15 Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration

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Check out these Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration ideas and have a green thumb in the small space of your home or office!

Design a mini garden in the shortest space of your home. These easy to do ideas will require a few things and cost you very little as well. Grow your favorite plants and herbs by trying the given ideas and design your Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration!

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Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration

1. Small Garden Inside Shells

Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration

Try this unique ecological project by taking seashells and create a distinct miniature garden by growing small plants and flowers.

2. Mini Jars with Cork Stoppers and Succulent Plants

This is very meticulous work but gives you a lot of satisfaction if you’re willing to invest a bit of your time to work on the corks. Carve the caps properly and insert succulents to create a small cork garden.

3. Teaset Planters

Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration 2

To create a mini garden with teacups, you only require to check the kitchen shelf. Pick some old tea sets and fill them with potting soil. Grow herbs or succulents of your choice and create this artistic idea.

You’ll need succulents that grow in pots without drainage holes for this DIY. Find them here.

4. Old Bulb as Terrarium

It is a great way to intelligently reuse old bulbs. Turn them into an elegant terrarium! Go through this video and create this beautiful idea.

5. Colander Planter

Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration 3

Paint strainers in your favorite color, and grow colorful succulents into them. One benefit of using colander is you don’t have to think about drainage.

6. Canvas Shoe Planter

Use your old canvas shoes for growing ferns or vines. Just hang it on the fence or wall and create a unique mini garden with no cost.

7. Plastic Bottle Planters

Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration 4

Stay eco-friendly and recycle old soda or water bottles to grow your favorite herbs. Cut the upper part and paint kitten faces to the bottom portion to make them attractive and colorful!

8. Mini Popsicle Pallet Garden

Use popsicle pallets and create a mini garden by growing small real or faux succulents on it. This DIY project is easy to do and looks absolutely stunning in both indoor and outdoor space.

9. Small Eggshell Garden

Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration 5

Don’t throw eggshells in a trash bin after making an omelet. Instead, show some crafty skills and use them to grow little succulents. Read this post to create this idea.

10. Polymer Clay Mini Planters

Have an extra, leftover polymer clay from a project? You can use it to grow mini succulents. Mold interesting shapes like a miniature table and a Red Indian face, making them look more interesting.

11. Mini DIY Clay Pendant Succulent Necklace

Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration 6

How about making basic clay spheres and using them to flaunt Faux Succulents? It can be a great gift idea to your plant lover friend too. Add a jewelry chain or cord to enhance their look further. Details here.

12. Sustainable Jewelry of Living Succulents

Using alternative accessories like a ring, headbands, earrings, and necklaces, and pin living succulents in them to have one of a kind fashion accessories! Check out the idea here.

13. Self Watering Concrete Planter

Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration 7

Using the help of a 3D printer, you can design a curvy planter in two sections. The wick on the upper part helps the plant to sip water from the lower section. Check out this video for more details.

14. Adjustable Lamps as Plant Stands

Have an old lamp that you no longer use? Take out the bulb and make it upside down to create a planter for succulent. More details are here.

15. Succulent Planters From Vintage Books

Stylish Mini Gardens For Unique Decoration 8

A vintage hardcover book is all you need to plant succulents. Glue the pages together and using the help of a drill, make a large hole that accumulates succulent easily. Your one of a kind book planter is ready.

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