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Want to know How to Water Orchids the right way? Here’s a detailed guide that will help you to maintain its fragrant and colorful blooms.

How to Water Orchids

Watering plays a very important role when it comes to the health of plants. If you have this exotic flower in your home then follow our guide to know How to Water Orchids the right way.

Here are the best Orchid varieties you can grow

About Orchid Roots

Most orchids grown indoors are epiphytes and their roots are entirely different from the normal plant roots as they are enclosed in a tissue-paper like thin membrane known as velamen that absorbs a large quantity of water quickly, encourages the exchange of minerals, and clings to rough areas.

Orchid velamen works in a similar manner to a water meter and shows the watering requirements of the plant. The freshly watered velamen is mottle or green in color, whereas dry velamen is silver or white.

Note: Keep in mind that orchids grow best when under-watered than overwatered. Consistently wet soil will result in root rot and the plant will die eventually.

Best Way to Water Orchids

How to Water Orchids 2

Do remember that no orchid variety requires to be watered every day. As a matter of fact, overwatering can result in root rot and the death of the plant. It is always best to water orchids when they start to dry out.

  • Some orchid varieties like phalaenopsis or paphiopedilums do not store water so water them before they dry out completely. On the other hand, for orchids that store water like oncidiums or cattleyas – allow the topsoil to dry before watering.
  • If you are not aware of which variety you have, then water the plant when the topsoil feels dry to touch.

Best Water for Orchids

Expert growers suggest the use of rainwater for watering the orchids. But people use tap water, which is also fine. Though keep in mind that some water has higher salt content and some are high in calcium. if you notice deposits on your plants, try different using spring, well, or aquarium water.

  • Always ensure that the pot has drainage holes to avoid root rot.
  • The simple way for watering orchids is to water them until it seeps through the drainage holes.
  • Always water the plant in the morning or afternoon.
  • Misting orchids is an excellent way to keep them healthy.

General Mistakes to Avoid

1. Too Much Watering

Never allow your orchids to sit in water. Avoid watering every day and allow the plant to dry out between waterings.

2. Watering During Night

Always water your orchids in the morning, or if you forget, then it will be fine to water in the afternoon. Follow this rule for all orchid varieties. If you water in the night, it will sit in the flowering sheaths which might promote fungal diseases and bacteria.

Elements that Impact Watering

How to Water Orchids 3

1. Species

Research about the species you are growing and follow the rules for its care. Remember that different varieties have different watering needs.

2. Temperature

Orchid thrives in the temperature range of 65-80F during the day and 60-70F during the night. Just make sure the plant is safe from sudden temperature fluctuations and away from heating or air conditioning ducts.

3. Potting Media

Potting media plays a vital role in the development of the plant and also keeps its healthy, resulting in better blooms. Have a look at the best DIY potting mix recipes for orchids here

4. Humidity

If there is more humidity, the plant will need less water. You can place your potted orchids in a tray of pebbles filled with water to enhance the humidity.

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