28 Best Types of Spinach to Grow in Pots

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With a rewarding harvest, Spinach is quite a popular vegetable to grow indoors or outdoors. Here are the Best Types of Spinach to Grow in Pots!

Types of Spinach to Grow in Pots

Packed with a lot of nutrition that will help you get healthier on a day-to-day basis, spinach is one of the best green vegetables. While there are several different spinach varieties with an assortment of shapes and textures, spinach is divided into three major categories: savoy, semi-savoy, and flat-leafed. Let’s have a look at the best Types of Spinach to Grow in Pots.

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Types of Spinach to Grow in Pots

Savoy Spinach

Savoy Spinach is heavily textured, harvests extremely well, and grows better in colder climates. Its growth rate boosts during the fall and its thick, crinkled leaves allow them to tolerate colder climates quite well. 

1. Regiment

It is a fast-growing and vigorous variety that’s also resistant to downy mildew. The plant is perfect in the garden or indoors from spring through the fall.

2. Bloomsdale

Types of Spinach to Grow in Pots 2

This variety has quite curly leaves and a medium growth rate. They harvest in 45-50 days and also do quite well in a cold climate.

3. Palco

It is a perfect choice for both hot and cold climates. The plant is also quick to grow and harvests in 35-40 days. This variety is also disease-resistant.

4. Hammerhead

Rich in fiber, this is the variety to grow if you want a healthy addition to your salads. It is also one of the fastest to harvest, growing in just 25-30 days.

Semi-Savoy Spinach

Types of Spinach to Grow in Pots 2
Semi-savoy is the most popular type to grow in an indoor garden. The leaves have fewer crinkles and grow taller.

5. Tyee

If you like your salad to smell great then you must grow this one! It has an amazing fragrance and gets ready in 40-45 days.

6. Teton

Flavoured delicately, this variety is amazing for any home-cooked meal. This variety sprouts within a month and is extremely tolerant to heat and various diseases.

7. Indian Summer

Types of Spinach to Grow in Pots 4
Growing up to 10-12 inches, Indian Summer is resilient and holds its ground during hot summers. Easy to grow in pots, this productive plant flourishes in spring, summer, and fall.

8. Carmel

With dark green leaves, it is an upright growing variety that gets ready to harvest in 32-35 days. It is also one of the best spinach to use in salads.

9. Acadia

Acadia has oval green leaves and it is also one of the fastest harvesting varieties on the list, with a growing time of 25-30 days.

10. Kolibri

It offers smooth leaves that make it perfect to add in vegetables. As it also grows quite quickly, you can pick it in 27-30 days. Also, it bolts moderately.

11. Kookaburra

One of the most popular contenders in home vegetable gardens, it has dark green leaves and takes only 25-35 days to get ready for harvesting.

13. Catalina

The leaves of this variety are dark green in hue and are also thick, making them perfect for salads. It gets ready in 35-45 days.

14. Crocodile

Don’t let the name fool you! This variety is great for vegetable dishes and is also heat tolerant. Baby leaves get ready in 21-26 days and taste excellent in salads.

15. Reflect

This variety has straight to oval leaves and makes for a great addition to many dishes. It bolts moderately and gets ready to harvest in 25-30 days.

16. Avon

One of the best varieties for salads, it offers a mild and crisp taste. It gets ready in 30-35 days and this spinach also great for freezing.

Flat-Leaf Spinach

Red Spinach

Flat- or smooth-leafed spinach plants are hardly adorned with crinkles and textured leaves. They are the most common choice when it comes to large-scale production and this what you will find at any grocery or departmental store.

17. Space

One of the easiest varieties to grow in pots, Space Spinach has dark green, round leaves that are extremely flavorful. It harvests in 35-45 days.

18. Red Cardinal

The Red Cardinal is a unique variety of Spinach as it has red veins running through its dark green foliage. You can harvest it in 30-35 days.

19. Gazelle

It has smooth leaves and long stems, which makes it great for munching! It does best in the fall harvest season and gets ready to harvest in 22-26 days.

20. Flamingo

This spinach has straight leaves which makes it great for sauting and salads. It grows quite fast and gets ready to harvest in just 25-28 days.

21. Corvair

This sow to bolt variety is a perfect addition to many vegetable dishes. It gets ready in 25-28 days with dark green oval leaves.

22. Red Kitten

Like Red Cardinal, it also has deep maroon to red veins in the leaves which makes it an attractive addition to salads. It gets ready in 28-32 days.

23. Seaside

The leaves of this spinach are quite small and smooth. This variety is slow to bolt, tastes mild, and gets ready to harvest in 25-30 days.

24. Wood Pecker

This spinach variety has long and smooth leaves. If you want a variety that tastes delicious when eaten raw, then grow this one! It gets ready in 25-28 days.

25. Renegade

Both the leaves and stems of this spinach are tender and it offers a mild taste. It is highly resistant to diseases and gets ready to harvest in 30-35 days.

Alternative Spinach Varieties

Though these varieties are not a true spinach, you can definitely grow them for their taste and their ability to grow in hot weather.

26. New Zealand Spinach

Types of Spinach to Grow in Pots 9

Grown as a warm-weather annual, it offers tender leaves that go well with salads and other vegetable dishes. The plant gets ready to harvest in 50-55 days.

27. Malabar Spinach

This plant is a member of the Basellaceae family and loves the sun. As it is a vining plant, it needs strong support and plenty of room to grow. We have a great article on how to grow it here

28. Water Spinach

Types of Spinach to Grow in Pots 9

This spinach has pointed leaves and grows in a similar condition to that of rice. It tastes like a mix of spinach and watercress. It pairs well with meat dishes and soups.

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