Top Sensory Houseplants for a Stimulating Indoor Garden

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Here are some great Sensory Houseplants for a Stimulating Indoor Garden that you can grow to stimulate your senses in an Indoor oasis.

Plants play a positive role in promoting a healthy day to day life by stimulating the five human senses – Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch. Here are some awesome Sensory Houseplants for a Stimulating Indoor Garden that you can grow with ease to add an appeal to your rooms and enrich the life experience.

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Sensory Houseplants for a Stimulating Indoor Garden

Plants that Stimulate the Sense of Smell 

The sense of smell stays in the mind for a long and has a positive impact on your mood.

Herbs are a great option for stimulating sensory organs in indoor gardens. Rosemary, Lemon balm, and mint are good in lifting moods. The earthy fragrance of parsley and cilantro also help to have a calm mood.

Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Geranium are some of the best fragrant plants you can grow indoors, provided that you have a sunny window.

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Plants that Stimulate the Sense of Touch 


Dwarf Velvet Elephant Ear (Kalanchoe beharensis) is a slow-growing tree-like shrub with rosettes of small, twisted, deeply cut leaves covered in soft brown ‘hairs.’

Plants with velvet foliage like purple passion, white velvet plant, and velvet calathea feel soft and help to induce the sense of touch to a great extent. Check them out here.

The Sensitive plant or touch me not is also a great specimen that has antidepressant and various other pharmacological aspects.

You can also grow pothos, which has psychological and physiological effects when its foliage is touched.

African Violets feature violet-blue flowers with velvety deep green leaves that calm the mind with their beautiful touch.

Other plants that you can grow are:

Plants that Stimulate the Sense of Sound

Sensory Houseplants for a Stimulating Indoor Garden 2

Bamboo makes a pleasant sound when the wind passes through its stems. However, it is difficult to grow indoors, so alternatively, you can grow bamboo palm.

Ornamental Grasses can also stimulate the sense of hearing in indoor gardens and are valued for the soothing sound they produce when the wind rustles through them.

Note: You can also enhance the sensory effects by adding water features that brings the soothing sound of moving water. 

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Plants that Stimulate the Sense of Sight 

Plants add visual interest through bright foliage and blooms.

Orchids give a feeling of contentment to onlookers. The colorful flowers exhibit sculptural contours and charming, bright shades with exquisite beauty.

Poinsettias show off colorful bracts along with green foliage that boosts the visual interest of your indoor sensory garden with festive vibes.

Succulents are also a great choice as they are very easy to grow and maintain. They also come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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Plants that Stimulate the Sense of Taste

Sensory Houseplants for a Stimulating Indoor Garden 3

Fruits, herbs, spices, and vegetables stimulate taste buds.

Strawberries can be enjoyed year-round even in limited space in your home. Learn how to grow strawberries indoors here.

Pineapples can be grown indoors easily, and they can produce fruits even in your home on the south or west-facing window. Read the details here.

Citrus plants are also a great choice as they not only provide fruits, but they also look good and smell great! Here are the best ones you can grow. 

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