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20 Pictures of Mind Blowing Blue Foliage Houseplants from Instagram

Bored of green houseplants? We have an awesome collection of Blue Foliage Houseplants pictures that you can grow in your home!

Blue Foliage Houseplants bring a certain calm and cool vibes indoors while looking fabulous. Have a look at the best ones in this article!

Here are the best blue flowers you can grow

Blue Foliage Houseplants

The plants included in this list may not have entirely blue foliage. Some may have a light blue tint on green leaves, while some may have a deep blue hue. 

1. Tequila Agave


2. Blue Glow Agave

3. Creeping Blue Sedum

4. Burro’s Tail

5. Cebu Blue

6. Silver Sword Philodendron

7. The Dark Lord

8. Blue Angel

9. Short Leaved Aloe

10. Blue Cereus

11. Melocactus azureus


12. Cream Spike

13. Blue Agave

14. Blue Whale

15. Oil Fern

16. Eucalyptus Baby Blue

17. Blue Star Fern

18. Big Blue Chalk Sticks

19. Phlebodium aureum ‘Davana’

20. Chinese Dunce Cap


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