add a mild flavor to it. A dash of it over a patty also makes it taste so much better!

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8. Lemon

Squeeze lemon juice in patties for a tangy flavor, grate some zest for garnish, or just put some thin slices along with the burger. Lemon has many uses!

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9. Peas

Things to Grow for Tastiest Burger Ever 5

Peas enhance the flavor of burgers when combined with boiled potatoes and meat. They are not only great in taste but also high in nutritional content.

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10. Garlic

Minced garlic adds a sharp flavor to burger patties and boosts the nutritional value as well. Chop them fine and saute a bit before adding them to the burger.

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11. Mushrooms

Things to Grow for Tastiest Burger Ever 6

For a rich, meaty, earthy flavor in burgers, grill, or minced portabellas mushrooms with barley flour and serve with garlic pesto.

Note: Growing portabellas is easy – take a 4×4 feet or small-sized tray, fill it with 6 inches of manure-based compost, sprinkle spores, and gently tamp down. Place the tray in a dark area until white growth emerge.

12. Eggplant


The rich, smokey, versatile eggplants can be baked and combined with cannellini beans in patties. Top it with mustard, mayo, or vegan cheese for a burst of flavor in the mouth.

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13. Zucchini

Things to Grow for Tastiest Burger Ever 7

Make crispy golden brown corn and zucchini veg burger or grilled zucchini chickpea burger at home! Choice and recipe are up to you!

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14. Broccoli

Add baked broccoli by combining them with chickpeas in patties with burgers. It adds a distinctive aroma while giving an earthy flavor.

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15. Beets

Things to Grow for Tastiest Burger Ever 8

Make your burger patty more colorful by adding shredded beets with chickpea, and serve roasted beet burgers!

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16. Pumpkin

Bring a sweet, savory flavor to your burger and patty by combining shredded pumpkins and boiled potatoes with chickpea.

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17. Carrots

Things to Grow for Tastiest Burger Ever 9

Shred carrots and broccoli in a bowl, add salt, pepper, minced garlic, mix some chickpea for binding, and grill patties for a tasty, nutritious burger at home.

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18. Artichokes

Roasted artichoke garlic burgers taste awesome! You can also add spinach, basil, and tomatoes to the artichoke mixture for more taste and nutrition.

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19. Parsley

Chopped fresh parsley makes for a wonderful addition to the patty, adding a mild taste to the mix. It goes well with the meat ones.

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20. Sage

The sharp and pungent flavor of sage adds a nice note to the taste of meat in burgers. Add 1-2 fresh leaves along with lettuce.

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21. Cabbage


Cabbage is not only popular as a great salad, but it also makes for an awesome addition as patty toppings, adding a mild flavor with a crunch to every bite!

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22. Ginger


There’s nothing like adding a bit of sauteed ginger to the meat burger patty for that sharp note. Toss in few slices of baked potato and cabbage to add more flavor.

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